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Updated: July 24th, 2021 08:42 AM IST

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Nedeljkovic & Vrana trades have put the #LGRW rebuild on a much faster track. Seider also poised to make an impact soon. Stevie Y working his magic

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@BradGalli Edmonton needing a goalie, having wallstedt fall to them, Edmonton trading out of that spot to stick with their 38 yr old goalie and add an extra 3rd rounder….all wings fans should go to bed happy we have Stevie Y now

Stevie Y babe love sir man my guy, we gotta talk about the fit on these clothes. You’ve got an extra 3 inches on the width of that jacket you don’t need hun. Love the colour combinations tho 😚

I love the #NHLDraft. Even if everyone questions the #Yzerplan. @bpatt913 and trust Stevie Y.

Stevie Y Photo,Stevie Y Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@DetroitRedWings @NHL To everyone complaining. The last time Stevie Y got an extra pick in the first round to take a goalie, he took Vasilevski. Have faith in the man holy shit

@tonydombrowski Stevie Y picked vasiliesky as the first goalie in the draft and now cossa!!

HOLY FUCK HE DID. STEVIE Y IS THE BEST GM IN HOCKEY DONT @ me. Trade up in the first to get the 6-foot-6 monster behemoth goalie. In a span of 2 days, Wings go from nothing to a position of strength at goalie. Absolutely unreal. Speechless. We are watching greatness #Yzerpla

If there is anyone on this app that is questioning anything that Stevie Y is doing, please get yourself checked out. Red Wings are coming, and they are coming HARD!

So not only did Ned price himself out of #canes, Stevie Y traded refuse for him and THEN SIGNED HIM TO LESS THAN HIS ASK? Yzerman is a wizard

Que no solo co-fundó los Beatles y co-escribió casi todas las canciones, es que luego hizo McCartney y Ram y es que luego formó Wings y fue número uno en todo el y luego se puso a colaborar con Michael Jackson y Stevie Wonder y luego y luego y

@CanesHomeIce Nedeljkovic literally been offered 1,5. 1 fuckin .5 Price contract is just as bad as the contract offer to Nedeljkovic by CAR. Even Stevie Y roasted your team.

Empecé de cero Malcolm y no me acordaba que el wn era un niño genio certificao, inútil. Lo mejor del primer episodio fue la gran Neymar que se mandó Stevie jasjasjsaj

After years of misery in goal, Tom Dundon and the #Hurricanes couldn’t afford $ for one of the top young(ish) netminders in the league. Drafted & developed for a minimal return. Another W for Stevie Y. #RedWings

Wow. What an absolute fleece job by Stevie Y there. Carolina is about to regress significantly.

y’all might wanna relax before that stevie wonder impersonation hits the fan and then you sitting here lookin black and stupid

What an absolute heist for Detroit. My goodness. Stevie Y is the best GM in the league.

@FriedgeHNIC idk what it is but it seems like whenever gm’s negotiate with stevie y their brains just turn off

Desde Stevie Wonder hasta Bruce Springsteen y Prince. @ElArchiviXta nos cuenta qué artistas y bandas, por distintas circunstancias, no estuvieron en el Live Aid. Ya están disponibles los episodios 1, 2 y 3 de los Rockumentales y pueden escucharlos acá →

Stevie Y absolutely beastin on a Thursday afternoon

The Flyers: trade Ghost for nothing Stevie Y: you are like a little baby. Watch this

Stevie Y Photo,Stevie Y Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@nolanbianchi As a Wild Fan if Stevie Y calls Billy Guerin, I hope Billy hangs up as soon as he knows it Stevie Y

Stevie Y is such a W. Yzerman continues to be a top notch GM. Fleece machine. Red Wings are in good hands

Nedeljkovic & Vrana trades have put the #LGRW rebuild on a much faster track. Seider also poised to make an impact soon. Stevie Y working his magic

Hell, I thought we were supposed to see some exciting trades today. Nothing except that Stevie Y fleeced Carolina Panthers (haha couldn’t resist calling them Panthers!).

Te amo mano lenta, nuestro hermano Stevie Ray Vaughan estaría orgulloso de ti. Se trata del respeto a la libertad, a los derechos y el rechazo de la ignorancia de las vacunafÁlicos. Son todos unos ignorantes q no saben de inmunología. Me emocionan estos actos de grandeza.

As great as Stevie Wonder is as a musician he can keep pretending to be blind all he wants, y’all leave my boy alone 😭

Stevie Y just picked up their goalie of the future for less than what we paid for ah fuck I can’t even finish this tweet

Y’all my GM is incredible 😭🙌 the devil works hard, but Stevie mother fucking Yzerman works harder

Everyone calling for Stevie Y to use elite draft capital on a goalie these last two years. Instead he pulls a ready-made, young starter for a magic bean. What a pull.


stevie y fleecing people and the flyers not appreciating ghost ? ok just a normal day in the nhl then

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