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‘Lilo & Stitch’ director was frustrated by the praise ‘Frozen’ received: We did sisterhood over romance first.

Felt the need to stitch this tiktok about how the anti-SJW era of YouTube created a pipeline for the alt right. I would would know bc I was a target of theirs for YEARS bc of my show #MTVDecoded funny many of those creators are “progressive” now but that’s none of my business 🙃.

I’ve seen that Lilo and Stitch tweet on my tl like five times now, I think it’s the universe telling me to rewatch the film again and I am NOT complaining, it’s easily one of my top ten Disney movies ever.

i actually do have more but i cant be bothered to search for em and stitch em together haha.

“lilo & stitch was about lilo and stitch” did you even watch the damn movie.

Yo sí. Salió Frozen y la gente la comparaba con Enredados. Pero es que cuando salió Lilo y Stitch habría alguien que la comparaba con el Rey León y al Rey León la compararía con la Cenicienta y así todo el rato porque parece que si no eres el target de una película eso es >.

お時間ありましたら 見て下さい #ともちゃんねるスティッチ号 #ちゃんねる登録宜しくお願いします.

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@mmmttmmm323 良かったですねぇ干物にならないで、まぁそれも味が出ると言うことで☺️.

@dara_stitch Типа «Что вас интересует? - Порш» И мозг: «ПОНИМАЮ».

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@CafiBanido Fr Lilo e Stitch é unmatched, tivemos uma história sobre irmandade e o conceito de família ser mais que sangue, aliens fofinhos e genderfluid, redemption arc dos vilões, e que não foi minimamente focada em romance, isto e o Planeta do Tesouro gotta be the coolest Disney movies.

@Ovi_Master A mí es que, independientemente de que llegase antes, la relación de hermanas en Lilo & Stitch me parece mucho más conseguida que la de Frozen. Aunque puede que la manía que le tengo a Elsa influya. 😆.

“Lilo & Stitch” Director Was “Frustrated” by “Frozen” Praise.

@Schaffrillas @TLCplMax Lilo and Stitch is still the best Disney movie to date and I will live on this hill.

@AliciaR4700 Lilo & Stitch indeed did it first and did it better..

Tal vez Ezra Miller está aterrorizando Hawái porque está grabando el live action de Lilo&Stitch 🤔.

lilo & stitch is such a special movie for so many reasons. never gets the love it deserves.


Walking stitch ANNA #ボディバッグ 動きやすいボディバッグ、全力で動いても安心できます。荷物を取りやすいデザイン、小分けポケットがたくさんあります。体に最もフィットさせるようにストラップのフックをデザインしました。 サイズ 20x15x4 cm 原産国#タイ .

@ultabeauty what’s going on? I ordered 2 @wetnwildbeauty Stitch PR boxes. In the description it stated the brush set and makeup bag were going to be included but when I received them both had them missing.

Been saying this since forever. Lilo and Stitch did it first and Lilo and Stitch did it better..

@PopBase I mean, lilo and stitch didn’t invent the concept of sisters either lmao why be mad they’re both great movies 😂.

corta pra ana e elsa sendo indígenas tal qual lilo & stitch 😭.

@TheRetroJames @lukegreen71 I had my racist Brexity cousin messaging me from Lanzarote in the early hours saying “It’s a stitch up’ when the first results for remain came in. It was downhill from there. What a stupid, stupid thing we have done..

It’s because Lilo & Stitch didn’t have white people has the main characters.

Quand j’étais petite, j’ai dansé sur la scène à Disney avec Lilo & Stitch 🙈.

@IGN I can agree with everyone when I say that Lilo and Stitch was way better than Frozen BUT, because of the age gap in L&S, it always felt more like a mother daughter relationship than a sister sister relationship. At least to me anyway.

@anzu_stitch わあ、ゆいちゃん!! 遅くなったけどお誕生日おめでとう🧸🍰 中野、横浜と会えて嬉しかった😚 素敵な一年にしてね!🌟.

Lilo & Stitch > Frozen Aparte de mostrar un amor fraternal, te dan un hombre comprensivo y desinteresado apoyando a la mujer que quiere (a nivel amigos). Aparte que da un lindo mensaje familiar a aquellos que se encuentran cómodos con familia no-sanguinea. 💀.

A popularidade de “Frozen” incomoda o diretor de “Lilo & Stitch”; confira.

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No because when I watched Lilo & Stitch as an adult I ugly cried thinking about my own little sister. Frozen could never 😤.

I mean alot of us were frustrated after Frozen One of the most overrated movies in the history of film But yeah Lilo and Stitch is far away a better film.

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