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😅 Nooooo way. Big Jose Mourinho in the cut! 🎙 Stormzy is back in full effect after a long hiatus in Mel Made Me Do It video ➡️.

Jose Mourinho made it into Stormzy’s video. Unreal… 😂.


Crossover inesperado: José Mourinho aparece no videoclip da nova música de Stormzy 🤫🔥.

Sky News
Sky News

Stormzy urged protesters to have stamina in their efforts to raise awareness of his death and the events surrounding it.

Stormzy joined the justice for Chris Kaba protest. Chris Kaba was shot dead during a police pursuit. IOPC revealed the vehicle Mr Kaba travelled in did not have a firearm inside. IOPC have opened a homicide invesitgation.

Stormzy Photo,Stormzy Photo by Antoine Allen,Antoine Allen on twitter tweets Stormzy Photo


‘I’M NOT GOING ECONOMY!! STORMZY IS MY SON!!’ Welcome back Young King we’ve been waiting 😂🤍 And if you don’t know who Mel is… you’re welcome 😂.

Stormzy Photo,Stormzy Photo by Jeanette Kwakye,Jeanette Kwakye on twitter tweets Stormzy Photo

CLOSING SOON: Enter the draw to win tickets to see Usher, SZA, Gyakie, Sarkodie, Stonebwoy, Stormzy, Tems and Uncle Waffles Live in Black Star Square! @GlblCtznAfrica.

Shatta Wale Will Chop Me – Michy Reveals Why She’s Scared To Collaborate With Ex-Lover DJ Slim||Volta Region||Shatta Wale||#Sarkodie||Level 3||iOS 16||Stormzy||John Mahama||Durk||Bayern Munich||On God||Airtel||Stonebwoy||Obidi||samuel boadu|.

@rodyribeiro16 I wonder how many Stormzy fans have stabbed or been stabbed since Boris became PM.

@rodyribeiro16 I make Stormzy right on this, Johnson made it acceptable for people to be openly racist.


Ask Mel now there’s not enough space in my wardrobe, @BenjartWorld fitted on my wrist and my torso - Stormzy Sept 22’.

@SkyNews What a beautiful tradition inside d great ancient Westminster Hall. King Charles III “I FEEL THE WEIGHT OF HISTORY” speech to the Parliament was epical, it was a rephrasing of Stormzy “HEAVY IS THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN.” Indeed, Queen Elizabeth II was d world Granny!.

@LalSkinner1 Where was Stormzy when an old man was murdered in his mobility scooter ?.

@rodyribeiro16 I think that people of colour will know the answer to this. As a white person I dont really have the experience to answer it. If Stormzy as a black person thinks that racism has increased then I would tend to believe him..

Hundreds of people descended on Westminster to protest the police killing of Chris Kaba, an unarmed black man who was fatally shot by an armed officer in south London last week..

@rodyribeiro16 I agree with #Stormzy and I am white. Racism in the UK is less and less subtle. Even the police are more obvious in their racism. And the abuse directed at #meghanmarkle has been toxic.

@Nurseborisbash You aren’t? (Looks at bio…!!) I’ve been telling everyone that Stormzy follows me!!! Nurse!.

@rodyribeiro16 Stormzy a complete prat and a criminal,who gives a flying fuck what he thinks!.

stormzy has returned and hopefully this means peace has been restored and it’s the downfall of nightcore sample drill.

@QueenNat_35 So what you telling me is you can’t be racist if you buy a stormzy record. I’ve seen racist with football Jersey of black you have racist with biracial kids (a common practice during slavery btw. he’s famous because of his skills 😆.

@rodyribeiro16 Stormzy needs to commission a statute in honour of this career criminal. Hopefully pigeons will flock to it and do what pigeons do..

Amanpour out there riding around blasting Stormzy on her way to the CNN hating drop the sound bite of his entire career..


instead of mourning the their leader the queen, flag twitter have a lot to say about stormzy.

@rodyribeiro16 Stormzy is the troublemaker misusing his considerable influence to fracture society, knowingly or unknowingly..

Grime MC Stormzy speaks at the Chris Kaba protest in London this weekend. Thousands gathered to highlight the police shooting dead the unarmed father to be last week. A murder investigation is under way by the IOPC. credits @DRNimages1 #ChrisKaba #news.

@rodyribeiro16 Stormzy is racist against white people, or he would have sponsored white students, he didn’t, only black students,a bad man..

What rhymes with Grime - Crime. Stormzy and his blood from the hood..

Stormzy Photo,Stormzy Photo by UnitedLad,UnitedLad on twitter tweets Stormzy Photo

@rodyribeiro16 Stormzy who 🤷🏼‍♂️ I think racism has become a lot worse since the BLM movement created the biggest divide in decades because it was actually a racist movement itself..

@rodyribeiro16 Who is this Stormzy. He seems to keep appearing on Twitter. He seems to be a persistent black moaner..

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