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All we can think about is #Strictly. Tonight @BBCOne. ✨@dadimakesmusic

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leroy robinson
Leroy robinson ()

@TCRG2012 @Rosie_wearamask Trumps healthcare plan is somewhere over the 😂

#BidenHarris2020 #ImpeachBarrNow-HouseJudiciary
#BidenHarris2020 #ImpeachBarrNow-HouseJudiciary ()

@johnny_queer @Richie_Hertz If Marine One pilot isnt interested in non-FLOTUS which being a double isnt strictly off limits 😋🏳️‍🌈maybe someone should hit on him!

Hip Hop Golden Age
Hip Hop Golden Age ()

Strictly For The Heads: Marley Marl On WBLS (December 8th 1988)

Attitude ()

I’ve been to hell and back - so keep it coming. 🔥 @NicolaAdamsOBE hits back at @bbcstrictly same-sex dance critics:

#Strictly Photo,#Strictly Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Joseph🦅 ()

If someone told me to pick between getting the cure to cancer or going on Strictly for 1 season I’d pick Strictly

Chuck ()

@JoshuaPotash Is there a police hierarchy in NY? Who is in charge? Who gives orders? Does @NYGovCuomo have any power in NYC or is that strictly off limits?

Lucas Dodgers (Rays 2-1) Steelers (5-0)
Lucas Dodgers (Rays 2-1) Steelers (5-0) ()

@WEC_Aldo @BeetTheSimp I mean across other promotions Jose did more but strictly UFC it’s Max

ATSUKŌSA 🍓 not spoiler free
ATSUKŌSA 🍓 not spoiler free ()

I’d like to think so ? Not super super besties but i wouldnt say we’re strictly Just Following Each Other ?? Does that make sense

Stephanie Kennedy
Stephanie Kennedy ()

Zero tolerance. Donald Trump & his admin. must be held strictly accountable for the government sanctioned abductions of thousands of migrant children, over 500 of whom tragically remain separated from their families. #PleaseSaveTheseChildren @donwinslow

todomeowmo ♡
Todomeowmo ♡ ()

tbh I kinda want to make a strictly daily tdmm account so I can just free up my phone of all these tdmm photos 😭😂

comrade twitty: the hornsome ranger
Comrade twitty: the hornsome ranger ()

@penofrage If missionary work was strictly ppl coming in and helping w/out an ulterior motive, then yeah it would be a good thing probably

nia ☭
Nia ☭ ()

i want to make a group chat strictly for bimbos alone and it would be called bimbofination and we can all be hot and fucking stupid together

HeyItsBazil ()

it is literally midnight and i am tweeting about fricking strictly why do i do this to myself

British GQ
British GQ ()

If you fear same-sex partners on a dance show is too sexual for terrestrial television, then you need to wrap your mind around the idea not all dance is designed as a form of choreographed intercourse.

Olivia ()

petition for strictly to show each couples full dance twice, because the first time i’m just bricking it that their gonna fall a over t #strictly

Daily Express
Daily Express ()

Katya Jones issues caution over #Strictly partnership with Nicola Adams

Abbie ()

HRVY is gonna win strictly this year, I’ve been saying it since last week and he hadn’t even danced yet 🤷🏼‍♀️ #StrictlyComeDancing #hrvy

į ()

It’s crazy to think that @igdropz grinding on his own, he didn’t need no kiwis shoutouts or nothing just strictly grinding uploads Everyday. respect

.... ()

#Strictly throwback to me when I was scare Judy Murray was gonna get arrested because of her illegal lift 😂

Toolally Jewellery
Toolally Jewellery ()

Ok, how does one go about getting a personalised message from @DUALIPA? 😍 #Strictly

Evol ()

@cravinglidsy 4 hunks f2f safe strictly descreet safe wid lips dilaan pal as na zoomjakol f2f lng Pw 000

Ann Scott
Ann Scott ()

@jojobrosser78 So pleased there wasn’t a wine pic there - I always have wine and nibbles while watching Strictly - but I’m on Sober October! 😟🍷

Łisa ()

I feel like so many people think Maisie is annoying but she’s actually super cute - you can tell she’s just genuinely excited and happy to be there #Strictly

Justin Myers
Justin Myers ()

Nice to see the old X Factor post-makeover wind tunnel getting work in these tough times. #strictly

jodie ✨
Jodie ✨ ()

a 5??????? and a 6????????? craig and shirley can both fuck off motsi is my only head judge #strictly

J.holden ()

@MilesisOfficial @TcatMPS Everyone does something because some else says so. It’s herd mentality/human behavior. Y’all always want to act like some of these traits are strictly wypipo traits. Wake up.

Kirsty Evans
Kirsty Evans ()

I didn’t realise just how much I needed this right happy for a feeling of normality #Strictly2020 #strictly @bbcstrictly

BBC Strictly ✨
BBC Strictly ✨ ()

All we can think about is #Strictly. Tonight @BBCOne. ✨@dadimakesmusic

Adam Schefter
Adam Schefter ()

Washington Football Team QB Dwayne Haskins was fined for violating the teams COVID-19 protocols during last weeks Giants game. Haskins made a reservation for a family friend at the team hotel which is strictly prohibited by the team.

Shannon ()

Keeping score: 1. Twitch Sings - REMOVED 2. Clips - DISABLE THIS FEATURE OR RISK EVERYTHING 3. Highlights/Past Broadcasts - SEND IT TO YOUTUBE 4. Uploads - LOL NOT ADVISED We’ve come full circle. Welcome back to Twitch circa 2012, strictly for livestreaming and nothing else.

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