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Llevo puesta la camiseta con la que Dani ganó a Stuart. No es casualidad. Podéis verme aquí haciendo la previa:

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Alejandro ()

Puede ser que la mejor batalla de la primera ronda es cacha vs stuart?(coscu estas re fachero pa)#RedBullBatalla #RedBullArgentina

Aresh ()

Llevo puesta la camiseta con la que Dani ganó a Stuart. No es casualidad. Podéis verme aquí haciendo la previa:

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Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross ()

@DvsBlack It makes me so hungry making them but I take my time more. Problem is each week the bar gets higher! 😬

𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕊𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥
𝕊𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕊𝕔𝕠𝕥𝕥 ()

5hr Shoulder Kashmiri Lamb, salad pickles, rice & bread & shant on! #baltitowers #southbrockwellsfarmshop

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Kevin. ()

¡ES HOOOY! Favoritos para el título Stuart, Mecha y Klan pero voy por Cacha y Sub.

La Nacion Del RAP
La Nacion Del RAP ()

CACHA Nombre: Eduardo Cachamilano Edad: 22 años Participaciones en RB: 2016 (8vos vs papo), 2017 (8vos vs tata), 2018 (8vos vs stuart) Eduardo Cacha Villano, vuelve a RB con hambre de representar la Argentina, podra este año superar sus malditos octavos?

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Boston Review
Boston Review ()

During the Cold War, the “police apparatus” was held up as a prime example of Soviet repression. Yet in its efforts to fight subversives, the United States ended up with its own carceral state. From the Cold War to the War on Crime:

Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson ()

Sears does well to beat his man down the left and cross. Keeper claims ball ahead of Jackson. 0-1 (8)

Stuart Watson
Stuart Watson ()

First goal #itfc have conceded at home in the league this season (following five clean sheets)

ポールっこ ()

@stuart_foy “My parents realised I was a bit weird.” Just corrected that for you there. 🐨

🍀Mollly Malone🍀
🍀Mollly Malone🍀 ()

@stuart_oldroyd I ran out of one set of lights. So I have to wait for them until tomorrow. I will show you then 🤗

Rosebud 🌹
Rosebud 🌹 ()

William II, Prince of Orange, and his Bride, Mary Stuart 🎨 Anthony van Dyck (Flemish, 1599 - 1641), 1641 ©️ Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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Stuart oldroyd
Stuart oldroyd ()

@MolllyOnoway Not too bad thank you 😊 I bet your Xmas decorations are I saw your handywork on . 😎

Paul Gibson
Paul Gibson ()

@StuartChaplin3 @footballdundee Hi Stuart DWest host Fun4s at Baldragon & Tam runs it with 2 others They are at Baldragon 8am to set up, make sure the event is being run properly etc They do the pitch swap over from fun 4s to super 5s for the last session DW have more teams and need coaches to run that too 👍

Black Cloud Jamboree
Black Cloud Jamboree ()

@Wickyma I should have let poll run a little longer. I didn’t expect the response it got. It’s a shame as the Only Ones could have done with the extra vote. Such a great song.

Foy ()

@Ruffdawg Yeah, I was listening to it last night thinking shit, I bet this explains so much of my music taste

Stuart Boon 🔰
Stuart Boon 🔰 ()

@JamesFinbow I like the thought of Ben Gibson 90th min winner, kiss the badge shithousery to go with it 🤣

Kathryn Hallett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Kathryn Hallett 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

As you say, @johnauldwebster #ShuggieBain a must read. Looking forward to catching Booker Prize winner, Douglas Stewart, at the virtual winter @hayfestival #ImaginetheWorld

Carole Tonkinson
Carole Tonkinson ()

‘That is the power of literature. To help you understand viscerally what something felt like.’ Shuggie Bain author Douglas Stuart: ‘I want readers to empathise with the unseen people living on their street’

Jason Stuart
Jason Stuart ()

I am doing my first stand up comedy show live tomorrow at 3pm in a Parking lot. Thanks Randy Lubas . I donating my salary so folks can eat while we wait for this madness to end. If you can, give a little. Tickets for the

Black Cloud Jamboree
Black Cloud Jamboree ()

@Arrowhead61 @RichardS7370 All great songs mentioned there mate. I agree on Street Legal too 👍🏻

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross ()

@JadeChristie5 🙏🏻 thank you. I’ll be ok. I’m more worried about what I read others like yourself going through with these trolls. We need more kindness and willingness to understand in this world not less at this time 💜

༜༝🅂🅃🅄🄰🅁🅃🅇🅁🄿💧⚡👨‍🚀 ()

@saradwinter We could be entering the next crypto bear market/winter season one year from now. This crypto space moves so fast. And people could be complaning about a $4 XRP.

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross ()

@dreamcore_elegy I really want to jump and defend people but you read some of the comments and you just don’t want to engage. I go from “tear someone a new one” to fired up” to “reasoned” to “forget it! - just block”

Mimikyu ()

@jjlloyd36 @Stuart_BCJ IIRC, a friend once told me this was the only song Peel played 2x in a row on a show.

Stuart Ross
Stuart Ross ()

I have deleted so many responses to tweets today. My patience is wearing really thin with the Covid deniers/anti maskers. 🤬

《 Perry 》
《 Perry 》 ()

@Stuart_BCJ Really??? I never knew that. I blast that track out, the intro alone is just fantastic. The build up, the euphoric guitar lift, all before the vocals even start. Its just brilliant, the whole thing.

Stuart Shipman
Stuart Shipman ()

@twowheeledspeed A couple more pics Tony😊from this afternoon

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Journey ()

올해 부커상 44세 늦깎이 작가 첫 작품으로 수상. 알콜 중독 엄마 돌보며 자란 과정 자전적 소설. 30번 퇴짜 끝에 출간된 책. “돈의 안락이 없을 땐 어떻게든 최전선의 삶을 살아내는 수밖에 없다. 어려운 상황에 대처할 거라곤 사랑, 유머, 낙천주의밖에 없을 때도 있다..”

peggy s.
Peggy s. ()

Hate de le lire , jamais déçue par un #BookerPrize ! Shuggie Bain is Stuart’s first novel. Based on his own childhood, it is a searing account of a young boy growing up in Thatcher’s Glasgow of the 1980s, with a mother who is battling addiction

☚ ウィークエンダー #まつもtoなかい ☛
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