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Russell Wilson, a Super Bowl winning QB, in his 9th season as a starter, offered his offensive input and was dismissed by his coaches. Here’s a video of a Super Bowl winning QB, in his 9th season as a starter, offering his offensive input to his

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Jjj2121 ()

@AndyinMTL I was mad when Philly beat the pats in the super go to line was Brady always wins in the super bowl, unless he sees eli

⚡️ ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕖 😼😳
⚡️ ℂ𝕠𝕝𝕖 😼😳 ()

It is higher while under pressure than it is without Pressure, theirfore: Draft Waddle Cut our entire offensive line, and replace them with random punters and kickers, and sign multiple weapons 🥱 problem solved, Super Bowl is ours 😎

Erik Alberto Perez Cerros
Erik Alberto Perez Cerros ()

@raulthetiger @InvictosSomos Me gustó mas la actuacion de j balvin q el medio tiempo del super bowl

Alita ()

*last year* NFL: *hosts super bowl in Miami without pitbull* Pitbull: They didn’t invite Mr Worldwide Mr 305? Time for Mr. Worldwide pandemic

Angry12 ()

@bullyfisk @GhimanMckinney hey guys i know the media loves slurping Mahomes and he can win with anybody it got me thinking that he lost the super bowl with all that Talent in Kansas city would he win 2 Superbowls on the 2007 and 2011 Giants?

D-SEL ()

@shadereyes first time I see you online since everyone copied your tweet during the Super Bowl.

Rory🥛 ()

@Dooley_DuzZ_Dis Honestly I think top 1 if he stayed and management was better and he led us to at least 1 super coulda been :(

A͎L͎T͎I͎T͎U͎D͎E͎ᴄʜᴀᴢ ()

@PeterTrader99 They still owe me money. Got my account cancelled waiting on my $350 super bowl winnings

NorCid3 Luffy ♿️
NorCid3 Luffy ♿️ ()

Nah this is my favorite movie in football other then the Holmes super bowl catch

M ⁷ | Ten Day 🐢
M ⁷ | Ten Day 🐢 ()

Me, I’m quitting at the end of March. She wanna cut my hours because apparently I took the day off to see super bowl ? I don’t even like football 😭

𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 🏳️‍🌈
𝕭𝖊𝖊𝖑𝖟𝖊𝖇𝖚𝖇 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Que pedo estuvo mejor el show de J Balvin en la pelea del canelo que el del half time del Super Bowl jsjakaka

Rondíssímo🔮 ()

I’m glad Tom Brady could win me a Super Bowl for your birthday bro

Dave Needs To Hit The Links This Year ⛳🥔🌐
Dave Needs To Hit The Links This Year ⛳🥔🌐 ()

@3434Maple Third Super Bowl I remember watching & I wanted the Cowboys to lose so bad.

Seattle Seaducks
Seattle Seaducks ()

I would like to thank EA for helping me win this game. I pray that the madden gods will not interfere with the Super Bowl. @Cards_NEFL21 you never stood a chance with how that game went.

Brian Floyd
Brian Floyd ()

The reason mostly is not wanting to get cute and throw an interception on the 2 yard line with time winding down in the Super Bowl. Stick with good fundamentals and you can win the game in the fourth quarter

Ben Hawes 🎉
Ben Hawes 🎉 ()

Beyonce should perform at every super bowl. Tina and Amy should do every Golden Globes. And Nick Jonas should host #SNL every week.

Gerardo Romero
Gerardo Romero ()

La entrada del Canelo y hasta su pelea fueron años luz mejor que el Súper Bowl y su medio tiempo infame.😎🇲🇽

Anthony Robbins
Anthony Robbins ()

@reesebrandon122 @DangeRussWilson Exactly!!!! The Saints Are A QB Away From Going Back To The Super Bowl.

Edson Sánchez
Edson Sánchez ()

Se quejaban de que a The Weeknd no se le escuchaba en el Super Bowl y ahora dicen que estuvo bueno de lo J Balvin jajaja

Jesse ()

@bykevinclark I voted SB just because I imagined running for my life around the backfield through the thick Tampa air, looking up for a second into the stadium lights and thinking Wow, the Super Bowl moments before Shaq Barrett forever changes my medical history.

Diem ()

J Balvin en la pelea del Canelo > El Show de medio tiempo del Súper Bowl con The Weeknd.

Melina González
Melina González ()

Me gustó que dieran show. Que se sumen otros Estuvo mejor que el medio tiempo del Super 😬😂 #CanelovsYildirim

Brandon Abraham
Brandon Abraham ()

Super Bowl because I at least believe I could potentially throw the ball away before the Bucs defense gets to me. No way I can avoid Canelo

Ant🗣 ()

Just know when the Knicks win another championship. New York is going to be in a state of emergency 😭 y’all thought Philly was bad after the Super Bowl???

❤MILEY I V O N N E❤ ()

Estuvo mejor la aparición de @JBALVIN que el shoe del medio tiempo del Súper bowl 😎

Klutcherov (13-4-1) 🐐
Klutcherov (13-4-1) 🐐 ()

@jameis1of1 @StankBastard It’s not a cute parlor trick, you’re just upset with the fact that I made two very valid points. Just like you made the comparison to someone that did get one, I just named two people that were at least just as deserving as Winston and didn’t get Super Bowl rings.

Dany ()

Estuvo más entretenido la presentación del canelo en su pelea , que el medio tiempo del súper Bowl!😅

Invictos ()

La presentación del Canelo ya estuvo mejor que el espectáculo de medio tiempo del Super Bowl.

Rhea "RB" Butcher ()

I see headlines saying “Democrats dealt blow on $15 minimum wage” when it’s the people who make $ an hour who’ve been dealt the biggest blow, this is not the super bowl

Rich Ohrnberger
Rich Ohrnberger ()

Russell Wilson, a Super Bowl winning QB, in his 9th season as a starter, offered his offensive input and was dismissed by his coaches. Here’s a video of a Super Bowl winning QB, in his 9th season as a starter, offering his offensive input to his

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