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THINGS THE SENATE IS ALLOWED TO DO BY MAJORITY VOTE 1. Pass multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for corporations 2. Confirm right-wing justices to the Supreme Court THINGS THAT REQUIRE A SUPER MAJORITY IN THE SENATE 1. A $15 minimum wage 2. Protecting voting rights

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Minhaz Merchant
Minhaz Merchant ()

“Emergency imposed by Indira was wrong,” says ⁦@RahulGandhi⁩ but “ Congress never tried to capture institutions like what‘s happening now.” So subverting the Supreme Court, suspending the Constitution & jailing > 1 lakh politicians, journalists, lawyers & activists was ok?

Supreme Court Photo,Supreme Court Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
BloombergQuint ()

The moratorium will only cover the corporate debtor and not its management personnel, clarifies Supreme Court.

Brian Fallon
Brian Fallon ()

End the filibuster. Pass 1. Make DC a state. Pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Add four seats to the Supreme Court. There is no time to waste.

Ennis Britton Co LPA
Ennis Britton Co LPA ()

EB extern Liz Hudson wrote an article about a case that will be heard by the US Supreme Court, to determine whether or not a school can discipline students for offensive social media posts. Read more about it here:

Sherry ()

@buckyboymike As far as I am concerned State, Legislators as well as DC Legislators revealed their true colors by NOT SUPPORTING ELECTION INTEGRITY. Talking about it now does NOTHING TO CORRECT A FRAUDULENT ELECTION. DOJ, SUPREME COURT, LEGISLATORS FAILED 85 MILLION AMERICANS.

GhanaWeb ()

ICYMI: “It is unfortunate that an innocuous error made by the Chairperson of the 1st Respondent in the declaration of the results on December 9, 2020, which had no bearing on the outcome of the election results has triggered this Petition.”

Gail Pellerin
Gail Pellerin ()

@DoraRose @LWVC I wish there could be exceptions. I don’t think it’s a one size fits all. Some youth commit crimes so heinous their sentence should reflect their crime. Here’s one case.

Dr.sten.tarkusest ()

@CaptCarpeDiem @ElieNYC It would require a constitutional amendment in all likelihood, so your answer is when there are 67 Senators in favor. That might happen if there is a worse alternative, like a big expansion of the judiciary, including the Supreme Court

🇯🇲 TYRONE CHAMBERS 🇯🇲 ❗❗ #OleOut
🇯🇲 TYRONE CHAMBERS 🇯🇲 ❗❗ #OleOut ()

So a 15 year old (A MINOR) British citizen is not being allowed to return to Britain to pursue an appeal against the removal of her British citizenship (ONCE AGAIN A MINOR, A 15 YEAR OLD MINOR) Supreme Court, have shame

Mark Scott
Mark Scott ()

For more on how this will all shake out, check of these editions of my transatlantic tech newsletter: &

Wildelk68 ()

@tedcruz Thanks Ted for the legislation on the expansion of the Supreme Court! These leftists need to be stopped using any measures we legally can! However, I fear the worst judging from todays political climate!

Theinternetworm ()

Too many people are blinded by their distaste/hatred of what Shamima Begum did, and cannot see the repercussions and implications of the Supreme Court’s decision in this case.

Yale Daily News
Yale Daily News ()

UNIVERSITY | On Thursday, Students for Fair Admissions — the plaintiff in the high-profile admissions lawsuit against Harvard University — filed a lawsuit against Yale alleging that the University discriminates against white and Asian American applicants.

Arthur F Jones
Arthur F Jones ()

@itvnews The existence of a “Supreme Court” in the UK is in breach of the Act of Union of 1707, guaranteeing an independent Scottish legal system.

Times Radio
Times Radio ()

The government still has obligations to look after people like Shamima Begum. The Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee Tom Tugendhat talking to Gloria De Piero on the Supreme Court’s ruling. 🔊 @GloriaDePiero | @TomTugendhat | #shamimabegum

Judd Legum
Judd Legum ()

THINGS THE SENATE IS ALLOWED TO DO BY MAJORITY VOTE 1. Pass multi-trillion dollar tax cuts for corporations 2. Confirm right-wing justices to the Supreme Court THINGS THAT REQUIRE A SUPER MAJORITY IN THE SENATE 1. A $15 minimum wage 2. Protecting voting rights

Elizabeth Evans
Elizabeth Evans ()

Imagine if we had a man as modest and direct as Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. Wait, you say it could have happened?

Geni From the Block
Geni From the Block ()

@patriottakes “Is there anybody above the Supreme Court?” If you have to ask that question, you need to sit down and shut up. The level of stupid is painful.

Ann Kristin Istad
Ann Kristin Istad ()

Ark of Grace: Amanda Grace , The Supreme Court, and via @YouTube LISTEN ALL!!!!

Jay1021Donald ()

Jesus, I am glad he is not on the Supreme Court. What an extremist!

Perspicuous ()

@DrMonicaOsborne Stunning, this march of activism through children’s schooling never ceases to give me the creeps. The sooner these odd ideological child abuse gets in front of the Supreme Court, the better. It’s strange how “noble” all of this neoracism is deemed by those who should just say no.

Brooks Miner
Brooks Miner ()

On the one hand, I find it abhorrent that Cy Vance is still the Manhattan DA despite his burying the 2015 Ambra Gutierrez case. On the other hand, it will surely be delightful to watch his team peel back the layers of this particular financial

Valentine Baby💕
Valentine Baby💕 ()

Coming back from vacation tomorrow and they’ve got a lunch meeting on the calendar. New me won’t be attending

Tracy ()

@Milbank Maybe. I hope so. But I still feel like it was our loss (and his) not to have him on the Supreme Court.

Clemente el que fuma en pipa
Clemente el que fuma en pipa ()

@spurtmagoo @MouthyInfidel Moreover, it was the Supreme Court, not Obama, that approved equal marriage. Obama was an oportunistic.

Jackie Wright 🇺🇸
Jackie Wright 🇺🇸 ()

@JackPosobiec But I was assured by Barack Obama that Merrick Garland would be a centrist addition to the Supreme Court??!

Roger ()

@ursaluna @CltrotLyn ... Donald always did have a problem assessing quality in people. ... He regrets not appointing his children, Ivanka, Eric, and Junior, to the Supreme Court. ...

Who ()

Yo bhakt-CJI Bodbe .. you are embarrassingly naked.

Trapper John
Trapper John ()

I don’t think it’s a radical idea to expand the Supreme Court. It’s way less radical than blocking Merrick Garland so they could appoint Gorsuch in 2016. Biden should expand it to 11 to pay that back.

†BFrownfelterND🇺🇸⚖️🔔 ()


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