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“I will go ahead and say that Sway had the answer.” @kanyewest talks about selling Yeezy brand on his own amidst brand battles and references an interview with Sway from 2013..

BREAKING: An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of has caused buildings to sway in Mexico’s capital. The earthquake struck just three days after a earthquake shook western and central Mexico, killing two people. ..

Ye Admits to Being Wrong on Good Morning America: ‘Sway Had the Answers’ #WeGotUs #SourceLove.

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@TargetedOnc @AHNtoday Other factors to note that may sway my decision would be kidney function, logistical challenges for the patient if present as well as cardiac function, arrhythmias and whether a patient is on an anticoagulant or not..

@Hunitproof I’m glad cause we laughed at Sway. The apology gotta be as loud as the disrespect.

@FNR_TIGG “Why don’t you say fuck them and do it yourself.” I think at the time ye wanted validation from big companies, when whole time sway was the visionary and knew his influence 😂😂😂.

This is the one thing I needed Ye to do, give Sway credit lol.

@DexFinesse @designmom This isn’t true. I have been a foster parent for 10 years and adopted two kids. You’re wrong. The social workers have tremendous sway and latitude..

….Sway Had The Answer, he couldn’t breakdown the plan play for play but he knew business with big corp wasn’t it.

@SWAY_0609di 娘が、翔くん翔くん!言いながら見てました~ 若い相葉ちゃんチャラくてかっこいい😍 でも翔くんがいいけど✨.

They tried to say I was canceled, when I asked the question they couldn’t answer. How ye how sway.

Mildly annoyed by whatever this princess and purpose stuff is without reading anything about it to sway me otherwise..


How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?.

#SwayInTheMorning it’s definitely a great thing @kanyewest humbled up and admitted @RealSway actually HAD the answers. Outside looking in, I would think it would be an even greater move if a check of at least 1% of the sales, was given as a thank you. 🤷🏾 Sway gave the game plan..

He owe Sway an apology. Imagine if he listened to Sway back then..

@BLaw This is so hypocritical! This is one of the many pathetic attempts to sway future elections. For me, it is swaying me away from the blues. So embarrassing.

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