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I just finished watching Naruto, now I get the hype. Oh well tomorrow I shutdown Switzerland, Goodnight 💕.

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My Debut Album platinum in Switzerland, thank you for having me! 💿🇨🇭.

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Ecuador’s last five World Cup goals: ▪️ Valencia vs. Switzerland (2014) ▪️ Valencia vs. Honduras (2014) ▪️ Valencia vs. Honduras (2014) ▪️ Valencia vs. Qatar (2022) ▪️ Valencia vs. Qatar (2022) 🌟.

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We’re all with you, Haris! 🙌 Good luck with Switzerland 🇨🇭 in Qatar at #FIFAWorldCup.

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🇧🇷 🆚 🇨🇭 Ready to take on Switzerland in #FIFAWorldCup Group G today 👊 Good luck, lads!.

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🚨UOL: Neymar walks normally and the swelling in his ankle is gone. He could play against Cameroon, depending on the result against Switzerland..

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The Brexiters used to love the idea of Britain leaving the EU and becoming like Norway. Then, that became not real Brexit. They wanted to be like Switzerland at another stage, but that too is now not real Brexit. You have to wonder if real Brexit actually exists at all..

EU law applies in Switzerland. Freedom of movement applies in Switzerland. Now the Tory government want us to be more like Switzerland. Remind me wtf Brexit and all this damage was for? 🤬.

Imagine looking at the current state of the United Kingdom and having your biggest worry be that we might end up slightly more like Switzerland..

سنا ہے Crime Minister at large پھر سے استنبول جانے کی تیاری کر رہے ہیں- وہاں اُن کی ملاقات اپنے علیل بڑے بھیا سے متوقع ہے جو کہ علالت کے باوجود اس وقت قوم کے غم میں نڈھال Switzerland میں سیر و تفریح کی غرض سے موجود ہیں-.

Beating Switzerland doesn’t call for celebration, the team is not yet there, the Trainer Scout must work on the boys for the big stage.@Asempa947_FM @adom_tv.

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#Switzerland is in #Schengen - the open borders agreement including EU countries & other (mainly) European nations. The free movement of people is great for Brits who want to work,study, & travel & great for British businesses. The sooner we recognise these truths the better.

The Swiss model doesn’t even work for Switzerland. 120 bilaterals and lots of sectors not properly covered. Only if you want more mass immigration can you even countenance it. Totally unacceptable..

🧮 - Biggest shocks in #WorldCup history 1. ARGENTINA🇦🇷 1-2 🇸🇦SAUDI ARABIA 2022 ( chance of Saudi Arabia win) 2. USA🇺🇸 1-0 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿England 1950 () 3. Spain🇪🇸 0-1 🇨🇭Switzerland 2010 () 4. W Germany 1-2 🇩🇿Algeria 1982 () 5. Czech Rep 🇨🇿0-2 🇬🇭Ghana 2006 ().

World Cup prediction. Winners: Brazil Best Player: Neymar Top Scorer: Mbappe Dark Horse: Switzerland / Uruguay Underachievers: France Best young player: Gavi.


Richarlison is a star on and off the pitch for #BRA and Tottenham.

💭 Perhaps it was the rainy, gloomy day, but sitting in this comfy, warm cafe sipping white wine and eating fondue was a highlight of the trip. Alicia, a Lonely Planet editor, shares a snapshot of her recent trip to Geneva, Switzerland..

#FIFAWorldCup WHAT A DAY😮‍💨 🇨🇲Cameroon 3-3 Serbia🇷🇸 🇰🇷South Korea 2-3 Ghana🇬🇭 🇧🇷Brazil 1-0 Switzerland🇨🇭 🇵🇹Portugal 2-0 Uruguay🇺🇾 Ghana give themselves a big chance, a point against Uruguay and we’re through! What a showdown it will be👊 🇬🇭Adepa nkye y3n 😴💚.

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Brian Eno and Andy Mackay live with Roxy Music, Montreux, Switzerland, April 29, 1973 #glam.

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Switzerland you are next🚨 vs Panama ⚽ vs Schalke ⚽ vs Bremen ❌ vs Hertha ⚽⚽ vs Inter Milan ⚽ vs Mainz ⚽🎯 vs Barcelone ⚽ vs Hoffenheim ⚽ vs Augsburg ⚽⚽🎯 vs Freiburg ⚽🎯 The Choupo sword is hot and passes no household without slaying. #FIFAWorldCup #choupo_moting.

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Other than its arrangements with Britain, Switzerland, Ukraine, Turkey and everyone it has ever reached a trade deal with, the EU does not do bespoke deals.

🛢🇨🇭🇷🇺 Switzerland has approved the introduction of a ceiling on prices for Russian oil- Economy Ministry.


🍫 Baltics​ 🍫 Belgium​ 🍫 Canada​ 🍫 Czech Republic​ 🍫 France​ 🍫 Germany​ 🍫 Greece​ 🍫 Hungary​ 🍫 Italy​ 🍫 Netherlands​ 🍫 Nordics​ 🍫 Bulgaria​ 🍫 Romania​ 🍫 Croatia​ 🍫 Spain​ 🍫 Switzerland​ 🍫 Ukraine.

Sounds like a step in the right direction except that Switzerland has always had the highest cost of living in Europe, which we now have but unlike us the Swiss have always had high wages high taxes & high pensions/welfare. Instead UK has a greedy self serving govt &tax havens..

@Bd_irB_ll Chile vs. Switzerland is just a very normal wc fixture even with 32 teams?? People are so funny.

FIFA WC 2022 Results Today Match 29 CAMEROON 🇨🇲 3 SERBIA 🇷🇸 3 Match 30 GHANA 🇬🇭 3 SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷 2 Match 31 BRAZIL 🇧🇷 1 SWITZERLAND 🇨🇭 0 Match 32 PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 2 URUGUAY 🇺🇾 0 #FIFAWorldCup.

Who will win the #WorldCup? Odds have the United States tied for 14th to win #FIFAWorldCup2022 with Poland, Switzerland, Mexico and Senegal ....

Don’t be deluded by the nonsense cakeism in the Sunday Times. Why would the EU give the UK a privileged status without UK complying with all its rules. And Switzerland has far more EU citizen migrants as a percentage of its workforce than UK ever did inside the EU..

Worth noting at this point that Brussels has been trying to convince Switzerland to have a less Swiss-style relationship with the EU? Nah Crack on lads.

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