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Eddie Rosario just parked a three-run homer in the seats. There were a few Eddie! chants at Citi Field. The Braves scored four runs before Taijuan Walker even recorded two outs. 4-0, Braves, top 1.

Taijuan Walker in his first seven starts of the season at home: 42 IP, 31 H, 9 ER, 2 HR, 12 BB, 28 K Taijaun Walker tonight: 1+ IP, 7 H, 8 ER, 2 HR, 0 BB, 0 K Baseball!.

The #Braves offense increased Taijuan Walker’s ERA from to just from tonight! #ForTheA 😂.

@UnfortunateMLB Very unfortunate for Taijuan Walker because it didn’t turn out to be a good blackout day wearing the blackout uniform because he would proceed to get Shelled by the Atlanta Braves.

Mets offense doing their best to bail out Taijuan Walker and Joey Cora. family affair.

Someone out there has both Josiah Gray and Taijuan Walker in their active lineup tonight. Be extra kind to them, please..

Taijuan Walker didn’t make it into the 2nd inning. Zlatni is pretty good at this thing huh 🤑.

Taijuan Walker Photo,Taijuan Walker Photo by Zlatni Topki,Zlatni Topki on twitter tweets Taijuan Walker Photo

Taijuan Walker is the first starting pitcher in Mets history to pitch ≤1 inning, allow 8+ ER and record 0 K. It’s not what you want. #MetsMetrics #LGM.

Let’s remember that Taijuan Walker certainly looked like something was nagging him after his spiked that pitch in the first. #Mets.

I rarely have said it, but this one is on Buck Showalter. Absolutely no reason Taijuan Walker shouldve gone out for a 2nd inning. His hip was clearly bothering him and was affecting his pitching. Sometimes you gotta save a pitcher from himself. #Mets #Braves.

This is NOT what you want to Taijuan Walker is out of the game in the second officially Charred remnants of his breasts litter the mound at Citi field..

Taijuan Walker Photo,Taijuan Walker Photo by 90 PERCENT METS,90 PERCENT METS on twitter tweets Taijuan Walker Photo

A battle between two pitchers each with nine wins entering today and yet it is Trevor Williams in relief that has the best outing of the group in the clubhouse with four shutout innings in relief of Taijuan Walker. #Mets.

Most ER by a #Mets starting pitcher when lasting 1 inning or fewer in a game: 8- Taijuan Walker (Tonight vs ATL) 8- Bob Ojeda (July 4, 1989) 7- Mike Scott (September 25, 1979) 7- Tom Glavine (Sept 30, 2007) 7- Jeremy Hefner (Sept 20, 2012) 7- Steve Matz (Jul 16, 2017 & Jul 31/18).

Taijuan Walker Photo,Taijuan Walker Photo by StatsCentre,StatsCentre on twitter tweets Taijuan Walker Photo

@ltatis05 @Francisco211208 la verdad es qué hay cosas que no entiendo con la importancia de la serie entre Atlanta y Mets me sorprende que Buck Showalter deje que le hagan 8 carreras a su abridor Taijuan Walker en una entrada..

Did Taijuan walker sell the game plan to the Braves because what is this. @Mets por favor.

Unfortunate to see ace like Taijuan Walker turn into Gerrit Cole. Shake it off and go get them next time! #ATLvsNYM.

I want to know which mf Was so damn confident about Taijuan Walker, because the dude lost his skills.

Gonna be curious to see what Taijuan Walker does the next few times out because I have PTSD from last season #LGM.


Mets fans booing Taijuan Walker. Come on now. He’s been good for us all year. One bad start. #LFGM.

@stoplurkingsmh Second half taijuan walker innings 21 hits 13 ER 7 strikeouts 3 walks Scott boras client? 🔥🔥.

Taijuan Walker the biggest sell show ever. Will never put a penny on that fraud again ❌❌❌.

Buck Showalter to Taijuan Walker tonight:.

The silver lining about Taijuan Walker only being elite in the first half, is at least we won’t be relying on him this year in the second half #Mets.

After only able to record 3 outs this is what Taijuan Walker Stat line for the night looks like 1IP 7H 8ER 0K 0BB Not a night to remember for Walker.

Twitter New Record Sets By Michael Jackson – Fact Check Pred | Kanye | Pete | Pete Davidson | Retire | Taijuan Walker | #PFLPlayoffs | Kim and Pete.

@jedi4lif @JimmyTheBag Nice to be spot on there with the analysis today about Taijuan Walker being long overdue to hit the shits. I think he is a fade pitcher down the stretch..

Taijuan Walker blew it so bad in a game where the Mets were fortunate enough to go against Ian Anderson. You got to hate it..

Guess Taijuan Walker won’t be needing Edwin Diaz tonight after all. Here comes the annual second half swoon #mets #metsbraves.

@SteveGelbs This is bugging the hell out of me, why does the 8th run get charged to Walker? He left with the score 6-0, runners on 1st and 3rd. Riley grounded into a FC, erasing Taijuan’s runner at second, while the other runner scored. Shouldn’t that close the book on Taijuan at 7 ER? Help.

Taijuan Walker has hilarious reaction to gutsy Edwin Diaz move via @nypostsports.

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