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Biden gingerly calls for gas tax holiday—which will save $ on average for 20 gallon tank—when he could be publicly threatening big oil to yank their $15 BILLION in federal subsidies. Big oil CEOS would drop prices FAST-but Biden won’t upset his donors.

I have a 60 litre petrol tank. This is how much 60 litres cost just over a year ago. So now we are talking £114 just to fill up a family car. People will not cope… .⁦@RishiSunak⁩ .⁦@BorisJohnson⁩ Do something!.

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Going to throw my last 60 in the tank tomorrow and pray to the cat gods it’s enough till payday next Friday. We pump oil like crazy in Alberta. wtf. Plus I know on the downlow that 2 full timers at my work are looking or planning on another gig..


The stalling is insane lmaooo. Nigga brought out Tank to help and it didn’t. Please..

I commend Mario for going against Omarion, maybach O, ovo, b2k, you got served, Tank, jerimih, and the produce department ….it shouldn’t have been this close #verzuz.

@EauxGeeRP Tank gone sweep him, tank got RANGE! Listen to that man acapella on his insta..

Spoken like a true DC nigga. Tank was ready to set the shit off 🤣.

@Chardae_P I know I’m just talking shit 😂😂😂😂 but Tank idk, my husband said maybe Maxwell. Like all his old hits.

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