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Longest active streak of 20-point games: 29 – LeBron James [gap] 19 – Jayson Tatum 16 – Lauri Markkanen.

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Jayson Tatum over the last 5 Games: 51 Points - 9 Rebounds - 5 Assists 34 Points - 19 Rebounds - 6 Assists 26 Points - 6 Rebounds - 7 Assists 31 Points - 14 Rebounds - 7 Assists 35 Points - 14 Rebounds - 4 Assists.

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Jayson Tatum tonight: 34 Points 19 Rebounds 6 Assists 3 Steals.

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This Finals rematch did not disappoint 🍿 Steph Curry: 29 PTS, 7 AST, 6 3PM, 3 STL Jayson Tatum: 34 PTS, 19 REB, 6 AST, 3 STL.

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NBA +/- leaders: This is insane 1. Nikola Jokic +367 2. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope +352 3. Aaron Gordon +305 4. Jayson Tatum +302 5. Derrick White +260.

Jayson Tatum last week: PPG () RPG, APG, SPG.

Tatum is giving the exact performance everyone said he needed to give and people are in my mentions saying he was terrible and had an awful game 34/19/6/3 with huge buckets down the stretch. Please get a life.

Making his 4th #NBAAllStar Jayson Tatum of the @celtics. Drafted as the 3rd overall pick in 2017 out of Duke, @jaytatum0 is averaging PPG, RPG and APG for the Celtics this season..

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Jayson Tatum is the first Celtic to record 30+ PTS, 15+ REB, and 5+ AST in a game since Paul Pierce in 2002..

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Jayson Tatum in the 1st Quarter: 12 Points 100% FG 100% 3P Perfect..

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“Then get it.” PAPER MOON (1973) Yes, she was working with her Dad, but Tatum O’Neal’s performance in this is one of the great child performances in Film - and entirely deserving of the Oscar she bagged for it. #RyanONeal #PeterBogdanovich.

They just announced Tatum as an All-Star starter on the Jumbotron and Luke Kornet responded with such enthusiasm that he may have clapped the skin off his hands.

Tatum took responsibility for the 4th quarter drought. Said he has to make quicker decisions..

Mavs fans were just ripping Tatum for having the game ending turnover just for Luka to do the same thing while missing FTs in the clutch LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

If you tweeting me back with Tatum’s statline you missed the point entirely lol. Literally watch the game at the time I pointed out. It’s okay to admit he had a bad stretch. He’s still a generational player.

Salma Hayek Left Little To The Imagination During Her Appearance At The ‘Magic Mike’ Premiere.

Tatum on Horford’s impact in tonight’s victory: Al looked like he was 25 tonight…he came out and set the tone. Al was big for us the whole game..

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Jayson Tatum: I joked with Al that he came out and looked like he was 25 today. 2 days off. You more need 2 days off..

Its a little unhealthy. The only reason it was winnable was MVP level play by Tatum. They had no business being in this game. Spoelstra shut the Tatum water off and it was a wrap..


Tatum’s 394 minutes over his last 10 games is the most he’s ever played in a 10-game span in the regular season.

2023 All-Star maçının ilk beş oyuncuları belli oldu! Batı Konferansı: – LeBron James (Kaptan) – Stephen Curry – Luka Doncic – Nikola Jokic – Zion Williamson Doğu Konferansı: – Giannis Antetokounmpo (Kaptan) – Jayson Tatum – Kevin Durant – Kyrie Irving – Donovan Mitchell.

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Primer jugador de los Celtics desde Paul Pierce en 2002 que suma +30 PTS, +15 REB y +5 AST. TATUM ante los WARRIORS ☘️.


Channing Tatum revealed that he did not want to partake in its sequel, “ Joe: Retaliation.”.

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Don’t let this 4th quarter meltdown fool you guys. Jayson Tatum is still him, and he still runs this league. Good night, y’all!.

Luka & Tatum both just had game losing turnovers lmao young niggas ain’t gone ever run this league.

Tatum got Brunson/ Grimes in the post and these dumbasses won’t get him a touch😂😂😂😂.

Alors là, j’ai l’impression que c’était la guerre entre les stars pour savoir qui allait être le moins efficace … 9/27 pour JT, 9/25 pour Steph et 6/18 pour JB et Wiggings … mais bon CELTICS WIN face aux Warriors en prolongation! Tatum a terminé en 34/19/6 avec 3 interceptions..

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Turnovers by Tatum and luka on game winning possessions in the same night?.

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I’m sorry LeBron I should’ve never disrespected you by saying Jayson Tatum was better than you please accept my apology 🙏.

Cs have no ball movement. Everyone standing around. Tatum looks disinterested in playing tonight. Team doesn’t want to be on the court..

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