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Jayson Tatum vs Kevin Durant: Game 1: 38 possessions / 4 points Game 2: 44 possessions / 4 points Game 3: 37 possessions / 2 points 110 total possessions / 10 total points.

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KD when guarded by Tatum this series: 10 points 10 turnovers He’s made only 2 baskets vs Tatum in 3 games..

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Your daddy is a bad man! 1 year ago today, Jayson Tatum dropped a career-high 60 POINTS in a 32-point comeback win!!.

Tatum won a game against the Nets (with Harden) last year without Jaylen Brown in the playoffs. Durant has no excuse for being swept.

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Están pensando en el anillo Jayson Tatum, 29 puntos en el pase de los Celtics a las Semifinales de Conferencia. #TiempoDePlayoffs.

(There is of course a scenario by which he finishes as high as 3rd, but that would require Tatum to play several games in, you know, June.).

They were 4 years younger Tatum was a Rookie and went to game 7 without Ime Udoka as coach. But they got Killed I guess. 🤷🏿‍♂️.

Não dá para normalizar o tamanho da bunda do Tatum, ele tá usando frauda ou meteu um silicone e achou que ninguém ia 😌.

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Raja Bell says there is no passing of the torch in the NBA but that Jayson Tatum just took that shit.

Naw hell nah why ain’t the Tatum airball all over the media ? Shit was at a perfect time game slipping away if that’s giannis and we up 60 and he has 89 points alone it’s all over the world slandering him.

@Krisplashed Never forget when they gave seth Curry a flagrant 1 on Tatum last series nba not a mans league anymore smhhh.

I’ve said this but what do I know!!! Boston has no inside PRESENCE!!!!! Zero !!!!! Jaylen and Tatum gotta damn near play perfect basketball to beat them BUCKS are deeper nudf said.

@yamzislife After looking at it again, agreed lol, but game is tight and Tatum is that guy so I understand the risk.

Tem que ver com calma isso aí, Kyrie. Não saia por aí achando coisas. Tem que ter um pouco mais de tatum pra não se equivocar..


Life comes a full circle. It had to be Tatum and the Celtics knocking Kyrie and Nets out. It just HAD to be them. NBA is scripted I tell yall..

@MphoMoreki Agreed. Just like Jayson Tatum said in an interview with @MarcJSpears, any coach was bound to struggle at the beginning but then, the puzzle started coming together and the rest is history..

Celtics, Nets’i seriyi 4-0’a getirdi ve SÜPÜRDÜ! 🧹 MAÇ SONUCU: Nets 112-116 Celtics 🔥 Tatum: 29 sayı 5 asist 🔥 Smart: 20 sayı 11 asist 5 ribaund 🔥 Brown: 22 sayı 8 ribaund ♦️ Durant: 39 sayı 9 asist 7 ribaund Kevin Durant ve Kyrie Irving, kariyerlerinde İLK KEZ süpürüldü.

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Finished 2-2 here with both Ls from Tatum and Tobias coming by the hook 🪝🙄 #GamblingTwitter.

@BOOMER17217083 @TheHoopCentral You literally just admitted to having your own recency bias with Ingram. Tatum clears KD like he did all series. Kawhi needs to play games again. Trae is a joke. D-Book doesn’t do anything Tatum can’t, and Tatum is a great defender, can make a similar argument for Luka..

@zeebaylay I promise you NOBODY is or should ever compare or want KD to be better than LBJ. I personally think Jayson Tatum is better than KD, enough said it recently in a poll question lol.

@Striving4_ALott That’s tough idk. Tatum more two way but Luka gonna get his and playmake wayyy better than Tatum. Can go either way.

@PlayoffJays_ I think Luka is the only one I really push back on. Tatum’s defense is just fully head-and-shoulders above Luka. Luka instead of Tatum on this Celtics team absolutely does not sweep the Nets. Any of those other guys? Probably still a sweep.

LeBron got swept in the finals vs Steph, Klay, KD & Draymond. KD got swept in the first round against the Celtics with Jason Tatum, Brown and Marcus Smart. #Nets.

It’s pretty hilarious that 2 of the players that are playing the best basketball in the playoffs right now both went to Duke. Tatum - 29/7/4 on 45/41/86 Ingram - 29/6/5 on 51/50/87.

Juicy flesh on that peach… Channing Tatum is just delicious in ‘The Vow’….

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Horoscopes April 26, 2022: Channing Tatum, tune into what’s going on around you.


@CasaDoEsporteOF Pode ser,o Tatum e muito craque mas se tu for parar pra acompanhar uma temporada inteira da pra perceber quem é o melhor. Mas eu gosto muito dos dois.

No “God” gets spit-roasted by Tatum and JB..

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Salma Hayek Dances Salsa With Channing Tatum on His Birthday in Chic Floral Midi Dress & Hidden Heels #nft #tezos.

Why is Giannis treating Tatum like this 😂 He looked like Ray Lewis on that last play.

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