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Tatum dropped 39 PTS and lifted the Celtics past the Clippers in 2OT 😤

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@Creidenouer @Pastor_KevyKev I’m not disagreeing, idk when this became a Tatum conversation lol.

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Now that I’ve gotten my TAKEZ out for the day we’re back to regularly scheduled nonsense Good morning to everyone but especially super saiyan Tatum

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Celtics showed their toughness against Clippers, and nobody was better than Jayson Tatum

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Porra del #NBAAllStar Team World o Team USA: Team USA MVP Rising Stars Challenge: Trae Young Team LeBron o Team Giannis: Team LeBron MVP All-Star Game: AD Ganador concurso de mates: Gordon Ganador concurso de habilidades: Tatum Ganador concurso de triples: Booker

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Saw some interesting stuff from Jayson Tatum last night. Did it on both ends against who some say is the best player in the world.

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Jayson Tatum encore et toujours plus agressif : le Celtic lâche le poster sur Green et Shamet en même temps !

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We recorded yesterday when the rest of the league finished. I think there’s a point where I point out Tatum was bad against the Rockets. That’s what the people are dying to hear coming off of this game

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Tatum dropped 39 PTS and lifted the Celtics past the Clippers in 2OT 😤

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Now, only including guys with 25% usage or higher 1. Kawhi – ( TS, USG) 2. Tatum – ( TS, 26% USG) 3. CP3 – (65% TS, 28% USG) 4. Kemba – (64% TS, USG) 5. Schröder – ( TS, USG) 6. Giannis – ( TS, USG)

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Jayson Tatum remains Boston’s on/off leader by a significant margin, per Cleaning the Glass: + points/100 possessions. But there’s a new No. 2 (in an admittedly tiny sample size): Romeo Langford at + points/100 possessions.

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@kiiingbravo U know I got love for Tatum, but haven’t u seen BI balling this year. He Knocking on the door for Most Improved 😤

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@kai_tremoglie i thought it was gonna be some insane tatum>embiid take lol this is understandable

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@MrRunThruYoCity I was thinking the same and Ingram Tatum is 1a 1b It almost seem disrespectful cuz Ben a 2x all star 🤧

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@MichaelTerry_17 @backstapeur LeBron et tatum ne sont pas considérees comme des equipes

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When at seen Tatum going at Bron in the ECF 2018 I was an instant dudes don’t b going crazy like that

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@HornetSportSpot @BENJAYLATREZ I kinda remember a lot of talk about Brown and Tatum not fitting the last couple of years

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Nikola Jokic (Denver) y Jayson Tatum (Boston), nombrados Jugadores de la semana. Es el primer nombramiento semanal en la carrera del jugador de los Celtics y el 6º para el serbio (1º esta temporada).

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@DavidBoogz Similar players, a matter of preference but I’m defo taking Ben over Tatum and BI been on another level this year

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@Suzapalooz @KendrickPerkins over Tatum though? if he has Tatum at 10, it makes sense that JB isn’t on his list

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@TheHoopCentral Ben Simmons, Tatum, Ingram Playmaking and defense are more important than isolation play.

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channing tatum is really turning 40 in 2 months??? this whole time i thought he was in his late 20s

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@TheHoopCentral Neither Ingram or tatum are elite scores, while still great above average they have still yet to be put on that level yet with the elite scorers of the league. That being said Ben is in the elite tier of passing, dribbling, playmaking, and defense. A better than the both of them.

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Jayson Tatum will soon move in to solo 3rd place Most reg/post season wins ≤ 21 YO 1. Kobe Bryant - 219 2. Tony Parker - 195 3. JAYSON TATUM - 152 2 others tied at 152 details

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@Bucketscenter1 🤣🤣 im with you on all your harden critics. I cannot believe Perkins just said Tatum over harden tho😭😂

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halin kagabi asta subong puros action movies nalantaw ko ya jusq kagwapo kay channing tatum Hahahahdksjxnsjxmskxnx

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@Bowdz_ I think Tatum is both of those things more so than Ingram personally but hey ho, Simmons > both

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🏀 FINAL SCORE THREAD 🏀 Jayson Tatum (26 PTS, 11 REB) and the @celtics defeat OKC to win their 7th straight game. Kemba Walker: 27 PTS, 4 3PM Jaylen Brown: 17 PTS, 3 3PM

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Let’s be real: White privilege is an attempt by the left to divide Americans by race. It’s all theory and all nonsense. If you want to fall for it, go ahead. But don’t try to sell it to Brandon Tatum. 😉

☚ #정우를_만나고_눈부시게_빛나_어디든 #GeziyiSavunuyoruz ☛
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