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Two years ago today, 20-year-old Jayson Tatum attacked LeBron at the rim and put him on a poster. One of his childhood idols. Rook was ready.

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Keeo ()

*Hits blunt* What the fuck happened to Channing Tatum? Also is Channing the presence tense of Chan? 🤔

Topboy ()

This Celtics playoff run was wonderfull sith Rozier and Tatum ballin 😭😭😭

Aubs ()

@TheVividlyVivid but every time I hit my bong my organs hug each other (except for my lungs)

🔥Kyle Rogger🔥 ()

@TheNBACentral Yea but haters will say tatum and brown weren’t in their prime, Boston was young, had rookies, kyrie was injured, so it doesn’t

Ms. Taylor Danielle ()

I told Tatum to go downstairs and eat and this little girl said give me 5 minutes 😂🥰

Sixers Hive ()

Tatum will be included on the PFs list because that’s where ESPN lists him

Idk ()

Tatum and Brown can be the best duo in the league in a few years

YouKnowMyName ()

@_OnlyBDrakeford Google Brandon some time they are thee worst offenders!!!! Black cops showing out for the white cops.

Zachgebhart ()

@TheNBACentral Oh wait, I almost forgot that a 19 year old rookie Jayson Tatum carried the Celtics to 7 games against the “goat” in the ECF.

𝔹𝕠𝕤𝕥𝕠𝕟🍀𝕊𝕡𝕠𝕣𝕥𝕤 🎙 ()

@robspodcastmug I should’ve asked your favorite players from your favorite teams, not everyone loves every team from their city. Like your list with Jules and Tatum though. I like Xander because he’s been here from the beginning he’s never been the most popular guy but he comes to play everyday

.Temz🇳🇬 ()

Jayson Tatum should be up there talked about as the future of the league with Luka, Zion, Ja etc.

Tayson Jatum ()

@2018LeBron @Ballislife He played a rookie tatum and first year major minutes Jaylen brown. No All stars on our team and it went to 7. He had hella vets that were all stars. stop being mad bron got dunked on

Aubs ()

The real reason I wanna live w Zach is so I can reasonably change the thick ass fleece blanket off his bed cause yanno it’s SUMMER TIME

CavsBrasil ()

Mas a enterrada do Tatum fez aniversário hoje e a torcida do Celtics ficou alegre hahahaha

The Woman ()

@codenamemarcus @IAmOroro Just look at Candace’s followers and replies. All MAGA. Why? Because Candace, like Diamond & Silk like fake officer Tatum etc repeat the stereotypes about black people that make whites racists feel superior.

🤫 ()

Sixers would have to survive the Celtics and then would get the Clippers? 🥴🥴🥴 Let’s just wrap it up and look forward to next year. I don’t need to watch the Sixers get bounced by Tatum or Kawhi in the first two rounds again.

Adam west — reanimator ()

@AnothermillennR I’m so ready to never hear or see the words “Channing Tatum Gambit film” ever fucking again.

𝙐𝙡𝙩𝙖𝙣 ☘️ ()

@KingJamesBeard @tatumwrld_ Tatum has as much playoff success in his rookie season as Hardens had his entire career in Houston. Stay mad

Lil Floozy Shirt ()

I’m kinda glad we never got that Gambit movie with Channing Tatum. That would’ve been a disaster

# ()

@JustinG4_ kryire not healthy tatum just got a groove before they went on break other than that he wS just getting shots up

Vini❄ ()

@CelticsNatiion depois disso achei q o LeBron ia matar o Tatum e o time do Celtics inteiro kkkkkkkkkk

👁🐝🧢N ()

I think Tatum more skilled cus he really get buckets every way possible wit the silky smoothness

Henry ()

@fuckdavid_yoo Facts. I think Ja is gonna be a monster. But Tatum is 6’8 with length, and is a pretty elite offensive player and a really good defender. You can never go wrong with a 2 way wing.


I broke up with VyToTo for Tatum. VyToTo didn’t break up with me for Steve. He is a liar!

MonroeMarley ()

@JBreezyII Tatum ceiling already been hit dawg, Brown too basically. They maxed out on potential and neither a top 10 player currently

. ()

@kamuikilla15 @NBA2K I genuinely think Tatum is the better player though, Booker is better offensively but Tatum has way more team value and Tatum plays pretty good defense for a power foward.


Two years ago, Jayson Tatum threw down a poster on LeBron, then gave him a chest bump after the play 😤

Bleacher Report ()

Two years ago today, 20-year-old Jayson Tatum attacked LeBron at the rim and put him on a poster. One of his childhood idols. Rook was ready.

Ballislife.com ()

2 years ago today: Jayson Tatum’s poster dunk & celebration bump on LeBron!

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