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Does this look like Armageddon to you, Nancy Pelosi? *Highest wage growth in over a decade – *Hourly earnings went up *lowest unemployment since 1969 *3% growth in 2018 * jobs created #TaxDay.

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I just talked to a (now former) Trump supporter who says they were screwed over by the GOP tax scam. They can’t afford to pay what they owe. They made donations & biz expenses they can’t claim anymore. They plan on filing for bankruptcy. GOP/Trump is to blame for this. #TaxDay.

Reminder, Bernie Sanders promised to release his tax returns by today. We’re waiting. #TaxDay.

Does this look like Armageddon to you, Nancy Pelosi? *Highest wage growth in over a decade – *Hourly earnings went up *lowest unemployment since 1969 *3% growth in 2018 * jobs created #TaxDay.

Happy #TaxDay to all the millionaires, billionaires and corporations enjoying the benefits of the Trump tax cuts. Sorry, everyone else!.

Already got mine done a couple weeks ago. #TaxDay #adultinglikeaboss.

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On #TaxDay, @stevenmnuchin1 writes, this is the first year that the benefits of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) have been improving the lives of our citizens -- both in terms of jobs and paychecks..

Math is HARD: Alyssa Milano DRAGGED for writing the dumbest, most full-of-crap thread EVER on taxes for #TaxDay –.

ICYMI - #WorkerCoop members, make sure you read this important 1099-PATR tax update before you file! #TaxDay.

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#TaxDay would be the perfect day for @realDonaldTrump to release his tax returns..

Hold Mnuchin in contempt of Congress, stop playing around with him. #TaxDay.

Today is tax day, but we work with our clients throughout the year to help them maximize their savings and fulfill their financial goals. Call us today so we can help you strategically plan for this next year. #TaxDay #TaxDay2019.

and then to top this #TaxDay Like we all need reminders of all the money we owe each year..

GP Congratulation and thanks to the less than half of Americans who are net income tax payers on this #TaxDay..

#TaxDay is here and that’s super important for anyone looking to buy a home in 2019! #homebuying.

Taking our tax refund straight to the nearest Dunkin’ ✅ Perks members, spend this #TaxDay with a $1 Medium Coffee‼️☕️.

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On #TaxDay, @SteveBellone will be announcing that he will sign legislation to restore local tax deductions that were eliminated by the federal #SALT law..

@POTUS,@realDonaldTrump Today is tax day. Since you are so adept at using tax dollars to finance your golf game and emoluments clause violations, why not just tell your followers to send their tax payments directly to you and cut out the middle man (the IRS)?#TaxDay.

1040 good people - we made it to #TaxDay! Before you rush to the post office today, pick up our #special Meatball sub with Side | Cream of Vegetable Soup Have a great day!.

As another Tax Day comes and goes, it’s important to understand the potential tax benefits of installing a new fire sprinkler system. Contact your tax professional today to learn more, save lives, and save money! #taxday #sprinklers.

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Two thoughts to remember this #taxday. Taxation is extortion at the threat of violence. If you get a tax refund, that just means you gave the government an interest free loan..

There is no duty more important to me as your Congressman than to be a good steward of your hard-earned tax dollars! On #TaxDay 2019, I reaffirm my commitment to each of you to spend your money wisely, efficiently and in accordance with the Constitution..

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Tax day. Snow. Probably not gonna be my favorite day. #TaxDay #ChicagoWinter.

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#TaxDay El bebé real del príncipe Enrique y Meghan Markle, nuevo interés del fisco de Estados Unidos. ►.

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It’s officially #TaxDay! File your taxes using TurboTax and have your funds direct deposited to your @Coast2CoastFCU account today..

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& why exactly does Sarah Sanders think Congress (with almost a dozen accountants) would not understand taxes? I hope she will join me on tv to explain. #taxday.

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