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Updated: November 26th, 2021 05:42 PM IST

Taysom Hill -- 142 career passes -- 171 career rushes -- 34 career receptions Guaranteed $54,829,000 in career earnings.

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Anybody who played Taysom Hill props should get their money back. He didn’t even see the field.

The Saints signed Taysom Hill to a deal no one else would have, then put in escalators to financially prevent themselves from playing him at the position that COULD be worth the money.

!!!!!! “The Taysom Riddle has become the biggest mystery to hit New Orleans since Lee Harvey Oswald and Clay Shaw roamed the dark alleys of the French Quarter.”

@Saints Get rid of seimein hes slowing our team down!! Taysom needs to come in!!!!! Sean make the damn right decision

Bonne journée à tous ceux qui n’ont pas de casque de Taysom Hill sur leur bureau.

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Analysis: Saints’ season in peril after Week 11 loss to Eagles, via @MaddyHudak_94:

People will say Sean Payton knows what he’s doing when it comes to not dressing Ian Book and using an injured Taysom Hill as the emergency QB. But will ignore the fact that he had Lil Jordan Humphrey in street clothes for Kevin White. #Saints #NFL

Someone within the saints organization is laundering money through the Taysom Hill contract. I’m sure of it. 🧐

I can say I’m actually curious about Book. With Taysom I’ll just be hoping we aren’t as awful as we are now.

If we become officially eliminated from the playoffs, I wanna see Book play. Give the kid a chance because I’ve honestly already seen enough of both Taysom and Trevor.

Sean puts in Taysom last year to get a rush TD and prevent AK from 7. Saints pay Taysom a BAG and Sean doesn’t play Taysom when the offense is dead. Sean said he liked our WR room of Trequan Smith, Marquez Callaway, and Deonte Harris. I want what Sean’s smoking bruh

@rndmnmrndmnmbr @MaddyHudak_94 We score 6 points and you think Taysom can’t do better. Special brain

Fanduel really gave people who needed a taysom hill TD the L because he was active but he didn’t play 1 snap…….🤔 make it make & then on top of that they not giving these thanksgiving referrals 🤔

@MaddyHudak_94 @RachelW504 If Taysom is only healthy enough to play in an emergency and can’t really play QB why is he active? Like if tonight was a close game and he had to play would he just hand off? That seems less than ideal.

@YahtzeeFF @MikeTriplett If Taysom participated in practice, no need to list an injury. If you had to list every nagging injury, the list would include every player.

Saints should give Taysom Hill a chance to see if he can get something going at quarterback via @NOdotFootball

#saints thoughts B4 bed -rock bottom will come next Thursday vs DAL, then Saints will simply drag along the ocean bottom until 2022 arrives -if Taysom can’t play, play Book, play Jameis on Crutches, play JT Barrett. IDGAF. Get Siemian out of my football life.

@Jeff_Nowak Jeff your article wrongly states that Taysom missed the entirety of the Tennessee game. Sean should have started Taysom at QB against Atlanta then his foot would have never been stepped on and the Saints would perhaps be 1st in the NFC South with Taysom at QB.

Who is the mystery player that caught a pass for the Saints? Should they get paid more than Taysom mayhaps? (I didn’t watch the game)

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NOBODY sits on the bench like Taysom Hill. He can sit on the bench as a QB, RB, WR, or TE. One of the most versatile guys out there.

Taysom Hill -- 142 career passes -- 171 career rushes -- 34 career receptions Guaranteed $54,829,000 in career earnings.

@TeddiThompsonS1 So many key injuries. Jameis Winston, Taysom Hill, Alvin Kamara, Mark Ingram, Winston isn’t listed since he’s out for the year.

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@TheChrisMike TAYSOM.👏🏽 IS.👏🏽 ACTIVE. 👏🏽 If he can suit up, he can play. Jesus Christ.

Yeah it takes big balls to fade $8000 in salary in the $555 Monster with only two entries. Went one with Taysom. We all thought he would get a few trick plays based on reports. Reports were dead wrong. He won’t play tonight unless Semian gets hurt. 😞

@oldmaxhall Oh for sure. It’s just hard to see the on field product and not think Taysom could do better/ did do better last year when he did start.

I’m convinced the Saints are tanking, there’s no other reasoning for them not playing Taysom 🤷🏼‍♂️

I understand why the Saints value Taysom Hill, but they need to use him more now that he’s on this contract

Jameis was 5-2 before injury. Also, you really gonna tweet this on a day when there is no kamara, no taysom, and both starting OT out? This is just so dumb. Brees was washed af. This doesn’t change that at all

I never thought it would have to come to this…..Put Taysom Hill in the game 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

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Ian Book being inactive is interesting. Can Saints used Taysom in his variety of roles with only one other active quarterback? Will be interesting to monitor.

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