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In Tennessee as of April 1, you can bring a loaded firearm to brunch without a permit but a guy could not dress up like Dolly Parton and sing Jolene without risking a misdemeanor..

Maren Morris tells Tennessee to ‘f------ arrest’ her after introducing her toddler to drag queens.

(9) FAU KEEPS DANCING 🕺 The Owls knock off (4) Tennessee 62-55 to advance to the Elite 8! #MarchMadness.

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🚨🚨🚨 ‘Transgender Day Of Vengeance’ is planned in Tennessee for this week. The organizers instruct the attendees to “wear a mask” and bring a crowd to stop “GENOCIDE.” These people are domestic terrorists. What else do they have planned?.

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Willie Nelson at home in Tennessee, late 1960s. His house subsequently burned down on Dec. 23, 1969. While the fire was raging Willie dashed in to retrieve two things: Trigger, his guitar, and a pound of marijuana. Willie later said I wasn’t being brave running in there to….

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Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) believes the Nashville, Tennessee Christian school shooting, which left three children and three adults dead, should be investigated as a hate crime. MORE:.

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“One trans woman recalled a doctor calling her “it.” A nonbinary person was grilled about their use of “they/them” pronouns during an ultrasound. A trans-masculine person moved out of Tennessee, fearing they would lose access to hormone therapy”.


Police in Nashville are digging into the background and motivations of a former student who entered a Christian elementary school armed with AR-style weapons and detailed maps and opened fire, killing three children and three adults.

Another thing can u name a big time program that dont have nba or former players on the staff ever but Tennessee ? U cant get individually better listening n training with someone who never played it sounds insane to.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) believes the Nashville, Tennessee Christian school shooting, which left three children and three adults dead, should be investigated as a hate crime. MORE:.

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@GottliebShow Glad Tennessee lost. Bunch of thugs out there on the basketball court. Better basketball team won tonight.

Note: and in autistic 8 year-olds proportion judged to be intellectually disabled ranges from (California) to (Tennessee)?.

Damn i just checked my reward points on my amex. A trip to either Tennessee Vegas or Colorado definitely on the menu this year 😎.



paige saying tennessee has bare rappers on her bodycount and bare features that she could be a whole mixtape ended me.

I just signed a @appvoices petition: Tell the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: No unnecessary gas pipeline in Middle Tennessee!. Sign here:.

The state plans to use state funds, which a spokeswoman for Gov. Bill Lee said would be more efficient than receiving federal dollars. Some organizations are concerned they will be cut off if they don’t align with his conservative politics..

@NikkiHaley So awesome…just look at Tennessee today! Woohoo! USA, uSA, UsA- we are number 1 baby! What a croc of shit!!.

Les infos de la nuit 🇺🇸 Trois enfants de neuf ans tués dans une fusillade aux États-Unis 🇪🇨 Un glissement de terrain fait au moins 46 disparus en Équateur 🇬🇧 Le Prince Harry au tribunal contre le Daily Mail..

E3: Maui Ahuna strikes out and Hunter Ensley lines out to center as the Vols strand a runner on third. UNCA 0 1 0 UT 0 1 0 Follow along with lives updates here..

Federal Grand Jury Indicts Tennessee Man for Possession of a Machinegun.

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MSC: Crockett County 0, Arlington 5 (Final) BSB: McCallie 0, Walker Valley 1 (Final) SFT: East Nashville 3, John Overton 11 (Final) More:.

Tennessee gives FAU exactly what they asked for with dirty rugby-style flagrant (Video).

@RickRunGood Didnt pay off to take Kentucky with updated number, even though Tennessee only made it one round further..

@ClayTravis Nah Tennessee is just incredibly overrated. Enjoy watching Brandon Miller (innocent) dominate tomorrow.

@wesrucker247 The funny thing to me is Tennessee fans act like the Vols are some basketball this team needed more consistency from its players but for them to have even made it this far with all their injuries this season and with out zz and with Julian not being the same not bad.

Same thing tomorrow as we saw today. Very warm again. Highs tomorrow will again be in the upper 70s to lower 80s across all of East Tennessee under partly cloudy skies. Watching a rain and storm threat for very late tomorrow night but mainly the early hours of Saturday morning..

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guess i’ll have to take the 1 point L instead of going out like that . idk why tennessee fans thought they would be the ones to do it . doubt it with barnes ..

I want to personally thank Tennessee basketball for F’ing up my near most profitable parlay of the evening. I even gave y’all + points vs FAU! 👏🏻🫡.

NCAA Tournament Sweet 16: A look at Tennessee-FAU basketball postgame social media buzz.

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