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Through the ups and downs, for sticking with us all season long, thank you to the best fans in hockey. 💚 #OneStateOneTeam | #TexasHockey.

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Despite the Game 7 loss, Jake Oettinger completed one of the greatest series in history by a goaltender #TexasHockey.

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I live nowhere near Texas, but i had the opportunity of seeing the stars both visits to Vancouver, which (despite the outcomes) was one of the best experiences ever. To my Texas friends, i’ll be there soon and for sure next season🤘🏼💚. #TexasHockey.

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Brien Rea
Brien Rea

Season Four in the books. Thank you #TexasHockey fans. The future is bright….

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I’m kinda new to the hockey Twitter world so I just want to thank all of the Dallas Stars fans for being so awesome and kind. I’ve met some cool people on here and it’s been a great time. Can’t wait for next season! Love y’all 💚 #TexasHockey.

Give it up for Jake Oettinger. What a performance in this series. He was the reason the Stars were in this series to begin with. He stood on his head. Had the best goals against average and save percentage coming into Game 7. Again scoring for the Stars an issue. #texashockey.

Where does Jake Oettinger’s epic Game 7 rank across Stars, NHL playoff history? @MDeFranks | #TexasHockey #StanleyCup.

National reaction to the Stars’ Game 7 loss to Calgary: ‘Jake Oettinger deserved better’ 😔🦦 #TexasHockey #StanleyCup.

Jake is all of us this morning. You’re gonna win many many more series, kiddo ! #OneStateOneTeam #TexasHockey.

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This season has been amazing met some amazing fans that I love to call my friends this team has made me bring myself to talk to more people and open up more thank you stars fans and thank you stars we will always be One State One Team #TexasHockey 💚🤍🖤.

5/8 winners and 4/8 series lengths correct. Not amazing. But what a great first round! I feel so bad for Jake Oettinger… #TexasHockey but it’s time for the Battle of Alberta!.

And if the Stars losing wasn’t enough… it didn’t even rain while the clouds and lightning covered my view of the lunar eclipse… are we sure it’s still not Friday the 13th? #texashockey #OneStateOneTeam.

Shoutout the besties for checking on me through such a difficult time 😭 #TexasHockey.

2022-05-15 Calgary Flames - Dallas Stars 3 : 2 OT DAL Marian Studenic 13:13 0+0 -1 DAL Radek Faksa 11:51 0+0 -1 #Flames #TexasHockey.

at the very least, I’m glad everyone’s recognising how much of a generational talent Otter is, but he’s ours and you can’t have him #TexasHockey.

Only playing 31 games while his opponents played into the high 50’s and 60’s. Trust me Stars fans, the future is in goon hands, expect to see these guys in Dallas and/or Cedar Park this upcoming season! Our future is bright, next season will be fun! (6/6) #TexasHockey.

Yea the way this season ended stung for sure, but man what a season it has been. I’m proud of these guys for giving it their all and taking one of the best teams in the NHL this season to 7 games and a sudden death OT. I couldn’t be more happier to be a Stars fan! #TexasHockey.

Jake Oettinger will take the Stars to the #TexasHockey cup finals one year..

Otter deserved better. 60+ SOG in a game 7 is not okay. Stars have some things to consider this off-season. The future can be very bright it looks like with Otter in net though. Looking forward to next season. #TexasHockey.

So any chance we will generate offense next year and give Jake Oettinger a fucking break?#TexasHockey.

The Dallas Stars #TexasHockey have been eliminated after losing game 7 in overtime to the #Flames.

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11 years ago, Jake Oettinger was at his dumb grandparents house. Tonight, he saved 64 of 67. #TexasHockey @DallasStars.

OTTER! 🦦 OTTER! 🦦 OTTER! #TexasHockey THANK YOU 💚💚.

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Great Fukn Be Back and Better!!! #OneStateOneTeam #TexasHockey.

Jake Otter is the the only Star of this series! @DallasStars #TexasHockey #OneStateOneTeam.

What else can you say but the Stars are in good hands with Jake Oettinger and the emerging young core of Jason Roberson, Roope Hintz and Miro Heiskanen. One of the most memorable seasons for so many reasons. The Stars gave every last drop of sweat they had. #TexasHockey.

Oettinger had no help on the offensive side to balance out his great defense. Shame. #TexasHockey.


Dallas teams having 23 year olds playing out of this world is such a good thing to see. Today we got a mavs win and a stars loss but the future is indeed bright. Otter is fucking insane and I hope he gets a💰because we wouldn’t be playing a game 7 without him. #MFFL #TexasHockey.

I’m new to hockey, but what a performance from that Dallas Stars Goalkeeper and respect to Calgary for all hugging him and letting him know how good he did #TexasHockey  #CalgaryFlames.

See y’all in October. Great series by Otter, can’t wait to see him kill it in his career… #TexasHockey.

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