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Seeing The Cookout again just reminds me how good we had it last year with that cast. #bb24.

If you think The Cookout is a racist alliance I really don’t know what to say other than you’re a moron???.

Nobody in the Cookout defended Monte. They didn’t even want to say his name. Not a good look for him. He ain’t winning folks so chill #BB24.

#bb24 The cookout round table proves once again that CBS has turned a kooky reality show into a race relations seminar… good riddance BB, we’re all done with you…..

I loved the fact that the Cookout barely acknowledged Monte’s existence #BB24 #TaylorForAFP.

@JCMoonves hugging The Cookout for real right after a virtual hug to Brittany after Brittany been sequestered in the BB house for months.🤔🤔🤔#bb24.

Seeing the cookout back on TV (minus Big D 😂) made my night! They will always be legendary for what they accomplished. #bb24.

Them ladies from the cookout pandering to the Taylor fans knowing damn well her game ain’t shit compared to the other two men in the house #bb24.

@RealityRecaps Monte is not invited to the cookout nor will he be eating any leftovers #bb24.

Nobody in the cookout is rooting for Monte. They want Turner in the final 2 chairs and so do I #bb24.

Oh, look. Watch me fast forward right through The Cookout, because nobody gives a fuck. #BB24 @CBSBigBrother.

So, for anyone who sees this, in your opinion are BBQ and Cookout the same or different things?.

LOL the cookout is brain washed by twitter, you can really tell the type of crowd they were trying to please on the show tonight #bb24.

@Jumpmasterpsg Absolutely, my son reaches out and contacts his battle buddies regularly. Once in a while they manage to get together usually at my house 😆🤣 because I like way out in the country and we cookout, play horseshoes, drink and hopefully laugh, plus music all night!.

The Cookout hit the nail on the head when they said Taylor has played #BigBrother24 with such poise & grace..


the cookout men especially know damn well they’re gonna hang with monte post season why are they trynna pander #BB24.

@KevinTedJacobs Yes i always thought Brigade would never be overthrown as best 3+ alliance but the Brigade lost one before the end, cookout smoked it all.

@BB_Updates What exactly did Tiffany say about the cookout casting a black cloud over the game?.

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