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In 2016, Chapecoense were on a flight to a game when a crash killed 71 of the 77 people on board. The team were relegated in 2019 to the second tier of Brazilian football. On Tuesday, they won promotion back to the top division. 💚🤍

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Yann ()

@JayZito @matt_spos Jets can surprise, they have the best goalie in the division 🔫🔫 🔥🔥

☭ ()

@ansharchy But my point is that as radicals committed to a decolonial politic & philosophy, we have to recognise that these positive effects only exist because of the colonial division of who’s voices are legitimised & what knowledge is legitimate & what histories are considered authentic.

WhatIfBarackOrHillarySaidIt 😷🗽
WhatIfBarackOrHillarySaidIt 😷🗽 ()

AND one more GOP FOR DECADES: Incites division among race, income, sexual orientation, patriotism, religious values and more. GOP TODAY: We cannot impeach the coup leading insurrectionist Trump so we can begin to unify and heal the country.

luke #ZackCollinsTruther
Luke #ZackCollinsTruther ()

@GavinDRod @NYSportsFanCush But go ahead and explain to me how the giants aren’t the best team in their division 😴

Julián Carax
Julián Carax ()

Dice mucho sobre tu forma de ver la vida el voto en este deathmatch. Si eres de Joy Division ves la vida como un sin sentido lleno de depresión. Si eliges a The Cure la ves igual pero con florecitas y colorcitos. No tengo pruebas (en realidad sí je) y tampoco dudas.

Travypoo ()

@AnthonyUnderRev Since it’s from the division devs, set in 19-0bby im imagining the beginning of the empire, and you’re either imp drop troopers or republic commandos doing guerrilla tactics on various planets. I’m so hyped.

ValravnHell ()

@ViniLK_ @Nerdbunker É a massive entertainment , um estudio da ubi , eles fizeram o farcry 3 e os the division 1 e 2 , sao menos bugado que o resto , há esperança

Dave Hunt
Dave Hunt ()

Wonder what this means for The Division franchise also the rumored Avatar game.

Fringshiro ()

@ItsStillRealBro The only game series of theirs I loved alot were the Tom Clancy games(minus the division) and Prince of Persia. The only ACs I liked were 2, brotherhood, and 3. After what happened with For Honor I stopped giving them chances and abandoned them all together. Farcry 6 looks ok

RNGesus ()

@TheChowderhead See I want it to be more division like because I feel the worlds in those games and the amount of content is manageable. I love Valhalla but holy fuck is there just way too much.

Portgas D. Madara
Portgas D. Madara ()

Va, me la juego: unas skins por aquí, un refrito del mapa de Washington de The Division 2 pasando a ser Coruscant por allá y The Mandalorian Division listo para el estreno de la tercera temporada.

Elfbutt ()

@SouthAFAO its the division guys so on top of star wars and ubisoft its gonna be a loot grinder lol

Aaron Merkel
Aaron Merkel ()

I love when @MSidgwick just takes the piss on the NXT tag just stop trying to make this a ’s never gonna be important!

Bles ()

@ProjectLincoln One of the promoters of division in America. Shameless, flip flops where the wind blows. Retire Micro Rubio. You are a deadly microbe. Hah! No wonder you cut at the line to get vaccinated first. Afraid of your own virus, Microbe Rubio.

CHOPPER Rosalla 👻
CHOPPER Rosalla 👻 ()

@LuckySalamander só por ser o estudio do The Division eu já gosto, acho a imersão deles legal demais em jogo, expandido pra o Universo de SW eles conseguem criar algo bem maneiro

顔無(ノーフェイス) ()

Update:UbisoftとLucasfilm Gamesが「スター・ウォーズ」の新作を発表、開発はThe DivisionのMassive Entertainment

BTTLJ Out Now ()

@HogsHaven Yep we will run this Division because I trust our young Defense to get better than the opposing teams offenses Even when they get people back. We just to lock down QB & another starter & WR although I think Cam Sims came on second half and Harmon will be back 2

Rogue-9 ()

@SkillUpYT Whatever individual people think of The Division 2 (I started it loads but never finished) it was objectively a flop, so it makes complete sense to give the series a break and produce something different.

Danny.S. ()

@Ubisoft @LucasfilmGames I was very interested in this until I saw Massive’s name on the logos. They have caused issues with Division 2 so I don’t expect to have my hopes too high. And I love Star Wars.

Kaleb Burchett 🇭🇰
Kaleb Burchett 🇭🇰 ()

Surely the game will still be Division-esque, though? I’m curious just how “story-focused” they mean.

Cliff ()

@BreitbartNews Identity more division not the times

613-737-1111 ()

@THNMattLarkin I’m a Bruins fan and I’d put good money on the Leafs at 1 in that division. Really feels like they have the top end talent and depth and each position to do it this year.

ScottishPanda ()

We brexited ages ago Get with the new world We are a country united now Why do you seek to stoke division? You won Can you not suck up the win to quote a brexit trope?

Felipe Cárdenas
Felipe Cárdenas ()

Nacho Piatti has gone public about the infighting and division inside the San Lorenzo locker room — blaming the Romero twins and the club’s president for a number of incidents. Piatti is now looking for a new team. Should an MLS club take a chance on the 35-yr-old Piatti?

𝚖𝚟 ˢᶜᶜᵖ
𝚖𝚟 ˢᶜᶜᵖ ()

@CaricioLucas nem cria esperança mn, the division 2 é horrível, todo bugado, mt simples

Tarun Bharadia
Tarun Bharadia ()

@sabu_jupiter @kapsology Definitely there is no doubts about numbers. The farm Bills were passed by a voice vote despite opposition MPs asking for a division vote - which the NDA clearly was not in a position to win Next time Please back Your tweet with proper research.

LibertyTitan ()

@sometimesjoey @RepThomasMassie A supporter of Trump is a supporter of domestic terrorism. The division it would cause is between defenders of the Constitution and those who would harm another for a false case.

The_OEK 🇺🇦
The_OEK 🇺🇦 ()

@LegacyKillaHD If it will be 80% as good as The Division 1 - i will be at the 7th heaven.

B/R Football
B/R Football ()

In 2016, Chapecoense were on a flight to a game when a crash killed 71 of the 77 people on board. The team were relegated in 2019 to the second tier of Brazilian football. On Tuesday, they won promotion back to the top division. 💚🤍

The Division Photo,The Division Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon
Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon ()

As I said on the floor tonight in response to my Republican colleagues calling for less division and more unity: Sedition is inherently divisive and it’s hard to unify without accountability. This president is a clear and present threat to our country and he must be removed.

☚ #ASAPasONE Andrew Sanchez ☛
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