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The tuxedos @BTS_twt wore to the #Grammys were classic, but carried a powerful meaning..

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When you just changed your babies diaper && you immediately hear the poop grunts ... #parenting #grammys.

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i can finally sleep well knowing he is resting in cozy comfortable clothes after a long night at the grammys and what they’ve accomplished, damn proud of you guys..

why did cardi bring a bag to the grammys when she could have brought tomi lahren on a leash.

Offset chewing gum during Cardi’s speech was the Jackson pissing himself of this Grammys.

Thank you so much for always believing in them. You have no idea how much the ARMY appreciates it #TearItUpBTS #Grammys @BTS_twt.

Hi @Drake You at the Grammys looking like you ready to come get me pregnant 👀👀👀 #COMETHRU 🤣💚🤞🏽.

Dan + Shay Bring All The Feels With Gorgeous Performance Of ‘Tequila’ At Grammys -.

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Uh no #Grammys. You won’t let @ArianaGrande perform her song on the show. You not about to use her in a commercial. You gotta go..

The @DollyParton performance was pretty solid. Could have been a #HalftimeShow with much less griping from people. #GRAMMYs.

Margo Price, who sings “9 to 5” to close her show A LOT, was not asked to join the Dolly tribute. 🙄 #Grammys.

This #animoji for 7 rings is I guess making up for @ArianaGrande not being at the #GRAMMYs. 😮😐You getting paid for that, Ariana? @applemusic.

For folks wondering why #GRAMMYs were using After the Gold Rush - a Neil Young song - in that tribute with Dolly.

See all of the PDA photos of @KylieJenner and @trvisXX at the #Grammys!.

Thank you @AzBTSGirl23 I get to watch the GRAMMYs ❤️.

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um I just started crying cause of seeing bts at the Grammys.

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i think we can all tell that alicia keys is gonna bring it with the grammys this year.


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The tuxedos @BTS_twt wore to the #Grammys were classic, but carried a powerful meaning..

Million tweets and the actual #GRAMMYs have not even i dee wow! 🚀.

Backstreet’s back at the #Grammys! So much fun catching up with the guys! @backstreetboys.

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GAGA, ARIANA, AAAAAAND KACEY HAVE ALREADY WON TONIGHT. Maybe the Grammys acquired some taste this year..

Grammys are they needed views so they left @bts_twt to present an award near the end of the ceremony. This way they will have lot of views till the end #TearItUpBTS.

So we still have to wait like an HOUR before the main red carpet? YOU KIDDING? #TearItUpBTS @BTS_twt #GRAMMYs.

I like how I literally told my mom that I’m not going to pay attention to the Grammys this year. But here I am waiting to see if reputation won.

Check out the best fan reactions to the news that @BTS_twt is presenting at the #GRAMMYs.

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