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More than 13% of Americans — about 34 million people — say a friend or family member recently passed away in the last five years after being unable to afford treatment for a condition, according to a new Gallup poll.

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Well that’s me staying clear of Sky on election night! Last thing any of us should want is more of his input, he had enough of that in the Chamber! 🙄.

It’s not as crazy as it may seem. Five reasons the Eagles can run the table the last 6 weeks of the season and win the NFC East:.

Members - join us for our last Lunch Break of the year this Thursday! Kristina Hendrix, w/Dynetics in Huntsville, will talk about the importance of Project Planning and tips for project planning success! For more info and to register, visit #prcaMGM.

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This is your last week to join us for Les Pommes Sauvage before it retires until next fall. Headlined by a perfect roast chicken, raised just for Juliet by local farmers Pete and Jen, Les Pommes Sauvages tells the story of a famed French restaurant that….

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Imagine queueing for hours in the cold and then having the sign that clearly says “STANDING” changed to “SEATED” @TheSSEHydro just forced about 20 of us into a queue that arrived within the last half hour and now we’re all at the back.

After today’s vetoed trade between @MattMyers31 and Andrew, the league has now seen 9 trades vetoed this year. This breaks the all time fantasy record of 8, which was set by us last year..

@johnmcguire56 What will you do to represent us in Congress? Will you stand up to the Traitorous Criminal in the White House? Will you show you have more of a spine than our last GOP rep, Dave Brat?.

@DrKristieLeong Dang! God, I love these - and cashews - SOOO much. But they trigger my ulcerative colitis. This last time I’m convinced it was these that set off my trip to the hospital!!! People with #IBD : beware and mindful of nuts. GREAT for others, but sadly, can be dangerous 4 us..

Little difference in accessible chromotin peaks btw frozen and fresh samples. Go ahead, freeze your samples! Also, lucky for us @lineliros included some humour for the last talk of Day 1 at #ICISB2019.

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I don’t mean this flippant in any I say it out of shock and fear and anger and I have last track of the number of mass shootings in the US during the last 96 hours. 4? 5? I honestly don’t know. We cannot accept this as the norm..

Stories have the power to change us. We asked a panel of leading writers, curators and critics to choose 100 genre-busting novels written over the last 300 years, range from children’s classics to popular page turners. #mybooklife.

@SergRios89 My son had a nightmare last night so he came and hopped in bed with me. Feel like I was in a fight with Bruce Lee. That dude was kicking the s*** out of me😂 When he woke up he said Dad I slept good last night! That makes one of us son😂.

We are only 3 WEEKS away from our last #DeviceTalks event of the year! Join us in Santa Clara, CA December 9 & 10 for two days of the challenges and best practices of getting medical devices to the market:.

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John Solomon breaks down the timeline: starting last year, several Ukraine officials working under former Prosecutor General Lutsenko raised alarms concerning the conduct of US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie.

Lmao one of the homies said he left his girlfriend at home last night watching movies to hangout with us and I’m dead that’s real 😂✊🏽.

@Nuchy_One Cuando acabe este,me quiero liar con Batman Arkham knight,Horizon,Sombras de guerra y The last of Us que llevan mucho tiempo cubiertos de polvo en la estanterí le he pedido a los Reyes un juego de vaqueros del cual he visto algún vídeo 😜.

@WBYeats1865 @Fight4HongKong Not surprising if AR-15 in use to scare #HKProtesters those who wanna save #PolyU students/protesters as journalist found the sight of them at PolyU last nite actually. God bless us all when police meant to torture n kill without consequences🤬🤬.

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Last week we released a video about #Oracles and did not mention @WeAreTellor. Instead of publicly deriding us, they arranged a call to educate us. Very cool tech to use PoW to solve the oracle problem in a decentralized manor. Check them out..

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— 18nov2019 🌈. It was our last day of training, we spent the break time in the park. Really it was a lovely day with clouds in the sky . @shrouq24333 thanks for every moment between us 🧡..

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@ChickfilA I will no longer bedoing business with you. Giving in to the LGBQBGYTDERSH is the last straw. We made you great, us conservatives not the liberals. So I hope this move drives you out of business..

Another participant in our #vs4macChallenge #sweepstakes! Thanks for sharing your app with us, Vincent. Survey link is on the way. For those of you waiting until the last minute to submit, the time is now. Submissions are due tomorrow ( for details)..

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Last week we had a security review wich did identify 3 security ITEMS we need to revice. 2 of them are simple, however, the second one requires us to redesign one of our modules. We are looking into 2-3 more weeks to fix it..

More than 13% of Americans — about 34 million people — say a friend or family member recently passed away in the last five years after being unable to afford treatment for a condition, according to a new Gallup poll.