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Updated: November 25th, 2021 05:42 PM IST

Manchester United X Warriors (1) WE ARE The Warriors THAT BUILT THIS TOWN FROM DUST🎶 #2olegend

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When I started this team United Warriors, I made a promise to my players that we are not going to cut corners. Our resources may be limited, but we will use the best to be the best. And we keep it local with @Monflair_ZA. Warra @Pulediman, protect this amazing brand. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

The Warriors Photo,The Warriors Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Shaman King Gets Ready for the Five Warriors With New Visual and Cast Additions via

Feeling fresh & invigorated and supremely confident 👊👌 The evidence and incidents are mounting. Our perseverance will reward us with victory. Peace to all the truth warriors ✌

@GreatCheda Me too, I only watched the first half of Lakers game. But Lakers, Warriors, Nets, Suns all won.

The biggest challenge? Teaching them the importance of moisturising and exfoliating ☝🏿 I’d need to call on all the prayer warriors when creating that syllabus pack!

Come on @warriors post some defense highlights for Draymond Green for the DPOY agenda.

👊 Beast mode activated! 🏆 Cage Warriors middleweight champion Matthew Bonner has a thing for fighting in London, going undefeated on Cage Warriors shows in the capital! 🤔 Can he continue that winning streak in London when he attempts to defend his title at #CW131?

@kyletrow warriors and zona both back where they belong! Although to be fair, based on my childhood warriors belong where the kings or pistons are now days

digitaltempest played ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 3 (PSN) in the last 24 hours #exophase

Forgetting Woolies bags at home is something of a collective frustration. Sometimes on a grocery excursion, it may even lead you to another grocer’s kingdom. Have the woes of Woolies bags impacted Woolworths’ sales though?

Manchester United X Warriors (1) WE ARE THE WARRIORS THAT BUILT THIS TOWN FROM DUST🎶 #2olegend

@warriorsworld Similar to the 15-16 run. Playing from behind warriors was pure cocaine.

GIVEAWAY. DISCOVER THE MAGIC from the Seasonal Warriors a mesmerising adventure filled with songs, laughter, magic and fun for primary school-aged children and their families. #reviewsbyjudith

The Warriors Photo,The Warriors Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Warriors unstoppable fuck the lakers fuck the celtics fuck the heat fuck the sizers nigga fuck the whole nba

@NateDuncanNBA @johnhollinger Shocked to see these two rank the warriors at 5th and 11th (or was it 12th) best organization. This is an ownership that drafted Draymond, Klay, Poole and is currently 16-2 with a massive point differential. They haven’t mortgaged their future and they winning now.

@samesfandiari Zubin Mehenti said on Sportscenter that this Warriors team has a bench which the championship teams lacked.

😻 The @warriors This Season!? 🤗❤️ Eks Trots Shem! 💛💙💛💙💛💙

The Golden State Warriors Will Win The NBA Championship this Year 2021-2022 #DubNation

@warriors @StephenCurry30 is the real mamba, he slithers around screens and plays and when he finds his pray, there’s literally nothing you can do to stop him from taking a bite out of your ego.

Teams relax and the Warriors get good looks… which = a win in todays game.

My beloved #Warriors destroying the Nets in Brooklyn!

The Warriors Photo,The Warriors Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@BunkBilfington Whether he thinks they ever foul or not can’t change the fact that the Warriors are playing outstanding basketball. And when Klay returns…

The Sixers were up by 19 at one point in the Second Quarter Warriors won the Second Half, 64-35

Steph was +29 and Warriors won by 20 that means they were -9 when Steph was on the bench. God damn people on here are stupid

I am so thankful for my health, my family, my friends and the NBA best 16-2 Golden State Warriors that are about to get Klay Thompson back. #HappyThanksgiving

The Warriors lead the league in Opponents PPG at PPG! - Tonight, they kept the 76ers to just 96 points. The 8th team this season to fail to reach over 100 points against GSW.

@DaveMReports The sixers speed up the game too early in the 1st quarter, they got tired. You can’t get tired against this warriors team.

@terron_francis If you don’t think they are contenders , that’s on you. The warriors completely improved their roster from last season and I genuinely think they could win the west with the current roster.

@ForrestDunbarAK They are playing at an incredibly high level right now on both ends of the court, and with so many players contributing. When Klay gets back they will be ridiculous. You can see the intensity this team has to get back on top. The Warriors play team ball that is fun to watch.

Y’all mothafucks hating even more on the warriors. I love it #DubNation

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