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Dear Frenchie, you were right - #Herogasm was loads of fun. xoxo, The Boys.

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The Messi boys with some juggling on vacay ☀️⚽ ️(via antonellarocuzzo/IG).

NEW: Jan. 6 committee chair Bennie Thompson tells me they plan on doing on the two planned remaining hearings for sure — one on Proud Boys and one on Trump’s reaction to the Capitol attack — but in July. They may add an extra hearing or two, he says..

After taking down the Oath Keepers and Proud Boys leaders, the DOJ is now carrying out seizure warrants against Republican Party chairs in multiple states. It’s now clear the DOJ is taking this to the top, and taking down everyone along the way. Trump is obviously the target..


The Boys Season 3 Episode 6, called “Herogasm,” will depict (among other things) “a massive supe orgy. Their promotion suggests “It is not suitable for any audience.” #Herogasm.

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23 June 1943 | Two Roma boys born on that day in the #Zigeunerlager in #Auschwitz II-Birkenau were registered in the camp. They received the numbers Z-8256 & Z-8257. Their names were: Harry Weiss and Zdenek Daniel. Both perished in the camp in 1943..

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E! News

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Might Be Making an Appearance on Season 4 of The Boys.

Very cool that the Proud Boys can now legally carry firearms during their next DC riot..

シーズン1の3話で辞めていた「THE BOYS」。続きを観ようかと。実はずっと温めていた企画を本格化させようとしていた当時、配信された数話を観て、コンセプトが似ている(設定や仕掛けは異なる)のでお蔵入りに。伝説のヒーロー達と裏で対峙する特殊刑事班のバディ(男女)物。主役にはマッツを考えていた。.

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@OliverMoy I swear all of you boys be going through your emotional turmoil at these ass crack hours of the morning ..

Cómo decía mamá: les dura más un pedo en la cola Dejen de spoilear el último capítulo de The Boys, me cagan..

I really don’t care how spot on Dami & Luca were when they were talking to Tasha. If they can call out Tasha politely, they can do that to Ekin-Su and they can also call out Davide and Jay. If they’re not going to call out the boys, they mustn’t call out the girls. #TALKSWITHASH.

@S0uIOfCinder Soul posso estar sendo emocionado mas n estou tankando,the boys é o meu mundo de herois favorito.

Seth Rogen também tá por trás da ótima série Preacher, que é bem parecida com The Boys e acho que vocês iam curtir também.

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the boys has officially dethroned daredevil as my favourite live-action comic book show.

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Le dernier épisode de The Boys était incroyable, le combat est all time: #Herogasm.

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Choral Evensong on the feast of St. John the Baptist @LivCathedral is at this evening in the Quire. The service will be sung by the adults’ and boys’ voices to music by Ireland and Vaughan-Williams. All welcome..

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Talk to your girls as young as possible to communicate if a man sets one single finger uncomfortably on them. Believe them. Be open to discussion. Otherwise, your child cld be forced to have a child. Talk to ur boys about how respectful they need towards of the body of a female..

@ProjectLincoln The conservative Grifter Project changes their position by the day. The only constant position with them is the one they put teenager boys into..

Low key I want Charlie to pick Ekin just so that the boys know that it doesn’t matter who leaves her, she WILL be getting the next man 😭😂😭😂 #loveisland.

TONIGHT, if you are a woman, STAY HOME. Incels and Proud Boys will be out tonight and they want to prove a point. The night TFG was elected, there were sexual assaults, and attackers literally told victims, “Trump said I can do (this).” Tonight may be worse..

The boys need to mind their own business. They are doing tooo much, maybe to eliminate the competition #TALKSWITHASH.

Why didn’t the boys get involved when davide played danica and chose antigoni?? They always getting onto women. #TALKSWITHASH.

Victoria Metro starts its 2022 NAB AFL National Championships U18 Boys campaign today. First up is a clash with the Allies at Blacktown International Sports Park. 📺Watch the game live from 1:00pm AEST at.

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kimberly guilfoyle is just another trump lying $60, dollar bitch walking talking witch getting played with or by trump & boys trump is just like all republicans help the wealthy screw the poor & middle class trump must have made her happy but she chased the trump males lol.

@matheusjoyboy Sem dúvidas o melhor episódio de The Boys até agora Adorei ver o Homelander levando uma surra haha.

Please has Shatta Wale released the #GOGTracklist ?? Cos ey I wait saa me po am tired. Anaa he is waiting for 100 k retweets before he go drop am, like how asakaa boys demanded for 50 k retweets ???.

@PaxTheSkeleton @TheDrkPunisher The Boys is the absolute last comic that should’ve ever been adapted and yet it turned out to be one of the best comic book shows ever made. The writers they got over there are legit miracle workers it’s amazing.

@Alannahjoynes I think we have the right boys out there they just need to work harder. Carlton’s efficiency is going at 81% which says they are getting a heap of uncontested footy. PRESSURE PRESSURE PRESSURE!.

Bring my boys with me but idk how the test result will be , SKHDKS I WANT TO CRY HUEEEE.

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