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Jason White Chocolate Williams was a maestro with the rock 🔥

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Jason White Chocolate Williams was a maestro with the rock 🔥

Olumide Anelka Columnist ()

The drama on our street today, I mean Aso Rock boulevard, that was how one Imam came ooh, gave our resting head a heavy councils of chiefs are wilding and rioting. Stay safe! #PresidentCovik #WhereIsBuhari @Imamofpeace

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Lilith Nakamura ()

Living the High Life. Kool Aid, Rice, and Bulgogi, with a side of Class Rock.

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𝑫𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝑾𝒂𝒍𝒌𝒊𝒏𝒈 ()

I judge bulma as if I’m not rock hard at the thought of being turned into spaghetti


Burnished Buff Tanager (Yellow and blue) and the Rock Thrush. This morning oot the back.

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Feitelberg ()

Is it “rock, papers, scissors shoot” or “Rock, paper, scissors SAY shoot”? Also I’m the greatest RSP player ever. I never lose. If you try and get in my head it’s just an empty room.

City Disrespecter ()

I would relish the chance to simply destroy a boston dynamics robot, break its legs, drop a giant rock on its robot head, foul machine abomination

Dr Anne M Golden ()

@joanna_kacprzyk And where else does a good text begin? Line by line. Important to recognise what’s good and offset the negativity bias. Rock on!

Reno Omokri ()

I am a meticulous record keeper and researcher. I have received thousands of tweets begging for money to feed during this #CoronaVirus lockdown. I search @MBuhari and the beggar’s profile and many campaigned for him. To those guys, please go to Aso Rock to beg! #BuhariTormentor

ً ()

look at the stray strands of pink in his hair 🥺 idk if i should call that punk rock or coo bc it’s so fuckisk cute :((

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Historical Christian Pastors ()

Christ was that spiritual rock which was smitten with the rod of Moses, the curse and stroke of the law. Hereon the waters of life flowed from him, for the quickening and refreshment of the church John Owen

ONE BY ONE ❤️ ()

HOW SWAY???????? Yoh nah the popo must rock us. We not serious

Turbo Fucker ()

The world is your oyster they said, yeah in the sense that its this cold wet sharp rock that I have to work like hell just to see what is inside and oh look its a dead oyster and toxic as shit not even a good one at all

Dr. Guendouzi ( Young Lion ) ()

Are you trying to be silly? I tweeted days ago that Abuja will exceed Lagos if the city is not locked down. Within the same period, Aso rock was breached by the virus, state house locked, all ministers exposed, all NEC members, APC NWC, 2 governors, 25 senators and reps.

DJ Lorie E ❤️☮️✊ ()

Let’s check off the 70s movies boxes covered by this movie, shall we: -Boobies -Jorts -Weed -Butt rock -Bell bottoms -Skinny dipping -Sexual harassment -Soft rock -Disco -Soft focus lovemaking -Dune buggies What’d I miss? #slutfluff

Hannah ✨is✨sad✨ ()

i swear colson follows me everywhere. “..playin the same melody but makin it their own rappers, sampling old rock ” 💘 also peep the shroomz :)

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Juicyy ()

I was addicted to this game 😩😂😂 and the Hannah montana rock band one

Washington Examiner ()

Turn over every rock. A CA union called up its suppliers and discovered 39 million masks that could be sold to hospitals in need. “We want the masks to be distributed as widely as possible.

Plenty Money ()

Ok. Now top three tag teams or alliances. 1. Rock & Roll express 2. The Road Warriors 3. The The Dudley Boys Honorable mention: The Bushwackers The Horsemen Harlem Heat D/X Sting/Lex Luger Acolyte Protection Agency Rock & Sock Connection

Ryan LaChica ()

@zapatistarising continually surprised/not surprised at amt of Bernie supporters who have never been in the streets ever. Not Iraq. Not Occupy. Not Black Lives Matter. Not Standing Rock. Not for a Union Strike. They’ve never actually fought for anything IRL BUT WILL BATTLE a real leftist online?!

Ramya❤ ()

Very excited for the song BHULA DUNGA of @sidharth_shukla and many congratulations for the first MV @DarshanRavalDZ magical music a d voice already rocking every where Today #SidsBhulaDungaLaunch rock in the u tube

Audrey Hamilton ()

I know we have woken up anxious this morning ....but let today’s psalm soak in: ‘God is for us a refuge & strength, a helper close at hand in times of distress, so we shall not fear though the earth should rock, though the mountains fall into the depths of the sea’. 45(46):1-4

Luccas ()

love how riled up everyone is getting about Arca but no one has the same reaction when those same ppl diss rock

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Justin 📻 88.7 The Pulse ()

Everybody in the whole cell block Was dancing to the Jailhouse Rock

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Cee ()

Who’s the most toxic Disney prince? 🤔 Aladdin Hercules Simba 👀 Eric Shang (eh let it rock) Beast lmao what’s this man real name? i am not including fr*zen men cause it is the worst disney movie ever.

Levi ()

@tweettruth2me Enjoy the moments of calm. Life can rock your world before ya know it. About 3 months ago someone tried to destroy my world. I had to scramble but now all is well.

Brigitte Gabriel ()

Congress should have their pay suspended as far as I’m concerned. MILLIONS of Americans have lost their jobs at no fault of their own, and the left is playing cheap political games. There is nothing lower than this, they have reached rock bottom!

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop ()

Hardest things to climb in the history of the world: -Mount Everest -Mount Fuji -A literal 3 foot tall rock in Warzone

Bleacher Report ()

21 years ago today, Stone Cold gave The Rock and McMahon’s a beer bash. An all-time moment. @BRWrestling (via WWE)

☚ Bruna Marquezine #संघी_बेशर्म_हो_गये ☛
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