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This morning we announced the first 7 people heading to #BachelorInParadise. Stay tuned for more cast reveals during the season premiere of @GrandHotelABC tonight after #TheBachelorette!.

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Is the rest of Monday’s episode of #TheBachelorette recapping the season? I’m just not gonna watch the second half then lol.

Chris H apparently clueless too! Saying they were all acting that way bc they care?Get rid of Luke and see how much better it gets! She put herself in that situation. She needs to trust the group of guys. If they’re all having issues with ONE guy. open your eyes! #thebachelorette.

@betchelorpod Predicting that Luke P is the person with the ring teased in the promo. That dude does not know when to quit. #thebachelorette.

Luke P getting that final rose: #TheBachelorette #BachelorNation.

@MelinaHarvey11 THANK YOU girl I’m a little shook! Luke P and everyone echoing his sentiments can shove it as far as I’m concerned 🤷🏻‍♀️ #thebachelorette.

I’ve never been left soooo shocked and speechless by a Bachelorette in the past! GO HANNAH!! Set these guys need for petty drama in the house!! #TheBachelorette.

@matt_tweetsbach I don’t even remember who this dude is ? Sadly, was he even on Hannah’s season #theBachelorette.

notice how tyler, jed, and peter are completely nonproblematic in this situation!!! everyone else go tf home #TheBachelorette.

Can @chrisbharrison help me figure out my issues with relationships? When he told Hannah she was fighting it, I felt that. #TheBachelorette.

I just finished Luke P’s one-on-one from last week and WHY HASNT HANNAH CUT HIM YET?!??? Girl has Pilot Pete and Mike waiting for her but she keeps this clown hanging around. Please. #thebachelorette.

I’d honestly wouldn’t mind if mike was the next bachelor. I’d love the shit out of him he’s so sweet ahh #TheBachelorette.

The most dramatic recap of all time. Just kidding. That was terrible. Don’t tease us with that drama after putting us through that stupid recap. #bantherecaps #theBachelorette.

When Luke P. said “Can you back up? I wanna yell” I’ve literally never been so terrified in my life. #TheBachelorette.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, luke p is a generic white privilege frat boy and his comment slut shaming hannah surprised me 0% #TheBachelorette.

when your mom makes you take a group photo with your friends during a field trip #TheBachelorette.

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Can’t wait for Luke P and Garrett to get kicked off by the end of this episode (pls pls pls pls) #theBachelorette.

I have said these 4 since the👏🏻very👏🏻beginning👏🏻 #TheBachelorette.

Riga is an incredibly cool, underrated city that DOES NOT DESERVE this boy drama!!! Also try the honey beer!!!! #theBachelorette.

Okay. So the guys WOULD be 1000% drama free and only focused on you if they didn’t have someone there who’s SOLE purpose is to throw them off, stir the pot, and bring up ratings. Come on girl, you’re supposed to be the realist bachelorette. Get with it. #TheBachelorette.

i would feel bad for hannah if she didn’t keep around and give an absurd amount of attention to the guy who is so obviously the root of every problem in the i’m not cut out to watch this show 😩 #TheBachelorette.

Luke P blaming others for his actions, yeah sure I’m used to that, but TAKING THE SMILE AWAY FROM MY SWEET PETER. YOU HAVE CROSSED THE WRONG PERSON. #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC.

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I’m about to give up on this show and watch the MTV Movie Awards I’m just so tired of this. #TheBachelorette.

plz make my dad famous #thebachelorette #thebachelorette.

This morning we announced the first 7 people heading to #BachelorInParadise. Stay tuned for more cast reveals during the season premiere of @GrandHotelABC tonight after #TheBachelorette!.

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Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there who understand us. 🌹 #TheBachelorette.

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