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If it ain’t fixed don’t break or something like that #TheBachelorGOAT

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reality steph🌹
Reality steph🌹 ()

queen of saying everything while saying nothing at all #TheBachelorGOAT #bachelornation

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Bachelor Bitch🌹
Bachelor Bitch🌹 ()

Can you even imagine how good last season would’ve been if we could’ve had him as the #TheBachelorGOAT #BachelorNation

Tea and Roses ♥️☕️🌹
Tea and Roses ♥️☕️🌹 ()

Meet Amanda, Stephanie Tanner by day, trapeze swinger by night. #TheBachelorGOAT

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Danielle Gold💃🏻
Danielle Gold💃🏻 ()

Slowly but surely eating all of my strawberries from the garden! Even picked up some delicious strawberry cupcakes to watch #TheBachelorGOAT tonight 🍓♥️ #bachelornation

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Bach Opinions
Bach Opinions ()

Calling Brad Womack “the sexiest bachelor ever,” is not debatable. It’s just flat out inaccurate. #TheBachelorGOAT #TheBachelorABC

Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹
Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹 ()

Cassie’s interview somehow managed to be just as useless if more than Colton’s entire season. An achievement. #TheBachelorGOAT

BachelorLolz ()

I think there needs to be a @bobguiney @TylerJCameron3 #TheBachelorGOAT Dance Off 😂

Kellie ()

Cassie that entire interview she agreed to do #TheBachelorGOAT

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Mary Kate Chlada
Mary Kate Chlada ()

My takeaway here is that Shannon has a great kitchen #TheBachelorGOAT

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Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison ()

Back in the early 2000’s people oddly still ate food. Thankful that fad is over #TheBachelorGOAT

OfficialBacheloretteNation ()

Watching again I am reminded why America fell in love with the OG Bachelorette Ms. Trista carried the show #heartofgold #TheBachelorGOAT

Yung_Lung ()

#BachelorNation how did you go from Harvard educated “eligible bachelors” to influencer trash? #TheBachelorGOAT

Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹
Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹 ()

Everyone in the early 2000’s was 43 years old. They just were. #TheBachelorGOAT #BachelorNation

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison ()

If it ain’t fixed don’t break or something like that #TheBachelorGOAT

Good Morning America
Good Morning America ()

[email protected] EXCLUSIVE CLIP | Tune in to the seasons that started it all on #TheBachelorGOAT tonight starting at 8/7c on @ABCNetwork.

Dancing with the Stars
Dancing with the Stars ()

In honor of reliving Trista Sutter’s season on #TheBachelorGOAT tonight, we wanted to remember her time on #DWTS Season 1️⃣! Tune in for more 2000s memories tonight at 8|7c on ABC!

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Bachelor Bitch🌹
Bachelor Bitch🌹 ()

Hope you guys didn’t forget because I clearly didn’t #TheBachelorGOAT #BachelorNation

PaulParmar1 ()

Still in the feels over JoJo & Jordan #TheBachelorGOAT 😍

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missing the bachelor
Missing the bachelor ()

okay but is chris’s son single? asking for a friend #TheBachelorGOAT

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Bachelor Bob
Bachelor Bob ()

Find someone who looks at you the way Matt James looks at Tyler C. #TheBachelorGOAT

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Ronnie Eilert
Ronnie Eilert ()

LITERAL PERFECTION!!!!! #TheBachelorGOAT ♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹😍😍😍

Jennifer Kassab
Jennifer Kassab ()

I literally cannot function when I see Tyler C on my screen & now add in Matt James. #TheBachelorGOAT

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Bachelor In Podcast
Bachelor In Podcast ()


Aliya Langley
Aliya Langley ()

Tyler is so great but I genuinely hope that Matt’s storyline isn’t just “he’s Tyler C’s best friend and he’s black!” He had a lot more to him, hope they showcase that. #TheBachelorGOAT

Bach Opinions
Bach Opinions ()

The cards were really stacked against @JoelleFletcher going into If there was ever a fuck boi season, it sure was this one. #TheBachelorGOAT #bachelorette

Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹
Gay Bachelor Bitch 🌹 ()

Are they saying Chad was the “greatest of all time?” Why is this a 2 hour documentary about Chad? #TheBachelorGOAT

To Hell and Bach 🌹
To Hell and Bach 🌹 ()

Don’t get me wrong Chad is absolutely so fucking toxic and a disgusting human being BUT Producers must’ve been so happy when they found him bc they didn’t have to tell any of the guys to be the villain he just assumed that role #TheBachelorGOAT

Grant Lokken
Grant Lokken ()

Chad strolling thru the Pennsylvania woods at night is the closest thing this show has ever come to a Lifetime horror movie. #TheBachelorGOAT

Speaking My Truth🌹
Speaking My Truth🌹 ()

Years later and I still want every sweater Jojo wears on this season. #TheBachelorGOAT

Kendra ()

I respect @WellsAdams wearing the same jacket he wore for his bio pic #TheBachelorGOAT

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