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Safe Haven Cinematic - The Return of Thrall.

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::cue Thin Lizzy:: Thrall is back in town, Thrall is back in town.

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I may not be a big fan of WoW (aside from playing Heartstone once in a while) but i really enjoy watching some of the CG Trailers for the expansions or the lore as a whole and Thrall looks so good in the new CG trailer like DAMN 😍.

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Hace unos meses dije que Varok iria tras Thrall, me alegra no haberme equivocado. Me alegra saber que la esperanza de la Horda aun vive..

Saurfang: hey thrall come back Thrall: no Sudden rogues: *attacks* Thrall: ok fine *poses dramatically for the camera while music swells wow amazing purchase world of warcraft: battle for azeroth today*.

@SoyDune @JefeKurgan Yo creo que simplemente es un estilo de vida humilde, e ideal para pasar desapercibido. Ni a Thrall ni a Aggra les importan los grandes lujos, sólo vivir en paz y bien..

Cinemática de 10 la de World of Warcraft, aunque si tuviera que elegir un bando en la Horda, habría un amargo final para Thrall..

PTM PTM PTM PTM, VOLVIÓ JESUS VERDE, DIGO THRALL #WorldOfWarcraft Uno que ya no quiere volver al juego y le hacen esto😢.

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Im neuen Cinematic „Trautes Heim“ wird klar, warum sich der zurückgezogene Thrall doch wieder in den Fraktionskonflikt einmischt..

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//Thrall Cinematic: >exists Everyone: HELL YEAH GREEN JESUS WoWhead with the news about Tyrande: Let me introduce myself-.

Hey, look, something I enjoy is trending. Nice. Welcome back, Thrall..

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@TerranGregory @ChristieGolden I just want to applaud the director. The way Thrall handled the invisibility dilemma and that gorram neck snap was godly.

@elyktrix Surafang and Thrall need to take over the horde imo and I am an alliance through and through lol but Thrall🥰.

I love Sylvanas, I really do, but the first thing Thrall did when returning was killing one of these fucking undead rogues who keeps ganking me in the open world..

@BrewmasterWansu That was my first thought. Lol. I was thinking, “did thrall ever have a wolf pup or something, and if so, did Sylvanus ever take it out?”.

depressed Thrall with every individual skin pore showing.

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remi and i communicate on a level everyone else can only aspire to.

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@Xe0anime Ouiiii trop beau ! 😍 puis Thrall qui revient ... ça va chier ! 😂.

🎙️ LVELC (26/11/2018) José M. Domínguez, A Pie De Calle. ¿Qué Es El Derecho A Decidir? América Olvida A Cristobal Colón. ✔️ V6Q Malaguera Hernández Thrall Napo #MiVozCuenta.

MAIS CETTE CINÉMATIQUE DE OUUUUF AVEC SAURCROC ET THRALL ! Tain j’en ai eu des frissons bordel 😭👌😎 #worldofwarcraft.

No me esperaba a un Thrall con depresión de adolescente ¡Que me devuelvan al Señor de los Clanes! O se pone las pilas o me quedo con Colmillo y esto es grave que yo lo diga. No me esperaba una primera aparición tan floja la verdad..

@thrall @wangxianist why didn’t he say anything sooner? it was the same with him and luo binghe. why didn’t he say anything sooner?.


She was a fool for going after daddy Thrall. Nobodies bled more for the horde than he has and he ready to kick some ass now that she dare threaten his home/family..

World of Warcraft is bringing back Thrall.

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Safe Haven Cinematic - The Return of Thrall.

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