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मेरे कविता संग्रह ए वतन तेरे लिए” से एक कविता “केवल वतन की चाह हो” के कुछ अंश - चाह न मन में रहे वतन की चाह हो, हम करें पुरुषार्थ यूं बाधित न कोई राह हो। #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts

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Amber Hill ()

#ThursdayMotivation 📸 Are you ready to #enjoy my new show on 😈

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Eleanor The Beagle ()

I think he missed a spot, what do you think Supervising the other hooman mowing the backyard is hard work. #beagle #ThursdayMotivation

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Charlotte Devaney ()

The Wavy Occasion with Charlotte Devaney & Kirstie involved & share! #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation

Lorin Kimuyu ()

#ThursdayMotivation Before Jehovah Yahweh judges a nation, He sends His Prophets ahead to warn in good time. Are you aware that The Mightiest Prophets of The Lord are walking this earth. Harken to the voice calling in the wilderness to prepare for the coming of The Messiah

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Pastor Mwangi ()

#ThursdayMotivation Acts 4:12 12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved. What a powerful name of Jesus.

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CIA ()

#ThursdayMotivation Hugh Montgomery was one of our nation’s silent warriors.   From OSS commando, to legendary Cold War case officer, to US Ambassador, it’s hard to imagine a more storied or accomplished career than his.   Learn more:

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Purity Products ()

Update from our Purity champion, world-class rock climber Martin Barnett! Here he is off-the-rocks at the Oakland A’s Coliseum in California rigging and completing stand-by rescue. 💪 How are you fueling your journey? #thursdaymotivation

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Pst Segun Banwo (PSB) ()

Ignore the temptation to strike back! Listen to the Spirit of the Living God and Love Back! - Pastor Segun Banwo - Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins. Be Blessed as you Listen! #ThursdayMotivation #rccglifegate

Ochocinco🍢🍢🍢🍢🍢🍢 ()

I will never know how you I will never know what you go I will never tell you how to feel . but realize I see everyone of you as human and I will stand by your we all need to be better and do better #ThursdayMotivation

Aayu ()

Good night guys sweet See something good & big in your dreams & put efforts to make them true. #ThursdayMotivation

Royal T ()

When I see the goodness and Love of Christ I just feel like saying thank you Lord. #Thursdaymotivation

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नीती पाण्डे 🚩🇮🇳 ()

#ThursdayMotivation अक्सर लोग उम्मीद मत करना कहकर उम्मीद लगा कर बैठ जाते हैं।

❤️ Dr. Allison Berkowitz ❤️ ()

“Mi Gente! Oye! #WearAMask, please. The numbers in our communities are those is real.” LOVE seeing @rosieperezbklyn & @chrisrock helping get the word out ❤️ #ThursdayMotivation

Regis Mandaba ()

‘Covid-Organics’ was tested on less than 20 patients before it started being shipped out to the population Hopefully they will conduct vigorous tests this time #ThursdayMotivation

Mediavine ()

Which one is your favorite platform, especially when it comes to your blog / business? #ThursdayMotivation

Sakar Sharma ()

In a world, where millions are barely surviving, few souls are actually living their lives. #ThursdayMotivation

Use My Cards ()

Well this user has at least one thing sorted - MONEY! 😎🤟 When are you starting to save big with UMC? 💰✌️ Sign up today➡️ #Deals #ThursdayMotivation

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Vimas News ()

TODAY IN HISTORY: 28TH OF MAY. #TodayInHistory #ThursdayMotivation

Payroll Giving ()

Check out some Boredom Busters from @CLIC_Sargent, Providing free or cheap websites, courses and apps to keep you busy. #ThursdayMotivation #COVID__19

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Bairn L ()

@MaryTaxi Looking good Mary! It’s also pizza dough delivery day today #Bliss #ThursdayMotivation 😁

Debasree Das ()

The pandemic has taught me a lot of things ,which otherwise I would have never learned! #thoughtoftheday #ThursdayMotivation

Samantha Johnson ()

Some days you just need to rest your brain and give yourself a pass so you can recharge your energy! When we step back and reflect, we learn and find solutions to things that didn’t seem solvable. Recharge, give yourself a break and Shine Brightly!! #ThursdayMotivation

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Siddharth Jain🇮🇳 ()

Kabhi bhi kisi ki bhi @__doraemon11__ ko thes nahi pahuchana chahye #ThursdayMotivation 🙏

Eskom Expo for Young Scientists ()

#ThursdayMotivation Congratulations to South African Aids researcher Quarraisha Abdool Karim who won the half a million-euro Christophe Merieux Prize for her work for the Durban-based @CAPRISAOfficial, which she heads 👏🏾👏🏾🇿🇦🇿🇦

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Dr Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank ()

मेरे कविता संग्रह ए वतन तेरे लिए” से एक कविता “केवल वतन की चाह हो” के कुछ अंश - चाह न मन में रहे वतन की चाह हो, हम करें पुरुषार्थ यूं बाधित न कोई राह हो। #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts

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