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Sometimes you have to move on without an explanation .. Stop repeating yourself to people that don’t care to change

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Muse ()

When Tink said “I’m way too loyal. & it’s crazy on baby I could’ve destroyed you” I FELTTTTTTTT THATTTTTT

Tay.🤍 ()

wait tink got a whole album 😳 bitchhhh i’m not trying to be in my feelings this weekend

Dshae. ()

I’m only on the first song of tink album and i can already tell the whole album go crazy lbs. 😭

Goo’baby 🍭 ()

when we fuckin i do what he say, let em run it like he the lieutenant 😩 ‘ tink snappin!


“HOPELESS ROMANTIC” is OUT NOW 🌹🌹🌹🌹 #VDaySpecial 🔥🔥

西尾張のおじさん ()

@momoka_tink まんまるちゃんの話題は今後控えます。めろちゃんからチョコもらいました。

ティンおじさんはB級加工士❂ ()

@Hina_Frena あんま遅いとおじさん寝ちゃうから← 明後日夜とかかなあ〜

Charlamagne Tha God ()

The Young GOAT @Official_Tink providing the soundtrack for Valentines Day!!!!!! #HopelessRomantic

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🐻じまにぃ ()

しごおわしたけどやっぱりノーチャンだったな🙄 まあ分かってたからノーダメージ😷

Rap Releases - HipHop News - HotInHipHop ()

📍New Albums Out Now A Boogie - Artist Fetty Wap - Trap & B Justin Bieber - Changes Marlo - 1st & 3rd Tink - Hopeless Romantic Yung Gravy - Baby Gravy 2 $uicideBoys& - Stop Staring At The Shadows Yung Pinch - 4EverHeartBroken 4 (EP)

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Princess ralph ()

on my second listen of the new tink album i can tell you already it’s a classic. all the songs fit together perfectly and she’s really in her grown and sexy bag with all these slow jams. this is a record you put on and let play when ur smoking blunts + drinking wine with ur girls

Kayla💕 ()

it’s all fun and games till i’m no longer nice 😭 TINK I FELT THAT ONE cause i’m mean as shit

猫宮まじゅ🧸てぃんく♪研究生 ()

@daihang9999 だいはんぐさんこんばんは🥰 おしごとがんばれ!!まってるね🥳🥳

Russ ()

Tink has been one of the most talented people in music for a while. Rootin for her heavy 🙏🏼🙏🏼

猫宮まじゅ🧸てぃんく♪研究生 ()

@dela_nabe 最近誰からももらってないからぴぇんぴぇんしてる🥺🥺

Ky 🦋 ()

I want you in the worst way & I can’t even lie. I’m tryna make you climax, back to back tn WHEW ok Tink 😅

♌️Marie👭 ()

I forgot to get tink dog food! I just fed my baby a hand full of treats 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

Prakash 🌞 ()

Cut it out - Tink. & I got a whole lovey dovey ass nigga. But she name dropped, how could I not love it? First it was Brittanyyyy 😇

Rozay ()

straight 🔥🔥🔥Ms Tink put her wrist all in this album‼️

Butter pecan barbie 🌼 ()

I can’t listen to tink album this week, me and my man good rn. She not bouta mess up my weekend

Bernaly Santos ()

Ima need ya to go ahead and listen to my good sis @Official_Tink She never disappoints 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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@Official_Tink you did your thing with the whole album❤️💕💗💗🤍😘💞✨

MiiiMiii💦🍭 ()

, Tink talked her shittttttt AGAIN 🥵✨💕 i aint skip not one song 😩 @Official_Tink 🙌🏾

Kunta88 ()

Tink lyrics are 🔥 always are but I just don’t like her sound. Her lyrics delivered from Jhené, Ari, SZA or Summer Walker would be super 🔥.

DarielDajanee™ ()

I got my hair done, nails done & Tink gave me shit to scream oh snap going up 😂😂 Imma make time

M$ ()

I ain’t even listening to tink album i don’t wanna hear no soft music rn that’s not the type of mood I’m in 😭

Rozaay✨ ()

Tink dropped too 😭😭😍😍💕💕 omgggg this tewww much

IndiyamR💜 ()

tink dropped . 🥰😩 y’all already know what i’m on brb ! @Official_Tink

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.RicoMufasa🦁🐾 ()

Ion know what got into bay @Official_Tink but she talk’d her shit on her whole album 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯 she so slept on it’s crazy


Sometimes you have to move on without an explanation .. Stop repeating yourself to people that don’t care to change

☚ #NationalDrinkWineDay #승우야_너를_기다릴_가치가_있어 ☛
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