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Todd Helton hit .287 with an .855-OPS away from Coors Field. What are we doing here? This isn’t rocket science. Unreal he hasn’t made it just yet 😂.

@TalkinBaseball_ Todd Helton and Billy Wagner not getting in is genuinely ridiculous..

Danny New
Danny New

Very lame that Rockies legend Todd Helton misses the Hall of Fame by 11 votes. I know I’m not actually from Colorado, but I played as him a lot in Backyard Baseball growing up and that means a lot.

@olsond85 @spillygoat19 Yes, Todd Helton is the best player in the history of the Rockies franchise.

Todd Helton Photo,Todd Helton Photo by Jason,Jason on twitter tweets Todd Helton Photo

Look Rolen was a fine player. But the Baseball Hall of Fame is such a joke. Like Todd Helton should of gone in before him. But it’s just laughable how you can not put guys like Bonds or A-Rod in, might as well just erase the history of the game. I said what I said..

It doesn’t matter if Todd Helton played half his games in Coors Field. He still showed impressive Hall of Fame statistics 7962 at bats 2519 hits 369 home runs .316 batting average Todd Helton’s war is and playing half his games at Coors Field does not effect his war.

Former Colorado Rockies franchise first baseman Todd Helton came so close to making it into the Baseball Hall of Fame but once again, did not get the nod..

Let’s be honest Todd Helton should be in the baseball hall of fame before Scott Rolen #HallOfFame.

Billy Wagner, Todd Helton, Carlos Beltran, Jeff Kent, Gary Sheffield, A-Rod are all Hall of Famers way in comparison of Scott Rolen. Really solid extended career, not a generational talent. Writers shouldn’t get the only vote..

Todd Helton should 100 percent be in the Hall of Fame. The dude was the best pure hitter of his generation..

Big congrats to Scott Rolen; well deserved honor. But why does Todd Helton have to wait yet another year?! #BaseballHOF.

@ChefRonSullivan @MLBNetwork Because Todd Helton played for the Rockies. Not the market the writers care about.

Todd Helton was 11 votes shy of being elected in the Baseball Hall of Fame this year… Damn..

Happy to see Todd Helton and Billy Wagner approaching that 75-percent threshold. Alex Rodriguez and Carlos Beltran should have received way more votes. Laughable turnout given their careers..

Todd Helton better get in next year but I think this year was his best and maybe last shot. Damn shame.

@FivePointsVids Todd Helton is better than Wright and Rolen and he didn’t get in yet.

Initial HOF thoughts. -VERY well deserved for Rolen, one of the best with the glove in my childhood and no slouch at the plate. -Once again, Todd Helton gets screwed because he played his whole career at Coors Field..

How does Scott Rolen get in the HOF before Todd Helton. This makes zero sense. Cause he played in Phili and St Louis?? Markets matter in HOF balloting?? .316 BA vs .281 396HR-318. Same number of years. No sense at all.

*Resultados completos de la votación al Salón de la Fama 2023* ——— Los candidatos *necesitaban 292 votos* para ser electos. Estos son los *resultados completos* de la boleta de la BBWAA: •*Scott Rolen*: 297 votos, •*Todd Helton*: 281 votos,.

Como fanático de Todd Helton, a quien siempre usaba en primera base en los juegos de nintendo y PS2, me entristece que no fuese escogido en el HOF..

Congrats to Scott Rolen on his well deserved HOF election. Todd Helton and Billy Wagner should have been voted in and will eventually get in..

MLB hall of fame should be voted on baseball only journalists & present hall of fame members only. Perhaps even former players. How on earth can dejan & other local media tell if Todd Helton is a hall of famer ?.

Rapid reaction to Todd Helton missing out on the HOF w/ @DrewCreasman 👇.

@davidharsanyi Lol yeah let’s do that nonsense. Scott Rolen is literally one of the best third baseman of all time what are we doing. Todd Helton should be in too..

Overtime PODCAST HR 1 Heupel Extended 1-24-23 - Heupel Extended - Todd Helton - YOUR CALLS!!.

Scott Rolen makes the cut while Todd Helton falls just.

@slwein Who exactly is Todd Helton bribing to get into the Hall of Fame? They should put Mark Grace in at this rate.

Scott Rolen makes the cut while Todd Helton falls just.

My guess: Adrian Beltre, Todd Helton, Billy Wagner get in next year. Andruw Jones might also get close..

Scott Rolen makes the cut while Todd Helton falls just.

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