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Please read and share this article by my friend and fellow bereaved parent, Nikki Mark. It captures exactly how I feel. #TEAMMOLLY.

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Erm just a reminder guys, if you arent from the ages 8-18 then you cannot buy tommys tommyinnit quote book ://.

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watching tommys vlog knowing he managed to do all of that right after he lost his best friend is making me cry sm.

THIS IS SUCH A FUN STREAM tommys having fun and jacks there and this is just such a good time :D.

tommys show vlog is out :] here are some pics i took at the show but it’s worth the watch for sure.

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Actuall screenshot from Tommy’s last stream in his room it’s been a YEAR WITHOUT TOMMYS ROOM???😨.

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This might sounds silly but what happens in tommys new vid? (The tribute) Because i kinda wanna know before watching it because im not in the mood to cry lol.

tommys video had me sobbing to the point i almost couldn’t breathe man ☹️☹️ i’m so proud of that boy.

Tommys Liveshow was giving me flashbacks to when I went and saw Dan and Phils Liveshow years ago, dear god the memories.

tommys version of success is making people laugh, and when hes around wilbur he just goes into this mode where he wants to make him laugh and tommys brain immediately coming up with jokes no matter the tommy and his humor and comedy are just so special to me.

@BigGameBoomer Literally no real OSU fan or Columbus native will agree wjth Adriaticos. Its Tommys..

for anyone questioning, tommys wings dont work but he has them out during lmanburg era as a sign of pride, he then hides them after because hes ashamed he lost everything and will would point them out allot during pogtopia. wilburs horn was shot off after the elections by jshlatt.


mann tommys dsmp tribute video got me feeling nostalgic, i really do miss how it was like during its peak.

all the (vaguely) usable pics i got from tommys show on my shitty little phone; a thread (contains spoilers).

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And when i say i used to be a beeduo main and regularly watch tommys content…? Will they say im a benchtrio anti then?.

i cannot breathe /j no fr tho holy shit he’s- tommys come so far, so fucking proud of him <3.

backstage thing to bribe freddie to derail the show like he isn’t tommys ride or die THIS IS SO FUNNY.


watching tommys stream in sunglasses so the tears can’t be seen.

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I do not think I can put my thought about tommys new video into words properly, because theyre more feelings than coherent thoughts, but damn, I never thought a youtube video would make me cry like that. for the first time in 2 years I have done breathing exercises /lh.

I paused sneegs stream to go watch tommys video and when i witched back hes still talking about the shrimp. Its been twenty minutes. Hes throwing his wife under the bus for making bad shrimp. I was sobbing because of tommys video now im just crying at this help.

no matter where i am in life, i will always remember my time as a dsmp fan fondly. Tommys video made me remember how amazing the server was and i could never ask for a better community to be surrounded by. i am so proud of tommy and everyone else in the dsmp, i always will be..

I’m gonna hold off on actually watching tommys tribute vid I have pretty low emotional tolerance rn so I doubt watching it would be a good idea rn.

when fallen down played in tommys video tears flooded to my eyes because ive listen to that when things went wrong. memories can be painful, cant they?.

tommys tribute to dsmp vid reminded me how much of an impact this server had on me. how it got me through such rough times, how it allowed me to meet so many cool people, HOW IT ALLOWED ME TO DISCOVER MORE ABOUT MYSELF! i think thats why it’s so special, atleast to me :-).

if smplive becomes popular again bc of tommys vid im gonna be pissed.

I just finished watching tommys tribute to dream smp and its so bitter sweet it was beautifully written but it also made me think back on like the last couple years of my life and how it way intertwined with this server and how there really will never be anything like it again.

I wonder how all the dream anti Tommy stans are feeling that Tommys currently covering Dreams song on stream. It’s a little funny tbh..

@ChunibyoPaj @wonyqvrs Its because the majority of Tommys fans are socially awkward and were intimidated by Jidion.

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