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#Oscars2023 nominations for Best Original Song. 1. This is a Life from EEAAO 2. Hold My Hand” from Top Gun Maverick 3. Naatu Naatu from from RRR 4. Applause from Tell It Like a Woman 5. Lift Me Up from Wakanda Forever.


🚨 Indicados ao #Oscars de Melhor Filme: Avatar: O Caminho da Água Nada de Novo no Front Os Banshees de Inisherin Elvis Tudo em Todo Lugar ao Mesmo Tempo Os Fabelmans TÁR Top Gun: Maverick Triângulo da Tristeza Entre Mulheres.


#Oscars Nominations: Original Song   “Applause” - “Tell It Like A Woman” “Hold My Hand” - “Top Gun: Maverick”    “Lift Me Up” - “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”  “Naatu Naatu” - “RRR”    “This Is a Life” - “Everything Everywhere All at Once” .

“Thank you so much to the Academy for nominating my song Hold My Hand for an Oscar this year! Writing this song for the film Top Gun: Maverick was a deep and powerful experience that I will never forget. So grateful for the magic of music and cinema…” — @ladygaga on Instagram.

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The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ soundtrack is now available for pre-order on picture disc vinyl..

Top Gun Maverick getting a Best Picture nom and Sarah Polley being snubbed are my cue not to watch this year lol.


Tom Cruise was rightly not nominated for Best Actor because he was not one of the best actors in Hollywood last year. Or any year. Hollywood does not owe him. Also, Top Gun Maverick was popcorn trash..

Lady Gaga earned her third nomination in the category for “Hold My Hand” from ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ while Rihanna made it in for her ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ anthem “Lift Me Up.”.

Si Top Gun Maverick gana el Oscar a Mejor Película, podría hacerse con un logro no visto desde 1940.

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Deals — taegyu 🔞 top tyvn x power bttm gyv 3,6rb kata. crime au. bahasa semi-baku. boypssy. crossdressing/feminization. handcuff and gun/gun play. public séx. dubcon to con. dom/sub dan sado/maso. perhatikan tags di dalam. 🔗.

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Avatar 2 and Top Gun: Maverick being up for multiple Oscar nominations is proof of one thing : the movies are coming back.

Muito obrigada. Escrever essa música para o filme Top Gun: Maverick foi uma experiência profunda e poderosa que jamais esquecerei. Muito grata pela magia da música e do cinema. Amo você, Bloodpop. Estou no set filmando agora e enviando muito amor aos little monsters! 🃏.

Top Gun getting a screenplay nomination for 90 minutes of men flying upside down going FUCK YEAH is a low point even for the Academy.

Fabelmans alır muhtemelen :) Malum SS mevzusu. En iyi yönetmeni de ona veriler ama hak eden Top Aksini iddia eden Sauron uşağıdır /)).

AVATAR is the clear “No duh. It’s winning” lock here but if you look back at past noms, the winner is usually the least grossing film in the category dabbling with more practical effects/seamless CGI. I *can* see a world where either TOP GUN, BATMAN, or ALL QUIET win too though..

Absolutely robbed of a nomination, the man literally flew a plane. #Oscars2023.

i need to get this top gun fic done and out of my system so i can get back to Them (me dejaste darklina).

The way? The Oscar’s won’t nominate any horror films for anything is wild , LMAO AS IF TOP GUN HAD THE ORIGINALITY OR WRITING OF ANY OF THESE.

I am excited to announce my commitment to The University of Wisconsin River Falls! I can’t wait to join the top gun offense!.

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Dizque top gun y Avatar nominadas a los Oscar como mejor película. Tienen mucho huevo y bien grande..

Royce Williams is a true Top Gun. This recognition for victory in a hard-fought battle is well deserved..

🎬 Nominados a “Mejores Efectos Visuales” en los #Oscars2023 - Avatar El Camino Del Agua - Top Gun Maverick - Sin Novedad En El Frente - Black Panther Wakanda Forever - The Batman.

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The message of top gun is actually about how hot Jennifer Connelly still is. Please pay attention..

Ok I admittedly did not see Top Gun: Maverick — so someone tell me if all those nominations are surprising or not.

The Batman and RRR are better than all the films on this list. Top Gun: Maverick is a close third..

Film Twitter is gonna explode when Top Gun: Maverick wins Best Picture. And good. Flick brought so many folks out to the theaters, was beyond great on every level and it connected with folks..

Top Gun: Maverick gets an Oscar nomination for BEST PICTURE??? How many virgins did the Scientologists sacrifice to make that happen?.

@oxentepipoca Assim, dona academia, é bom sim querer ser mais popular. É necessário, mas top gun melhor roteiro adaptada? Oi? Tem mais cem filmes iguais a esse. Glass onion? Divertidíssimo, gosto mt, mas 👀.


@bardo_anciao Entendo ele estar pelo que ele representa. Entendo quem são as pessoas que votam para esses nomeados faz muito sentido, top gun representou uma defesa a instituição sala de cinema. Além disso oque representou gravar esse filme na pandemia..

there are reasons to enjoy Top Gun but the writing? the writing????.

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