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This isn’t Bitcoin. It’s the British pound. The Tories are recklessly gambling - not with their own money - but all of ours..

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The super wealthy laughing all the way to the actual bank (tho I suspect many of them will also be appalled by the moral bankruptcy of the Tories) while increasing numbers of the rest relying on food banks - all thanks to the incompetence and recklessness of this failed UK gov.

Incredible. The same Tories who scrapped Labour’s 2 *day* target for seeing a GP want praise for announcing a 2 week *expectation*. It’s. A. DISGRACE!.

A UK gov ‘budget’ that benefits wealthiest over poor/middle income earners, tanks the £, pushes up the cost of (v substantial) borrowing, and is castigated as reckless. And yet Tories (& right wing commentators) will demand that @scotgov blindly follows suit. Mmm….

Huge amounts of immigration from the subcontinent provides cheap labour to big business. The Liz Truss immigration policy is betraying Brexit voting Tories and she will pay a big price..

In all this despair about Truss’ reckless gamble, what really angers me is that local authorities are facing massive overspends this year and harsh cuts next. Yet again Tories wreak havoc on the services we all rely on..

No Keir, the Tories destroyed the economy by locking down the country unnecessarily over many months for a virus with a fatality rate comparable to flu. But never forget that Labour would have locked us down far harder for far longer Ardern-style..

The BBC should be reporting that this breaks a clear promise made by the Tories in their 2019 Manifesto..

Lots of Tories telling me privately that they hate what this new government is already doing with regards to nature and the environment. But will any have the courage to quit over it? Or threaten to at least?.

The Tories have led Britain into a housing crisis. Labour will get first time buyers on the ladder, build more high-quality, affordable homes and reform the private rented sector..

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Jonathan Pie unleashes on Liz Truss and the Tories 💯👏 Never minces his words does he?.

@GBNEWS Final nail in the coffin for the Tories. Is she not aware of how people feel in the UK?.

@WeemansGin How are you feeling? Other than the 🦆ing Tories #ToriesOut79 #GeneralElectionNow.

The Tories are turning the country into a Nazi style dictatorship. 😡😡.

The Tory Party is imploding under the weight of its own idiot ideology. Historically it was known as the Stupid Party. Then it got really stupid & did Brexit. Then the nice but dim Tories quit or were forced out, leaving it as the Stupid & Deeply Nasty Party. #Newsnight.

Keir Starmer will use the Labour conference to appeal to voters who are sick and tired of soaring energy costs and angry at 12 years of failure under the Conservatives.

half the presidents and prime ministers of europe at this point have no quarrels at all with putin’s ideology, people like orban and erdogan and the tories in britain just saw the war in ukraine as an opportunity to distract from problems at home.

@jim63895391 @Kennyaberdeen And some people haven’t a clue and are happy to contribute to the 3 trillion+ debt the Tories are racking up to give handouts to their millionaire mates.

When will the Tories realise that mass migration is making us poor?.

@fullautoslur Everyone who said Republicans should follow the tories example are taking some massive Ls..

Tories had a Minister of obviously that ministry was closed down because of the lack of happiness in the it time they appointed a Minister of Misery who was made aware of the realities of the unhappiness of the British People because of their policies!!!.

@fullautoslur Funny considering how the right has been winning elections in Europe by promising the opposite. I don’t know who the tories are listening too but they really are blowing the massive amount of political power they got these last several years..

Centrists have no sense of Solidarity or Morality they want to win the next election at all cost, Burying the Victims of the Labour Party who have been subject to Racism, Misogyny, Anti Semitism, Islamophobia, Libel and Death Threats Yet they claim not to be Tories, BULL.

Budget for the Rich Kwateng spend more money any other Chancellor in history, do nothing to help public services, or anyone working for them, or anyone in need in the UK, staggering. We cannot afford to stay in this Union! Join @YesCymru #IndyWales.

🎶The pound has crashed And despair is soaring Recession looms And poverty is high Oh but Tories are rich And truth is missing So hush little losers They don’t care if you die….

@amrakunj I share that fear, but at this stage even reversing all the stupid things the Tories have done since Brexit is also essential. My guess is, Starmer will quietly align us with the SM under the guise of enabling trade. Brexitons will be to dumb to notice..

With the £ dipping to $ at one point this morning, a record low I think we can safely once & for all dispel the myth that the Tories are the party of fiscal responsibility!!.

The UK Tories make the L/NP look moderately sane. The Labour camp are aghast at what they will inherit. Derelict public services and a crippled economy give any possible victory a bitter taste..

@EssexPR Let’s not kid ourselves here, there are Tories, including Adam, who want to point the finger at anybody but themselves. Playing victim and gaslighting. Typical narcissist. Own it. This mess is down to you and your corrupt lot..

@RayMoor18 @mattholehouse Yes. That’s why they avoided OBR scrutiny. Current policy is unsustainable without major cuts in public spending. The latter are both politically toxic and run directly counter to the Manifesto on which the Tories won the 2019 GE..

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