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  • There no childhood memory of mine stronger than pulling up to a Toys R Us. That was god level to me and still stronger than pulling up today to any car dealership or restaurant. Sad to see it go. RIP Toys R Us 😭.

  • BREAKING: Toys "R" Us is closing its doors after 70 years in business. The iconic toy retailer will shut or sell all of its almost 800 stores in the United States, a source familiar with the matter told CNNMoney.

    Toys R Us twitter.
  • Is Toys R Us stores closing down a sign that those of us who don’t want to, have to grow up?.

  • JUST IN: Toys "R" Us is closing its doors after 70 years in business.

  • All Toys R Us UK stores expected to close in next six weeks, after attempts to find buyer failed, BBC understands

  • BREAKING: Iconic toy retailer Toys "R" Us is closing its doors after 70 years in business

    Toys R Us twitter.
  • Toys R Us to close all U.S. stores after weak holiday sales doom its turnaround plans

  • JUST IN: Toys "R" Us is closing all of its stores in the UK

    Toys R Us twitter.
  • Amazon, Walmart, and Target dealt the death blow to Toys R Us by deeply discounting products when the ailing chain was at its weakest point.

  • @CaffCast @Badgermanbadger Why don’t I live near a Toys R Us 😭.

  • noo i loved going toys r us. I need to go back to one before they close

  • Toys R Us, İngiltere`deki tüm mağazalarını 6 hafta içinde kapatacak..

  • Toys R Us closing is a blow to my childhood memories I may never recover from..

  • So long, Toys R Us UK… So many fond memories going in to one of my local TRUs as a treat when I was little, long before the technological onslaught.

  • The fate of hundreds of stores worldwide is unclear. The company says many of its stores in Canada, Europe and Asia "remain strong, viable businesses," and may be saved or sold.

  • So sad that toys r us are shutting down every store in the uk, was literally my childhood😩.

  • Toys r us are closing, that’s it, my childhood is officially over.

  • This is horrible news for staff #rdguk #ToysRUs

  • Toys R Us to slash jobs in the UK

  • Children growing up now are seriously gonna miss out. Toys R Us was the shiiit.

  • Toys ‘R’ Us will proceed with shutdown of U.S. operations

  • I picked the wrong time to apply at Toys R Us..

  • Toys «R» Us cierra todas sus tiendas en EE.UU. y planea hacer lo mismo en España

  • 70 yıllık Toys r us kapanıyor

  • El desplome de @ToysRUs: 33.000 personas en #paro y una deuda inasumible

  • Toys R Us to Honor Gift Cards for 30 Days as It Prepares to Close All U.S. Stores

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  • The new Toys R Us should basically be an indoor park where you can bring your own toys and buy new ones..

  • @shawnnbc4 stopped our family in a @ToysRUs parking lot last night and asked about the closings…

  • All Toys R Us stores to close

    Toys R Us twitter.