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Troy Weaver is undoubtedly the best GM in the NBA right now. There’s no argument he’s not. This franchise was LOST 5 years ago, and now, one of the best positioned franchises in the Association. Let’s. Go..

I could easily tweet about how Troy Weaver has done more in the last 8 minutes that Al Avila has done in the last 8 years, but I’m not gonna do that. Vibes are good right now..

I know none of this was Troy Weaver, but this is what I see when I hear “The Pistons have so much cap space”.

Troy Weaver Photo,Troy Weaver Photo by Eli Bashi,Eli Bashi on twitter tweets Troy Weaver Photo

troy weaver does not do that trade to free up cap space if they don’t have a very big agreement on deck btw..

Column on why tomorrow’s draft will tell us a lot about where the Pistons believe they are in their rebuild. 2020 was about building out a young core. 2021 was about adding a franchise player. Which boxes will they prioritize checking now?.

I trust Troy Weaver man. everything happens for a reason. some crazy signing could be coming soon and we have no idea..

troy weaver has actually decided to reenact uncut gems with the pistons off-season and im very interested to see if he pulls this off.

As we wrap up draft night, it took a bit of KANGSing, but a real home run from Weaver. Ivey is the right pick, an awesome outcome after falling 2 spots. The Duren trade is just unquestionably the best value trade Troy has ever made, by a significant order of magnitude. A+..

The Pistons have $43 million in cap space. That’s a lot. Troy Weaver has something cooking. I don’t know what, but he’s up to something. 👀.

What if Troy Weaver somehow gets another first round pick tomorrow using the 2025 Milwaukee first?.

Should Troy Weaver go the OKC route and take on veterans contracts + first round picks?.

Jaden Ivey just told me Troy Weaver challenged him to be a great defender. Said he’s taken that seriously..

I’m still scared that Troy Weaver has smartest man in the room syndrome. I’m never gonna defend moves like this in a vacuum and I’ll try my best not to critique them until more happens, but man. Just win games dude. Just win games and I won’t have to bother worrying..

Got to show some low for Detroit Pistons GM Troy Weaver. Absolutely killing the game since he took over. Rebuilt a terrible situation with some great talent, selections and moving talent for good returns. Now, he could possibly end up with DeAndre Ayton & Jaden Ivey. 😲.

Troy Weaver Photo,Troy Weaver Photo by The Front Office,The Front Office on twitter tweets Troy Weaver Photo

The Knicks called the Pistons and asked for Jaden Ivey and Troy Weaver said we’ll give you a late frp in 2025 for the 13th pick. Troy is simply built different.

That’s…curious. But if there is one thing we’ve learned from Troy Weaver it’s never judge him on his initial move. What happens next will be interesting..

Troy Weaver let Christian Wood get traded for more than Jerami Grant. The best return you get is a 2025 First that belongs to the BUCKS. That is an L..

Troy Weaver is a evil genius 😂. He causes havoc amongst the #Pistons fanbase, only for them to admit Weaver was right, later on lol.


@PistonsThoughts me after troy weaver makes himself look dumb in the jerami trade just so he can turn cory joseph and a 2028 2nd into hayward and 2 1sts.

Do you reckon Brad Holmes and Troy Weaver have each other on speed dial and are engaged in a one-upmanship game when it comes to trading? Speaking of, what is one trade you would personally like to see the Lions make this offseason? (Within reason).

Troy Weaver doing a great job. No way young players was gonna grow with Jerami there getting his sh** off. Should’ve pulled the trigger at trade deadline cuz that was a better deal.

@Halbridious The draft hasn’t even happened yet. Let’s pump the brakes a little on the Troy Weaver competency assessment..

Crazy that the Nets got a better return for Landry Shamet than the Pistons did for Jerami Grant… bravo Troy Weaver, you pulled another Christian Wood..

Wonder what Troy Weaver is thinking… Grant trade seems like a move before a move. #Pistons.

i totally forgot bradley beal is ALSO an option… 4 or 5 different options to spend our money and sign BIG NAME players. my god troy weaver is a genius..

Troy Weaver has the creativity and vision that Al Avila does not. Full stop. #DetroitRoots.

Watching fellow #Pistons fans freak out and overanalyze in June during the Troy Weaver era is a gift that keeps giving..

I do NOT want Ayton on the Pistons !!! Bradley Beal would be really appealing though I pray Troy Weaver has something big and non Ayton related up his sleeve. Otherwise we practically just gave away Grant for no good reason.

The sports gods and Troy Weaver have seen to it that I will have my first good night of sleep in 3 months. Sorry/Not Sorry for blowing up the TL with #Pistons basketball tonight. Goodnight Internet..

Troy Weaver Photo,Troy Weaver Photo by ECRKelly,ECRKelly on twitter tweets Troy Weaver Photo

#NBADraft #Pistons Troy Weaver is giving me Golden State flashbacks-with all these draft picks.

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