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Najee Harris fantasy managers after the Mitch Trubisky TD keeper 😑 @ESPNFantasy.

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Bill Cowher: “Mitch Trubisky is more worried about not making mistakes than he is about making plays.”.

Uh, Mike Tomlin: Time to go to Kenny Pickett. Trubisky has some talent, but zero intangibles. Pickett oozes intangibles - leadership, football charisma, spark. You should be 0-3. Pickett time..


QBs with 6+ TDs in a game since 2015: Mahomes Trubisky Tua Quite a list..

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It’s really tough to evaluate Mitchell Trubisky when Matt Canada is calling plays. Really tough. #Steelers.

Does Trubisky have a Pickens blind spot? The dude is always OPEN and he never sees him..

Tua Tagovailoa passed for more yards in the fourth quarter today than Mitch Trubisky has passed for in either of his two full games this season..

The Bengals Have Joe Burrow And Are Somehow 0-2 With Losses To Opposing QBs Cooper Rush And Mitch Trubisky.

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Highest graded Steelers in Week 3 vs the Browns: 🥇 Mitchell Trubisky - 🥈 Mason Cole - 🥉 Pat Freiermuth - 4️⃣ Alex Highsmith - 5️⃣ Cameron Sutton -.

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Just finished the Steelers-Patriots game again. The biggest takeaway is that Mitch Trubisky and Matt Canada should share the blame for this loss. Combination of poor route concepts and bad reads. This cannot continue. #Steelers.

#Browns Kareem Hunt has a Mitch Trubisky jersey after the game: Thats my guy. We go back to elementary school, middle school, high school. I always remind him Willoughby South won those 7 on 7’s vs Mentor..

I’ve been 💯 % in the Trubisky corner. He gets more games. This blows. #Steelers.

The Steelers are still sticking with Mitch Trubisky as their quarterback for now despite their 1-2 start, Mike Tomlin says..

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Mitch Trubisky is a good scrambler on the field and pretty savvy in interviews. So when his first answer comes out as “just call concepts to get receivers there” in being asked about using the middle of the field more, I’m inclined to question the scheme offensively..

Tomlin: “We had one-on-one playmaking opportunities and we didn’t get that done.” That’s a subtle shot at Trubisky..

They absolutely can. That was the game I’ve had them winning since the schedule came out. Neither Trubisky or Pickett (as a rookie) are any good. Tomlin is one of game’s best coaches but it doesn’t matter with those guys under center. Weapons (WR, TE) also overrated..

as long as Mitch Trubisky keeps throwing the ball 20 feet over George Pickens’ head the Steelers have a good chance to win this game.

#Browns RB Kareem Hunt and Steelers QB Mitchell Trubisky, two northeast Ohio natives, swapped jerseys last night. “I always wish the best for him. He’s a heck of a player, Mitch, and a good friend of mine, too, even though we went to different schools.”.

George Pickens through two NFL games: * 95-of-122 snaps () * 11 slot, 84 wide * 72 routes on 78 Trubisky dropbacks * Earned just 6 targets for a sad share * 2-26-0 result.

Even Trubisky is questioning Canada. Says it’s Canadas fault that WRs aren’t open in the middle of the field..

If I had to describe Mitchell Trubisky with one word, and I couldn’t pick all the bad words, it would be “uninspiring”.

ICYMI: 10 takeaways from the #Patriots win over the #Steelers on Sunday. A step forward for the Pats offense. Play of the game (hint: Nelly), Mac breakdown, Pats spin the dial on Trubisky, Judon/Peppers spark D, O-Line delivers w/power run game, & more..

Paul Zeise: Steelers have one surprising bright spot — an improved offensive line #Steelers.

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CC: Matt Canada and Mitch Trubisky Re: GEORGE PICKENS IS ALWAYS OPEN! Dear Matt and Mitch, GEORGE PICKENS IS ALWAYS OPEN! Yours truly, Steelers Nation.

Per @ESPNStatsInfo Mitch Trubisky went 7-of-8 for 108 yards from outside the pocket in the 1st half, compared to 2-of-5 for 1 yard inside the pocket. The 108 yards from outside the pocket are most by a Steelers QB in a game since 2015..

Locked on #Steelers late night before Friday: - Run defense bullied, hope for a fix soon? - Trubisky was better, but still not good enough - No Pickett coming soon - Playmakers give promise (Pickens catch🤯) Watch/like/subscribe on @YouTube:.

Imagine you’re the defending AFC Champs and you’re about to be 0-2 vs Trubisky and Cooper Rush. OUCH! You never know in The NFL.

How can you feel good about barely squeaking out a win against a team with Mitch Trubisky at QB?? You need the kind of dominating performance the Red Sox put on today at Fenway Park!.

P)Mitchell Trubisky no es el problema, pero tampoco la solución para Steelers. La afición pidió a Pickett, y no entiendo por qué no le dan los controles. La ofensiva ya es desesperadamente conservadora, y ahora sin Watt, la defensiva no registró ninguna captura #NFLXESPN.

Diontae Johnson has done some nice things in this game. But that drop on a perfect ball from Trubisky, and then failing to hustle to get lined up for a play before the 2-minute Tough look. #Steelers @937theFan.

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