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Tweet247 | Updated: Thu, 17 May 2018, 16:06 PM IST

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  • Once again, we have been proven right. More UGLY details to follow..

  • The Senate Judiciary Committee just released the transcripts of interviews about the Trump Tower meeting. We tried to release ALL our transcripts but were blocked repeatedly by Republicans. The public deserves to see them and judge for themselves. Release the transcripts..

  • Mr. Cohen and Mr. Trump should immediately come clean about what happened. Where is Mr. Giuliani and why hasn’t he addressed this? via @slate.

  • This video needs to break the internet. It’s Donald Trump in Russia saying he met with businesses to discuss building a Trump Tower Moscow, while sitting next to the Putin-linked oligarch who setup Donald Trump, Jr. Russian lawyer meeting. #TrumpRussia.

  • Thousands of pages of congressional testimony shed light on 2016 Trump Tower meeting - via.

  • Senate releases inside accounts of Trump Tower meeting with Russians via @upi.

  • Senate releases details on meeting between Trump Jr., Russian lawyer.

  • This is SO like the 18 minutes missing in the Nixon tapes PROVING Nixon knew NOTHING about Watergate. Chuck is genius! @BradMossEsq.

  • Trump Tower meeting transcript released.

  • New story in Politics from Time: Donald Trump Jr. told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he could not remember whether or not he told his father about a controversial meeting at the Trump Tower in 2016 with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer. In tes….

  • Donald Trump Jr. Said He Doesn’t Remember If He Told His Father About the Trump Tower Meeting.

  • The Big Empty. @DonaldJTrumpJr Trump Tower meeting transcripts: Donald Jr., Russia lawyer downplay session, rip ‘apocalyptic Hollywood’ narrative.

  • Trump Tower meeting transcripts: Donald Jr., Russia lawyer downplay session, rip ‘apocalyptic Hollywood’ narrative #FoxNews.

  • Trump Tower Meeting Interview Transcripts Released by Committee via @business.

  • @Mel_Ankoly It goes back further than 2000. He was laundering Russian money through condo sales in Trump Tower throughout the 90s. His real estate business is totally reliant on dirty money..

  • Trump sat there on Air Force One and actively participated in a conspiracy to cover up the actual goal of the Trump Tower meeting, to obtain “dirt” on his opponent in a presidential election, from a hostile foreign power. If that is not obstruction of justice, what is? #msnbc.

  • @JaySekulow @realDonaldTrump @TheJusticeDept @FBI Isn’t That a Burner Phone 📱 on the table??? @marklevinshow @seanhannity #WednesdayWisdom #MAGA @jeffsessions @WhiteHouse Trump Tower get the real Criminals in this photo.

  • Trump Jr. left open possibility that dad knew of Trump Tower meeting..

  • @realDonaldTrump Like you really care. The only thing you care about is making money off of all the people in the world. You really would do the world a favor by jumping off the Trump Tower..

  • All kinds of corrupt, fraudulent book keeping, lies, cover ups, obstruction of justice, deflection tumble in today about the president, his family, the GOP & the NRA. #TrumpRussia / Trump Tower / Cohen #StormyDaniels.

  • Une commission du Sénat publie des documents sur la rencontre de ... - via.

  • How do you call blocked numbers?: Donald Trump Jr. Called Blocked Number Before and After Trump Tower Meeting With Russians.

  • “ was listening to very loud rap music” via @outline “Mr. Trump at the time was listening to very loud rap music when we walked in.” — An actual thing that a witness said to the Senate Judiciary Committee..

  • CNN 1:32am TRUMP TOWER MEETING TRANSCRIPTS. . Senate Committee releases thousands of pages of interviews GIULIANI: MUELLER JUST.

  • US Senate panel releases details from its Trump Tower meeting probe.

  • Thousands of pages of congressional testimony shed light on 2016 Trump Tower meeting.

  • @jimspoda @pilottierney @dbongino @Comey Bye bye Jared.

  • In the interview conducted by Senate committee staffers, Trump Jr. left open the possibility that his father might have known about the meeting.

  • @peterjukes @realDonaldTrump Trump is tower trash..

  • @RealSaavedra @gsouthbay2688 How many dozens of lying liars went on tv and said "you need FISA to spy on an american", all these dolts knew about this "secret program". They must be called out! Also DJT was spied on in Trump Tower. They demanded he apologize to BHO. Nowbthey owe him an apology. NOW!.