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A vida está na luta, não na vitória. Lute usando seu puro instinto com Udyr, o Andarilho Espiritual..

La vida depende de la lucha, no de la victoria. Luchad siguiendo vuestro instinto con Udyr, el Caminante Espiritual..

Life is in the struggle, not the victory. Fight by instinct with Udyr, the Spirit Walker..

Fiquei emocionado vendo o video do rework do Udyr, a parte que as antigas formas dele aparece na skin ultimate reverenciando ele ficou lindo 🥺.

Ok Ela In Game Ficou Ótima Apenas A Forma Humana Inicial Q É Assim. Qd Vi A Splash Achei Que Nao Teriam Os Hoodies De Animais Sei La. Meu Veredito: Achei O Udyr Base Horrivel Mas Todas As Skins Parecem Bonitas Entao Ok. E O Kit Dele E A Jogabilidade Parecem Otimos Um Lacre.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by League Of Legends De Oliveira LOL ENGRaÇADA Jr😁,League Of Legends De Oliveira LOL ENGRaÇADA Jr😁 on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

In celebration of his rework I have some ideas for new udyr skins feel free to use any of these @riotgames - Leather daddy udyr - Naked udyr - Pool party udyr - Extra hairy udyr - High noon udyr.

udyrがいかにも山奥で修行してる風呂もほぼ滝行で済ます、インナーマッスルモリモリの全パーツクソデカおっさんにしたのが本当にいいよね こういう仕事見るたびに本当のゲームオタクが集まってできた会社って感じがする.

once again i am asking for a beefy man to rip me in half. udyr rework making me feel some type of way.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by paul | rocket dog~!!👹,paul | rocket dog~!!👹 on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

@sonofyvva yaya i get it, volibear and fiddle were great reworks while Mundo and Udyr were ... pretty meh.

cuando saquen el rework de udyr no lo juguéis vale? que lo quiero jugar yo y si lo está pickeando todo el mundo no lo puedo jugar.

Esta guapardo que Udyr tenga Lore de Freijold (se escribe así?) Y eso que no juego pero los diseños de algunos son de shonen vaya.

@RevealYourSins Not convinietly attractive cookie cutter like sett or akshan = flop In my opinion, Udyr is literally best male we got in years, and unlike some ruined virgins or worthless sentinels, he owns being shirtless..

Poco se habla que el rework de Udyr es el @KiroXlll pero con pelo.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by R de Retrasado,R de Retrasado on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

I’m glad Udyr got that bodytype, very fitting for his character. its just his visuals in his base that makes me 😀.

@DRocksaint HAHAHA ok hear me out Gragas has a rift quest skin, when he ships Udyr gets a Pubkeeper skin with him.

@Kimochi_Channel they pulling me back to league, but i wanna play udyr aaaahHHHHHH.

Desculpa mas quem nunca jogou de udyr não tem o DIREITO de sentir saudades, teve todo o tempo do mundo pra jogar e o que fez? ISSO MESMO, ignorou ele por outros champs frufruzinho. Podres..

@Spiny0ctopus @papuchochoe Udyr: “sometimes I can still here his voice…” Lee Sin: “…gay gay homosexual gay”.

Was looking forward to this rework. Cant wait to play Spirit Guard Udyr.

I love Udyr being shirtless, idc its X shirtless man in a row and hes not iceborn i just know people will be mad and im here for it.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by Null,Null on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

Even if he shirtless I like the fact than Udyr doesnt have a traditional bodytype like Sett Viego and all, he is unique and cool in that way.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by Deiji 👒,Deiji 👒 on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

@sonofyvva like ok. Mundo got a new E, but his Q, W and R are identical, from what I read on udyr they just swapped the animals for freljord gods.

Why do I need to workout if the image of Daddy Man is evolving to this? (Canonical Thor and Reworked Udyr) Fuck abs, man booba and muffin tops ftw.

Udyr Photo,Udyr Photo by Needs McTherapy,Needs McTherapy on twitter tweets Udyr Photo

Naturally, on the day of the Udyr rework announcement, someone drives past my building blasting Straight to the Bank and all I can hear is hahahaha HAR. @Trick2g might actually have made his own legacy from this alone LOL..

idk why everyone is disappointed with the Udyr rework, it’s literally exactly what was promised and delivers on his fantasies + modernised his gameplay. we already knew what he’d look like too..

ᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠi feel inᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠdangee, i thinkᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠudyr is ᅠᅠᅠ ᅠᅠ.

@Puddleslime2 I remember a friend sent me an image of udyr and leesin let me find it rq.


udyr não é mais igual antes. No dia que virou meta coreano com aquela merda de ímpeto gradural, o boneco perdeu toda a essência. F urdy.

Pero qué Han convertido a udyr en un mendigo sin dash.

O povo criticando o design do Udyr tava esperando o que ? Um emo magrelo ? Tá pfto..

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