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🔊Tune in TONIGHT to watch #UniversityChallenge 📺 to see UofG take on @CourtauldStudy at BBC2. 🤔 💡 Come on #TeamUofG ! 🏰.

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I got two questions right on #UniversityChallenge last night and frankly I think my week has peaked..

What are the chances? Just today I was wondering about Middle-Byzantine Eucharistic objects and then this guys is studying it for his PhD #smallworld #UniversityChallenge.

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Middle Byzantine Eucharistic Objects is back!! Lovely knitwear #UniversityChallenge.

Episode stats (Ep19) - Starter questions: 1. Prance (C) COU - 7/10 2. Whitworth GLA - 5/6 3. McAllister GLA - 2/4 Notable mention that all 8 contestants got a Starter question. #UniversityChallenge #UCStats.

My husband got all bar one of the weasel questions on #universitychallenge - this is a side of him I didn’t previously.

Not to brag, but the Brera category on #universitychallenge was made for me and only me. Sorry, @HarryPrance..

#universitychallenge time @CourtauldStudy edition. First off, thoroughly enjoyed Paxman rubbing salt in the would of the incorrect answer based on a painting in the Courtauld collection..

Great performance from the Courtauld especially Prance and Collinge #UniversityChallenge Also they were really likeable and interesting..

Was cheering for @UofGlasgow on tonight’s #UniversityChallenge. Super proud of our four wonderful students in the team. Alas it was not our night and congratulations to @CourtauldStudy.

Well done @CourtauldStudy on #universitychallenge I don’t think they quite believe they’ve done it again.

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Did you get any starters for 10 though? #UniversityChallenge.

I made the usual error of reading the tweets mostly. Occasionally blurting out a half-formed answer to a half-heard #UniversityChallenge question..

Congratulations to my middle Alma mater @CourtauldStudy on #UniversityChallenge. Doing it for all the #arthistorians 👌.

Answering a single question correctly during a full episode of #UniversityChallenge.

That feeling of satisfaction when latin names of mustelids and woodpeckers help you get 16 questions right on #UniversityChallenge 👐.

#universitychallenge tonight - disproportionate number of questions about art!? Agree/disagree?.

5 questions right on #UniversityChallenge !! Celebrating with a chocolate orange 😁.

Just how many arts questions are needed to get an Arts College through a round A: a lot Virtually no science or history questions. Hmmm @BBCTwo #UniversityChallenge.

Middle Byzantine Eucharistic Objects suddenly being googled by several thousand viewers right now #UniversityChallenge.

Nothing has given me more pleasure today than seeing the Courtauld Institute’s expression of joy and amazement at having won round two of #UniversityChallenge @CourtauldStudy.

#UniversityChallenge Tellement tellement fan de Courtauld ! Ils ont rien pour eux sur le papier (ils sont quatre à faire de l’histoire de l’art) mais bordel : 1) ils sont bons, 2) ils sont hilarants. 💖.

17 right. 120 points. Thanks for the questions on video directors, French novels and concept albums. The rest was somewhat embarrassing. #UniversityChallenge.

Congratulations to The Courtauld team on their excellent performance against @UofGlasgow! #universitychallenge.

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Paxo being dismissive about people watching popular music videos is what makes him a total cunt. #UniversityChallenge.

🔊Tune in TONIGHT to watch #UniversityChallenge 📺 to see UofG take on @CourtauldStudy at BBC2. 🤔 💡 Come on #TeamUofG ! 🏰.

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