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She will always be the Roxie to my Velma. 🙏🏻❤️ @BCEFA

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hugo #justplainnormalhugo,nothingelseSZN👦🧍‍♂️
Hugo #justplainnormalhugo,nothingelseSZN👦🧍‍♂️ ()

So a show about a nerdy asian girl that coincidentally is called velma? Okay I guess

KayCe884 Top 0.13%
KayCe884 Top 0.13% ()

Wanna be my Shaggy??!!! Velma solo video will be going out soon on my onlyfans, go subs so you don’t miss it 😘

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becca 🏳️‍⚧️
Becca 🏳️‍⚧️ ()

making her east asian absolutely is fine in fact i welcome it but like, no scooby gang? then why even make it velma? just make another character

Cloudcosplay✨🇩🇴🔞 ()

#velma is trending 👀 let me throw my hat in the ring. #velmacosplay

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façam o que quiser com a velma só não botem ela pra namorar com o salsicha (ou com a daphne cof)

Eric Elliott
Eric Elliott ()

It doesn’t bother me that Velma is being “reimagined” as Asian. But it’s reflective of a bigger problem: Studios are unwilling to invest in new IP. Instead of allowing creators to develop new characters, we get rehashed versions of known properties. And we’re worse off for it.

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Tamaki Suoh
Tamaki Suoh ()

@Vara_Dark all of my nope I love Asians but Velma is not Asian can you imagine the outrage if they took an Asian character and made them white? #Hypocrisy

Shari Lynn
Shari Lynn ()

If you find yourself getting triggered by Mindy Kaling’s new series that will reimagine Velma as East Asian- not only are you a racist- but you’re an imbecile. Velma is a fucking cartoon character.

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Future Fragments (Wishlist us on Steam!)
Future Fragments (Wishlist us on Steam!) ()

Scooby Doo should have been called The Velma Show because she solved all the mysteries singlehandedly Also because she was the smartest and hottest character

Bryan Merrill II
Bryan Merrill II ()

There has already been a non-white Velma and she was the best in the cast.

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The Beat
The Beat ()

Jinkies! Velma Dinkley will be portrayed as East-Asian in Mindy Kaling prequel cartoon

pots 💌
Pots 💌 ()

just make velma indian I don’t understand — actually just stop make 700 reboots of scooby doo

Grey DeLisle-Griffin
Grey DeLisle-Griffin ()

For the record: Daphne is PRO not-white #VELMA! 💜🧡💜🧡

Vlodka Divac
Vlodka Divac ()

If you’re in this website today debating whether or not Velma from Scooby Doo should or shouldn’t be Asian, I hope the Mystery Machine runs you over.

Noisy Heretic (Rip Miura)
Noisy Heretic (Rip Miura) ()

Mindy Kaling’s Velma will not be about Velma, but a made up character with the same name.

Weird-O ()

@kokocrave No one complained when Velma was Latina in SCOOB. Then again, the movie didn’t draw as much attention to it and only acknowledge it once or twice instead making it more clear.

CarmenRider (Commissions Open)
CarmenRider (Commissions Open) ()


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Hannah Kaplan
Hannah Kaplan ()

As someone who knows Velma quite well… probably better than most - I one hundred percent am on board and can’t wait to see what they do! 🧡

GameManiac ()

Ok slow down Theres a Velma series? As in not a movie Also what

John F⚡n Cohl
John F⚡n Cohl ()

Reimagine?! 🖕😅 Grown-ups in the real world call this bait and switch. No Mystery Machine? No gang? No Scooby? FOH should be ashamed of yourself. Sadly, if she set her ego aside, Kaling could deliver an AMAZING Velma/Scooby Doo project. 🤷🏼‍♂️

Lavender Tide
Lavender Tide ()

@elementrus @Bolverk15 It is, and you are absolutely allowed to? If it’s a fictional story you can create any scenario you want? Obama’s are real people, Velma is literally just a cartoon who’s deepest trait is orange clothes and glasses. Does this really bother you?

Preston (Hero Omori)
Preston (Hero Omori) ()

VELMA 1. Character has different cultural background 2. Character will likely look totally different 3. Character lives in a DIFFERENT world 4. Likely will not feature the Mystery Gang .... What exactly does this have to do with Velma?

Philly Not Good Lawyer
Philly Not Good Lawyer ()

@WayPastTense I agree re: changing background, ethnicity, whatever. I’m just curious who asked for velma’s origin story?

PrettyNEAT-BLM ()

Wtf, y’all need to chill out About Velma being East Asian in the new series… like who cares it’s a TV show it’s not effecting your life

Blondie💛 ()

Tbh I was fine when Velma was considered bisexual, but changing her whole race is a different story.

Dill ()

velma is way too much of a blank state character for y’all to be crying over a reimagining

Gambolington ()

if an adult animated velma series can exist, than warner bros has to hear me out on my marvin the martian movie pitch

Heheee ()

They turned Velma asian and they still bringing black ppl/characters into this????

The Tyee
The Tyee ()

Velma Olsen called on beaders to contribute to a memorial project called “For the Children Lost.” In came moccasin tops from across Canada, and as far as Germany.

Bebe Neuwirth (she/her)
Bebe Neuwirth (she/her) ()

She will always be the Roxie to my Velma. 🙏🏻❤️ @BCEFA

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