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We’ll see who got jokes when EVERYBODY sayin Oooooo! Let’s go 🚀 #Verzuz.


Good morning to everyone who just found out you can’t spell Omarion without Mario. #VERZUZ is tonight!!.

So the main event for #Verzuz starts at 10:50 pm EST? On a week night?.

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#VERZUZ Presents: Omarion vz Mario + BONUS VERZUZ Matchup with Ray J & Bobby V vz Pleasure P & Sammie WATCH HERE or go to for all streams.

They play that “Can We Talk” EVERY VERZUZ! Y’all know Tevin Campbell got “I’m Ready” too huh? Crowd not even moving they tiredt! #Verzuz.

Lmao who thought of the Bobby V & Ray J / Pleasure P & Sammie teams? I’m so lost 😂😂😂😂 #Verzuz.

Mario and Omarion aren’t going on until 10:50p EASTERN?!?? #Verzuz.

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I’m glad Verzuz is on YouTube cause I can’t be sitting through a whole thing any more. Attention span shot. Too old..

I ate my dinner too fast & forgot about the verzuz my fat ass ordered cake & icecream for it.


The main Verzuz starting at 11 PM?! On a work night?! The fuck kinda sense….

The way my day has been, I’ll have to catch the VERZUZ commentary tomorrow cause ain’t no way I’m staying up.

I have to be up at 5 in the morning…ain’t no way I’m finishing that whole Verzuz. The only way is if O does bring out B2K..

If @Omarion shows up to the verzuz with the touch it timb boots on mario might as well leave..

Y’all know what time it is…. @wojespn vs. @ShamsCharania #NBADraft #Verzuz.

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Mario Vs Omarion Verzuz During The Nba Draft Has Me In Tears 😂😂😂 ; & I Don’t Know Why.

We are gonna watch the verzuz battle tonight as a fam! Come through the campus haha If you know you know! #verzuztv @verzuzonline.

I really wanna know what Ray J is gonna sing besides One Wish, Sexy Can I, and I Hit it First #Verzuz.

Who yall got in this #Verzuz ? Im team Mario but I feel like it wont be a wash. Should be a close one..

I’m sangin hard in this hotel room, neighbors banging on the wall 😂 #Verzuz Where ray j tho ?!.

I’m trying to see why this dj is so aggressive at an R&B #Verzuz ?! Lol Also y’all gone “Can We Talk” folks to death. Tevin has other hits y’all know right?.

This #Verzuz #OmarionVsMario is for us who still have that teenage girl living somewhere inside of us.


Lmfaooooo why is somebody in the verzuz comments talking about they’re outside and can’t get in 😭😭😂.

VERZUZ Presents: Omarion vz Mario + BONUS VERZUZ Matchup w/ Ray J & via @YouTube.

Ima regret having to go to work in the morning but I’m glad I stayed up for this one #Verzuz.

@SammieAlways is getting on my FUCKING NERVES!! Like brrooo, why the fuck you being mad aggressive right now my dude?!? #Verzuz #VerzuzTV.

If I had one wish!!! I wish these n*cas stop actin ignant on this R&B battle! #verzuz.

Sammie we don’t care about your resume right now, we can google that shit! #VERZUZ.

Ray J said they ain’t get a sound check. Niqqa yous are the sound check 😆#Verzuz.

If you’re not supporting me like this as a friend/sister…I don’t want the support! 😭 #Verzuz.

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Baby, bring on Omarion and Mario. Aint nobody came to see no Bobby Valentino. #verzuz.

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