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Updated: September 16th, 2021 01:42 AM IST

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WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY BABYYYYYYY Me rapping every word of Put It On Me always and forever #VERZUZ

#VERZUZ Twitter

I thought we said no non-Blacks at the verzuz so why was Fat Joe there?

#VERZUZ Photo,#VERZUZ Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

50 Cent Says ‘I Put They Whole Label Out of Business’ After Ja Rule and Fat Joe Verzuz - Tuesday night was Verzuz in NYC between Ja Rule and Fat Joe. Irv Gotti was not in attendance but he was in the Verzuz comments and had

#VERZUZ Photo,#VERZUZ Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

This was beautiful… From discovering Remy - to her now doing his most famous verse 😢 Verzuz can never get enough props 🙏🏾 RIP the legend Big Dog Punisher

No one can do a Verzuz wit Wayne , he’s just outworked everyone too much , he has too many songs too many features , Wayne’s career has spanned too long , Artist that came in with him ain’t even hot no more and HES still here 😂😂😂😂

Listening to the #Verzuz picks after watching the performance makes Saturday @JoeBuddenPod episode appointment listening.

I’d be here for Diddy vs JD only because Verzuz should’ve never stopped being about the producers/writers in the the first place.

LMAAOO why was Fat Joe coming for Ja Rule like this last night!?! 😩🤣😩 Wat did y’all think of the #Verzuz battle?!

Nostalgia has folks questioning whether an inductee in the songwriters hall of fame can hang in a verzuz with Diddy. Revisionist history is

Before #Diddy does any #VERZUZ he needs to get right with all the people he’s fucked over. Talk about shady.

Hate to say it but this verzuz sucks , lemme know if 50 cent shows up, Got me missing UFC DWCS for this bullshit #VERZUZ

WHERE WOULD I BE WITHOUT MY BABYYYYYYY Me rapping every word of Put It On Me always and forever #VERZUZ

#VERZUZ Photo,#VERZUZ Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

The IMPACT decades later😔🔥🔥#VERZUZ 🙏🏾 Pun

#VERZUZ Photo,#VERZUZ Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Fat Joe is getting washed with the HITS. Y’all think because he’s talking so much trash he’s winning. #VERZUZ

“You ain’t pushing buttons nukka!” Lmaaaaaao Ja Rule funny af. Joe got HOT over that. #VERZUZ

I promise Ja was the king of radio. You wanted a hit during that period? Go see Ja and Murder Inc. #VERZUZ

Ja Rule is going to lose his voice shouting at Fat Joe before the show is over 😭😭 #VERZUZ

Fat Joe - John Blaze/Still Not A Player (with Big Pun) vs. Ja Rule - Down Ass Bitch (with Charli Baltimore) #Verzuz #VerzuzTV

Dallas Texas….. it’s that time….. yall tuned into #VERZUZ between @jarule and @fatjoe or naw!!???

@theDYNAMICS @verzuzonline I had to search for Verzuz within the app, but YES Fite is ass

This music isn’t hyping me up for a Verzuz with Ja Rule and Fat Joe…. I’m confused….


Why isn’t the DJ playing hardcore hip-hop/rap music??? This set is giving cookout vibes … 🤔 #VERZUZ #VerzuzTV


the way I hate seeing celebrity and blue check comments during the #verzuz battles. Lol it’s always something corny or these same emojis 🔥🌊💣💯

Why am I in the gym doing the electric slide in between sets while listening to the dj 😅 #BeforeILetGo #VERZUZ

#VERZUZ の時間に合わせて外に出る事に成功 FAT JOEとジャルールとかもう...ashantiちらつくやん...マダーインクッッ oh babe

Ja Rule for the win tonight, now bring out Lil Mo and Ashanti 😌 #Verzuz Fat Joe, please bring out Papoose @verzuzonline

Finally figured how to do screen mirroring on my television from my so I can finally enjoy a Verzuz on the big screen lol

Where they be getting these verzuz DJ’s from? Why is he playing cookout music at a Fat Joe vs Ja Rule event?

Kinda want to hear some 99 to mid 2000 hip hop. Interesting musical selections by the DJ #VERZUZ

Why the DJs giving us wedding reception is a Hip Hop battle on deck 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤣 #VERZUZ

listen, say what y’all want about Ja. but 6Ft Underground is my shit. #attheendoftheday #VERZUZ

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