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The Cowboys beat the Vikings so bad they took em off TV. A network taking your game off of National television by saying, “we’re gonna take you to a more competitive matchup.” Is the actual version of having to pass the sticks when you’re down 21-0..

The Patriots held the Colts to three points and got Frank Reich fired. The Patriots held the Jets to three points and got Zach Wilson benched. Who from the Vikings will be losing their job after Thursday night?.

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Just finished taping PMT. We handled the Vikings/Cowboys game with the utmost class and respect..

Ein normaler Tag in meinem Kopf in der Vikings Analyse: Hey, wieder ein Spiel gedreht! Die Vikings sind gut! ... sind die Patriots wirklich der Maßstab dafür? Die Defense schon! Okay aber die Patriots Offense hat 26 gemacht und hatte Pech bei einem nicht gegebenen TD.

The Vikings are frauds cried the fans of the three teams that are each at least four games back in the loss column in the division and have all lost to the Vikings once already..

ja gut ...UND die Vikings haben einen Return TD gebraucht! Fair, war ein Spiel auf Augenhöhe gegen Pats-Team? Also sind Und die Defense baut ab. Jefferson kann Spiele an sich reißen! Auch gegen diese Defense! 📢GOOD NOT GREAT🤝.

#1 seed for the Eagles and Bills looked like locked in two weeks ago. We now have the Chiefs favored to get the #1 seed in the AFC. Eagles still favored in the NFC, but the Vikings are up to a 36% chance to earn the precious bye..

didn’t know “vikings” kind of series are really interesting, used to seeing “breaking bad” kind of series. Don’t know if you get me lol.

Dass Justin Jefferson Spiele an sich reißen kann, gibt den Vikings die beste Chance, über ihrer Gewichtsklasse zu boxen - und es ist gut, dass Cousins das seit ein paar Wochen aggressiver forciert! Manchmal ist der Fokus auf einen Receiver aber auch nicht gut 😬😬.

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Fim dos invictos Eagles, tombaço de Brady na Alemanha e o surreal Bills x Vikings: o resumo da semana 10 da NFL #NFLnaESPN.

This man really showed up to Minnesota in all purple. 23 sacks in 26 games 🔥 40 - Cowboys 3 - Vikings @MicahhParsons11 is different. #DallasCowboys.

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Buffalo Bills fall in OT to Minnesota Vikings, 33-30 | The Air Raid Hour.

@chrisinthe716 @purplebuckeye Good teams win football games sir. The Vikings have won 90% of their games. But whatever helps you sleep at night 🤡.

NEW — Nobody minced words. “We just flat out got beat.” “They beat us up and down the field all day.” “You’re kind of looking around like, ‘What’s going on?’” On a humbling Vikings loss, and what went horribly wrong:.

Lieber einmal 40-3, als 40 mal 1-0 oder so ähnlich 😂 das war gestern ganz große Scheiße #SKOL.

can’t believe Kirk Cousins is top 3 Vikings QB all time. passed My fav QB Daunte Culpepper.

Thanksgiving final scores Bills 28, Lions 25 Cowboys 28, Giants 20 Vikings 33, Patriots 26.

@rblommestijn @kbm2111 Ik wil excuses en genoegdoening : € van spanje. € van Frankrijk. € van Duitsland plus een fiets. Over de de Romeinen en Vikings, hebben we het later nog wel eens over..

📈 Mac Jones 📉 Special teams 3 winners and 3 losers from the Patriots’ 33-26 loss to the Vikings. #ForeverNE (@iambrianhines).

GAMEDAY: Northampton Jaguars vs Tarboro Vikings. 4th around of the playoffs. 7pm at Viking Stadium. Tickets at the gate and at hometown fan app.

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@limitiskii___ @flyassjetty_ Vikings type of series are good but are tiers below breaking bad type of series.

@washingtonukfan It will reinforce my belief the Ron and co need to go. You have a QB that is 3-1 and possibly a play away from 4-0 arguably against the better NFC teams in the Vikings and Eagles..

@faeroefather @RealSkipBayless It’s true they don’t trust the Vikings but the weird thing is they trust Dallas!🤷🏾‍♂️.

🚨Dud of the week🚨 -Buffalo Bills A goal-line stand and a botched snap on their own 1-yard line, with the game seemingly won that then turned into a Vikings touchdown, Then ANOTHER redzone INT thrown by Josh Allen to lose the game. The Bills were ahead by 14 points at HT..

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As @BruceExclusive says, three games is a trend. How about five games?.

Top 5 teams in the NFL from here on out 1. Vikings 2. Chiefs 3. Patriots 4. Bucs 5. Giants.

Eram pra ter tomado em 98, mas a porra do Vikings perdeu pra Bucaneers.

Cowboys beat Vikings by 37 Odell favorite to sign here Dak masterclass Giants lost and Eagles barely beat colts.

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