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Just trying to see when is Vogel going to put Harrell in the game! Just saying

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Eljo Hysko
Eljo Hysko ()

Çdo ditë në zonë e në mbështetje të vazhdueshme për çdo familje, qytetar e biznes të vogel. #njësia5 #skakoheperpushim

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Mélanie Vogel 💪🏽🏳️‍🌈🌻🇪🇺
Mélanie Vogel 💪🏽🏳️‍🌈🌻🇪🇺 ()

Tout mon soutien à nos élues dont nous sommes si @EPierreMarie et @alicecoffin. PS : Les propos de la lettre combinés à une photo de gode combinent tous les grands classiques de l’hétérosexisme. Et de la lose totale de leur auteur. Courage les queens 🥰💪🏽🌈

Lakers Nation
Lakers Nation ()

Vogel: “I’m happy with how we’re competing. Our guys are giving great effort, great hustle and great fight. I’m proud of them, we’re staying together and understanding there’s a big picture here…But certainly we want to be better with our execution.

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

Vogel said they thought Kuzma was going to be able to play tonight, but he wasn’t able to after he tried out his bruised heel in pregame workouts. Vogel added that they’re hopeful that Kuz can play at SAC tomorrow night, but we’ll see.

Kendrick Perkins
Kendrick Perkins ()

Just trying to see when is Vogel going to put Harrell in the game! Just saying

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

With LAL trapping Lillard, LeBron served as what Frank Vogel called a middle linebacker calling out the plays and reactions, and he also played some free safety at times, jumping any passes attempted over the top.

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

Frank Vogel said the Lakers are eager to take a look at Damian Jones, whom they called up on a 10-day contract. He’s unlikely to play tonight, but his vertical spacing on offense and shot blocking on defense is what intrigues them.

NBA Insider Harrison Faigen
NBA Insider Harrison Faigen ()

A few hours ago, I spoke with Anthony Davis about Ruffles, shoes, his health, how many changes of clothes he has at Staples Center at any given time, Frank Vogel’s dad jokes, and a whole lot more.


Реклама на ютубе теперь показывает мне Бориса. Вхвхахаха

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Nils Markwardt
Nils Markwardt ()

Bin dafür, dass dieser - ähnlich wie »Der Vogel des Jahres« - endlich richtig demokratisch gewählt wird! 😤 (aus: ebd.)

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Ed Aldus | Weerman
Ed Aldus | Weerman ()

Deze putter is lekker aan het badderen 😍 Voor de vogel verjaardagskalender ga je naar:

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Fixx ()

Der frühe Vogel fängt sich ne Schelle :D kein in den Stream

єдинаслідча モノクロ ちゃん ⚪❤⚪
єдинаслідча モノクロ ちゃん ⚪❤⚪ ()

Звідки тільки беруться ці конспіро теорії... поки всі люди, які не знали за Стерненка, і яким розповіла, сприйняли все серйозно й обурювалися такій несправедливості Але забава для народу?... це якийсь пиздець. Це ті самі люди, які кажуть, буцімто нас ночами з літаків кроплять

𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓾𝔀𝓮𝓥𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓵 🏳️‍🌈
𝓑𝓵𝓪𝓾𝔀𝓮𝓥𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓵 🏳️‍🌈 ()

Papa en dochter gaan naar de speeltuin (Ik) Ik maak even een foto van de molen (D) Nou 1 foto dan hoor! (Ik) Maak verder op nog een foto (D) Papa ben jij een Toerist ofzo!

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Big Kings
Big Kings ()

That was cuz they were a specialists oriented team thats not the case for the Lakers. Vogel offense been mid every team he coached why is Vogel still mid now and Lue elite without Bron and no Point guard for the Clippers?????

__wunderwerk___ ()

Donnerstag Optimismus schwingt im Hof. Mild klares Licht. Schon um 8 schenkt Sonne leichten Schattenwurf. Ahnung von prosperierenden Zeiten. Wie ein Vogel durch die Krone gleiten. Finde in meinem schrägen Setting gerade viel Gutes. Das Leben tut es ... Guten Morgen Anmutigkeiten

Glücklichster Fenni der Welt
Glücklichster Fenni der Welt ()

Hätte man mir vor einem halben Jahr gesagt, dass ich einen Menschen mal so lieben würde, hätte ich ihm den Vogel gezeigt. Es ist einfach unglaublich ❤️ Es ist so stark, das man das Gefühl hat, es zereisst einen wenn man es nicht erzählt, so stark ist es❤️

LakeShow ()

Los Angeles Lakers coach Frank Vogel is optimistic about the much-needed return of Dennis Schroder.


AD turned into a KD level isolation scorer in the playoffs but this guy thinks we won because of Vogel sets. LMAOOOOOOO

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

Frank Vogel said “it’s still possible that he plays on Friday,” and the Lakers are hopeful he’d clear protocols and be available for the game vs. Portland.

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

Vogel noted the importance of continuity and how much that can benefit a team especially early in the season, which we’ve certainly seen from Utah this year. They returned their top 8 rotation players from last season, plus Favors, who was there for 9 years prior to last year.

Erion Veliaj 🚴‍♂️🌳⚽️🇦🇱
Erion Veliaj 🚴‍♂️🌳⚽️🇦🇱 ()

Lajm i mirë për biznesin e vogël 👌 - pas zgjedhjeve, sapo të na lejojë KQZ-ja, falim tarifën e hapësirës publike. Kjo është amnistia e dytë për biznesin e vogël, pas faljes së të njëjtës tarife në prill🗓️ të vitit të shkuar.

bizleja kuqe
Bizleja kuqe ()

– 2 lugë të vogla sheqer; – 10 g tharmë të thatë; – 200 g miell të bardhë; – 100 g miell integral; – një lugë e vogël kripë; – 30 ml vaj; – 1 vezë; – 200 ml qumësht të ngrohtë; – 100 g kaçkavall; – 100 g djathë; – 1 të verdhë të vezës.

れーにゃん@🐈杯 ()


Aleksander Knauerhase 👻
Aleksander Knauerhase 👻 ()

Kaum zwitschern draußen die Vögel bekommt der Hausmeister einen Vogel und lässt den Kärcher

Kumpel und Malocher
Kumpel und Malocher ()

@PSLetsPlayDE Statt einer Million nicht funktionieren Bundels könnten sie ja auch einfach ein großes funktionierendes Verfügbar machen🙃

Ben Rosales
Ben Rosales ()

Obviously Vogel could optimize guys better and if they’re going to drop these games anyways, should push Bron’s PT down and play guys like THT more (or even brush off the likes of Dudley) but it’s a much more limited team with no AD/DS for a reason.

Amarins Spandaw
Amarins Spandaw ()

Poes heeft vogel door het kattenluik mee naar BOVEN genomen. Kind spreekt poes nu bestraffend toe: “Géén muizen, géén vogels hoor je me?”

Mike Trudell
Mike Trudell ()

LAL, who have led by as many as 15, take a 43-32 edge into a Vogel time out after a rare poor transition defense possession allowed the Wiz an alley-oop. Lakers are 5 of 13 from 3, and Washington 1 of 4, while LAL have created 8 TO’s to their 5.

Jörg Schindler
Jörg Schindler ()

Unfassbar dieser 88jährige Vogel. In seiner Zeit als Ministerpräsident konnte unter der Obhut des heute für rechtsradikale Blätter schreibenden und vom ihm eingesetzten VS-Chef #Roewer der #NSU gedeihen. @bodoramelow und die damalige PDS von diesem beobachten zu lassen, (1/2)

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