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Leo wacha tu tucheke na comedy ya HE the DP na harooooo. Kenyans are funny 不不.

Wacha walks Judge on four pitches. By the way, Judge is 0 for 14 with 9 strikeouts versus Wacha in his career..

#RedSox 0 @ #Yankees 3 [B6-0o]: Giancarlo Stanton homers (28): fly ball to RCF (2-run) Hit: 377ft, , 32簞, OPPO Pitch: Changeup (RHP Michael Wacha, 12).

Giancarlo Stanton off RHP Michael Wacha - mph, 32 degrees (377 ft Home Run) mph Changeup #RedSox @ #Yankees (B6).

Wacha, Diego Montalv獺n tuvo desarrollo m獺s r獺pido que cualquiera de los Gonz獺lez #AFHS.

Barrel: Giancarlo Stanton (49) [NYY] off Michael Wacha [BOS]: mph, 32 degrees (Home Run - 377 ft).

Yankees Fans outside Wachas Red Sox hotel if he walks Aaron Judge again:.

Wacha Photo,Wacha Photo by Danny Armstrong,Danny Armstrong on twitter tweets Wacha Photo

@JackCurryYES Cora and Wacha are cowards. Pitch to the man. Show some respect for the game..

Red Sox 0 (Pitching: #52 Michael Wacha) Yankees 3 (Batting: #22 Harrison Bader) Bottom of 6th, 1 Out, No one on.

Red Sox 0 (Pitching: #52 Michael Wacha) Yankees 3 (Batting: #95 Oswaldo Cabrera) Bottom of 6th, 0 Out, No one on.

@love_YOZORA_ ∼隞脰胯艾 瘞頠賬怎窗扼整塔.


@loveskz1025 賬∼芥芥艾趴wwwwwwwww.

Wacha Photo,Wacha Photo by 胯,胯 on twitter tweets Wacha Photo

@loveskz1025 喋詻找找芸舀.

Wacha Photo,Wacha Photo by 胯,胯 on twitter tweets Wacha Photo

@loveskz1025 芥銝支扎桐舀行嗚甇颯扼押颯喋扎怒格抒脯血∼西絲U怒鋡怒艾血摰怒怒芥.

Re flasheo el de cabify me est獺 llevando haciendo una llamada en altavoz en el estereo jajajajaja corte tir獺ndole onda a una wacha 不.


@bbfwarmsunshine @loveskz1025 ∼具賬乓艾芥其縑芥喋瑯扼喋怒綾佞.

@vitogarboso Encima si tanto le importaba a la wacha Sal穩 afuera arranca una florcita pedi plata amigo nose AAAAH QUE BRONCA murio el romanticismo fallecio cupido fenecio el detalle.

@AnswerDave Could Wacha be interested in a share of a Budweiser distributorship in the St. Louis area?.

Michael Wacha viendo llegar a la caja de bateo a Aaron Judge:.

Wacha Photo,Wacha Photo by Oz Mart穩nez 莞,Oz Mart穩nez 莞 on twitter tweets Wacha Photo

I think there should be a new rule about this here throwing balls!!! Wacha think about that!.

Doug Rush
Doug Rush

Aaron Judge so far tonight: 0-for-0, 2 walks. Michael Wacha refuses to give Judge anything decent to hit. 仄領儭.

Every playoff team should be taking notes from Michael Wacha on how to attack the Yankees. Throw 4 balls to Aaron Judge and pitch to everyone else in this lineup..

Michael Wacha is two clean starts away from getting his big bag. I wouldnt want to be on an infinitely-viewed highlight giving up a bomb either..

@RiverAveBlues No point pitching to him when the rest of the lineup makes outs on 1st pitch or hits into DPs. Wacha is coasting..

@doylebrian85 @JoezMcfLy I mean the one pitch Judge got was foul. Wacha is pitching down most of his at-bats.

Ken Rudin
Ken Rudin

Gotta give Wacha a lot of credit in that last at bat. Yes, he again walked Judge. But he also challenged him with good pitches and lived to tell the tale..

At least Wacha made it look like he was actually going to pitch to Judge that inning..

@Jared_Carrabis Imagine thinking Wacha is scared to be the guy to give up 61 when he threw a 93 MPH fastball right down the middle of the plate..

Wachas gonna need an armed guard to get out of the stadium tonight.

Well nobody in the yankee lineup is making wacha pay for walking judge so 61 probably isnt happening tonight.

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