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Updated: November 26th, 2021 08:42 AM IST

Darren Waller has been ruled OUT for the rest of the game with a knee injury Speedy recovery 🙏

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@Ace_Eca4 The packers beat the cardinals without their top 3 receivers , without 2 linemen and some defensive players ….. no excuse for losing to the raiders without 2 of their 3 best pass catchers Waller and ruggs

@HoosierRaider We didn’t have Incognito, Mullen, or Waller… I’d say it don’t matter! Next man up!

11th game. 6 more to go: Renfrow 658 yards. Waller 676 yards. Edwards 458 yards. DJAX 140 yards. (counting Raiders) Zay 236 yards. We will potentially have 2 1000 yds receivers. Hunters best season to be honest.

@joeblow52467902 @PFF_Fantasy Bro I have Lamb, Swift, and Waller, a damn good team and I’m about to be 5-7. Need to change my mindset next year and stop obsessing over it

Past SIX days: Lost a +4400 CFB parlay when UTSA didn’t cover they won by 3. Lost a +900 CBB parlay when St Marys were up 6 mid 2nd half Lost a +2400 NFL parlay when Waller went out in the 2nd quarter and didn’t score a TD I’m thankful I haven’t broken anything

After losing DeAndre Swift and Darren Waller, my fantasy blood is at a steady boil as I watch Stefon Diggs work his way to another inexplicably slow night.

Yea they are just going to ask about Ruggs and Waller and Gruden and Arnette. Not discounting what you are saying but it is what it is.

@drawin_casscain It’s weird how that episode gave us one of the greatest Batman moments in all Batman media in him waiting for Ace to die comforting her & then they said Amanda Waller made Terry’s dad have Bruce’s dna & hired Andrea to take his parents out It was all so stupid

Dr. Matt believes Darren Waller could miss ‘1-3 weeks’ with knee injury #nfl

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My Many friends who are Cowboys fans: ‘wE dIDnt hAvE CeEDEe or aMaRi’ Me: have you not paid attention to who the Raiders have lost this yr, plus Waller 1/2 through Q2. STHU.

@DylansRawTake Man please don’t act like these guys ain’t put the fix in from that Waller fumble

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@CowboysMx1 Oye si cual fue el criterio para declarar pase incompleto en esa jugada? Waller tiene la posesión de balón da dos pasos y si tiene el ovoide agarrado de una mano ya es disposición de él

@DeJuanBooker Bro what are the odds we wished eachother luck and Waller fucked us we’re cursed.


@RealSkipBayless Who cares he’s overrated lol. You had 2 WRs go for over 100…you let the Raiders go up and down the field without ruggs and waller 😂😂

Hunter Renfrow is easily the best receiver on the Raiders (no I’m not counting Waller)

@V1vaLosRa1ders Been pretty good. But Waller got hurt. And our coaching staff has no idea how to use the clock before the half ends. Trying to sit on a damn lead. My god this one should’ve been put away already.

I can’t even beef I’m too seasoned but I can’t lie Waller injury just blew some good fun tokens I called 3 TD’s but this is normal in the most humble way

@btrue_927 Got swift and Waller on the same fantasy team 🤦🏻‍♂️ playing @RonSwansonIII

Raiders TE Darren Waller (knee) and DE Carl Nassib (knee) have been ruled out for the remainder of the game.

If you have Swift/Waller injuries the only solution is to full press Miss parlay

I bet on Swift, Waller, and Diggs touchdowns…. @stefondiggs avoid the game today my man. And for the rest of y’all don’t bet on Diggs

Darren Waller has been ruled OUT for the rest of the game with a knee injury Speedy recovery 🙏

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After a weird end to the first half, the #Raiders lead 17-13. That drive after the missed field goal could loom large. Would say the biggest factor for the offense going into the second half is whether they can get Waller back.

And no Darren Waller (knee) as the #Raiders offense takes the field late in the first half.

Swift gets injured parlay dead, Waller gets injured parlays dead. Cant catch a break bro

Raiders TE Darren Waller left the Thanksgiving Day game on two separate occasions with two different injuries. He was officially ruled questionable to return. More:

Waller Photo,Waller Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

Darren Waller (knee) is QUESTIONABLE to return. Carl Nassib (knee) is QUESTIONABLE to return. #LVvsDAL

Ué, a transmissão fala do retorno questionável do Darren Waller mostrando o cara em campo jogando? 🤔

Raiders TE Darren Waller has re-entered game. He exited with back issue and was announced as questionable to return.

TE Darren Waller (back) is questionable to return to the game.

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