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Updated: October 14th, 2021 08:44 AM IST

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Lineup Change: Tim Weah will replace Paul Arriola who was injured during tonight’s warmup.

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México rota a sus jugadores de 28 años hacia arriba, Canadá igual, USA saca a los 3 jugadores q habían jugado los últimos 2 partidos completos (Dest y Weah, ambos anotaron). Ahhh pero la yegua de Suárez deja a Bryant y a Celso xq le piden q no lo saque. NO JODAS!!

@GrantWahl It was a horrible decision that likely caused an injury. Completely unnecessary with Weah right there. Rotation decisions in this window were highly questionable in all areas. Rotated everyone except the one guy he should have cuz his legs were dead after the first.

Victoria importantisima para la #USMNT -- Estados Unidos doblega a Costa Rica en Columbus de la mano de Dest y Weah.

Busio should join the list of roster locks along with Musah, Weah, and Richards. End of discussion.

@nvita37 @UsmntJunkie I know, I wish him well, but damn it was lucky that he got injured tonight for Weah. Busio & Hoppe both played very well tonight and definitely deserve more minutes. And it’s a shame LDT didn’t get many minutes, but I think he will be back next window.

Tim Weah scored on a shot that deflected off the goalkeeper in the 66th minute after Sergiño Dest started the comeback from a first-minute deficit.

- Happy with 3 pts - Dest probably MOTM - Adams is Mr Everything to this team - Still too hesitant to press advantage - Congrats to Weah, ugly goals count too - Nice debut from Busio - Praying for a healthy Reyna

@stuholden Would we have won that game if it was Arriola instead of Weah like Gregg intended?


@NateElder Tbh I don’t think Berhalter was referring to the build up. I think he thought it should’ve been offsides since dest was off the field. Which is incorrect lol. This is the best I could find for Weah before Dest’s equalizer

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@Stevinho21 Surround good players with other good players and they will play well, great example is Weah today vs Weah against Panama

@mikael_marciano Ils sont une belle génération les Americans avec aussi Pulisic, De la Fuente, Weah, Pepi 😍

USA has looked a lot better since weah and aaronson swapped wings. They work with the fullbacks better this way now

@TaylorTwellman @USMNT Probably, but thems the breaks. There are at least two more US goals in this game for the taking, but the US needs to ATTACK ATTACK on the right where the Ticos have no answer for Dest, Aaronson, Musah and Weah. NONE.

HT Thoughts: Keep the pressure up and push this older Costa Rica team. They can’t keep up with the press. Get Musah, Dest, Weah and Aaronson the ball as much as possible. No more silly mistakes mentally in the back. USMNT admin is still baby shit soft for blocking us

The #USMNT kids are such a fun watch, Musah, Dest, Weah & Aaronson are buzzing. Have to play a clean 2nd half, if so can win this 3 or 4-1.


Pepi is warmed up. He’s surveyed the field, see where he needs to move, where he needs to press, where he needs to be quicker. He’s going to make the difference. Musah and Weah have been excellent. McKennie in control. LFG #USMNT

-Aaronson needs to be a little bit stronger on the ball. He’s been muscled off it a bit too much. -Pepi goal coming. Keep giving him opportunities. -Weah responding well -Miles good 1v1 as typical -Steffen needs to be just a bit cleaner with his decisions

The goal came almost immediately after switching Weah/Aaronson on the wings, but feels like USMNT hasn’t been quite as dangerous as a whole since that happened. Felt like Dest/Weah were having a ton of success on the right side together early.

Tim Weah been pretty disappointing. Always thought he was overrated but it might be Berhalter making him look this bad #usmnt

Think our attack has kind of went down since Aaronson and Weah switched sides. Weah was causing problems on the right

Instead of racing down the right to beat Calvo, Weah tries poking the ball around him on the left. It eventually goes out for a Costa Rica goal kick. #USAvCRC


Dest with two terrible passes in a row. Needs to get on the same page with Weah #USMNT

Weah with a dangerous cross, but nobody can get on the end of it. USMNT doing well to string some passes together. #USAvCRC

Incredible how Berhalter rates Weah so little compared to Arriola. Really incompetent

Alineaciones completas para el encuentro entre @USMNT 🇺🇸 y Costa Rica 🇨🇷 - Paul Arriola sufrió una lesión en el calentamiento y su lugar será ocupado por Tim Weah #CaminoACatar

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USA 🇺🇸 XI: Steffen; Dest, Richards, M. Robinson, A. Robinson; Adams, Musah, McKennie, Aaronson, Weah, Pepi Costa Rica 🇨🇷 XI: Keylor Navas; Blanco, Fuller, Duarte, Calvo, Matarrita; Borges, Tejeda, Bryan Ruiz, Venegas, Moya #USAvCRC #WCQ2022

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Weah in for Arriola. Now the only flaw with this lineup is putting in a GK who has only played twice in 4 months for a keeper who’s on absolute fire for club and country. Foolish.

@usmntonly @USMNT turned off the replies on the Weah lineup change, it truly is everyone in the USSF that is terrible. 😭

Lineup Change: Tim Weah will replace Paul Arriola who was injured during tonight’s warmup.

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