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🚨🇳🇱 Weghorst: I have worked my whole career to reach the highest level. I see today that our club, Manchester United, is without a doubt one of the greatest clubs in the world. I am proud and happy to be here. #MUFC.

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Wout Weghorst: “It was my first trophy. When we won it and the trophy was ours, I took a moment to enjoy it and I saw the crowd. These are the moments you will remember, and that is why I did it.” [MU].

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#mufc most assists (22/23): Bruno Fernandes [10] Christian Eriksen [9] Marcus Rashford [7] Casemiro [5] Shaw [5] Fred [4] Alejandro Garnacho [4] Wout Weghorst [3].

Wout Weghorst played 57 minutes and Tyrell Malacia played 3 minutes as the Netherlands lost 4-0 to France 🇳🇱.

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Look at Cristiano Ronaldo scoring free kicks for club and country and being consistent. You cannot tell me he wouldn’t have performed better than Weghorst….

🚨🇳🇱 Wout Weghorst & Tyrell Malacia are on the bench for the Netherlands..

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🚨🚨| 🇳🇱 Weghorst: “We dey move go Budapest, We go reach the Final. Na small small.” #MUFC || #BETMUN.

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Weghorst ndiyo mchezaji pekee anayecheza ulaya, ambaye akija hata Ihegu au Maji maji hapati namba 😂. Unakubaliana na mimi au nimeongea pumba ?.

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Joao Felix >>>>>>>>>> Wout Weghorst.

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Sabitzer dey show Weghorst how to score 😂 💀 #MUFC || #MUNFUL.

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Elite depth is not gained by signing squad players. It is instead created by recruiting players that slot right into your starting eleven, pushing previous starters onto the bench. We should not be settling for Sabitzer or Weghorst long-term..

Bruno has stunk, he’s gotta realise he can’t play the early pass when you have someone that’s not mobile in weghorst up top.

🚨🔴 INTERNATIONAL REDS: Wout Weghorst played 57 minutes and wins a penalty while Malacia played 3 minutes, in a 4-0 defeat against France..

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@TheEuropeanLad Osama Bin Koeman after shamelessly parking the bus against gibraltar after a 6th minute penalty scored by weghorst.

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@ebz7i That second half sancho performance was really good, this was his first full 90 if he gets more minutes he can do much more. He already deserved a few G/A before asw if it wasn’t for that Weghorst guy upfront.

so i come bearing gifts from wout weghorst’s instagram. the man’s fashion game is thick. fairs..

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🚨🇳🇱 A Holanda de Wout Weghorst e de Tyrell Malacia perde de 4x0 para a França. Weghorst entrou na segunda etapa e Malacia ficou no banco de reservas..

Eski sevgiliyi stalklar gibi her maç Weghorst stalklıyorum jdjdjd bu maç da 4 yıldız altı almış Wegom :(.

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Ronaldo “spent his time on the bench + left 5 months ago” and Weghorst the “backup striker” played more games than “our main striker” Martial.

Weghorst do sumn you fucking giraffe. Man just does cardio all game like he’s Mo Farah.

Aí vieram as expulsões que garantiram o resultado. Muito obrigado Willian e Mitrovic. Lisandro e Antony se destacaram. Maguire, McTominay e Weghorst, como sempre, decepcionaram..

Weghorst’s run for the 3rd goal made it, drew two defenders in a created the wide open space for Bruno. Obviously not the man to lead the line long term, but he doesn’t get the credit he deserves, his movement creates space for the likes of rashford and Bruno to do their thing.

@FutboITings @HendrikVoetbal1 I would take Lang over Danjuma…at least Lang is playing games. Malen had a good match today but his confidence has been low. What worries me is Weghorst being our starting striker and of course passing over a bright young right back who is in top form (Frimpong).

@JonnyFX1 @LUHGSzns_ you have pure hatred towards ronaldo but quite happy to watch weghorst stink the place out along with others. Ronaldo did his job delivered for this club. This fanbase is sickening can’t wait for the Qataris to shake it up..

That lay-off to Weghorst, brilliant. His decision making, weight of pass, intelligence, understanding of space, composure in tight spaces, all brilliant..

@JoeRemruata @Ghost_Android Blocked two already tonight. Slagging off Rashford, Maguire, Sancho, Pellestri. I don’t get it. Complete cretins. Even saying it was a poor game to watch and Weghorst is not the answer - we all actually know that.

@AirNeuf_ Mais tu peux pas comparer mdr , Marouane était technique mine de rien . Weghorst y’a vraiment rien de rien qui va pour le coup ….

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Weghorst works his bollocks off but he stands out like a sore thumb in this side. When the one touch passing speeds up & becomes intricate he’s absolutely lost. Bounces off him..

no fue un partido excelente de Facu pero un palo pillo ahí que weghorst la erra nadie sabe cómo.

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