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Today In Florida: Roughly A Zillion Cars Waited For Hours In Traffic For The First White Castle In Orlando To Open

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Nicky ()

who would willingly wake up early to go to white castle dude what

J̴̖̱͗a̵̮̻̔͋ļ̷̬̋̽a̶̞͗ẍ̷̤y̷͓͐̅͜ ()

@gnutieL Shake Shack > White Castle But that doesn’t mean that Shake Shack is 100% good either

DanielaWX ()

Not a single person in this line has ever been to White Castle.

TheTalentlessWriter ()

Doesn’t Orlando know that White Castle is fucking disgusting lol. You only go there when it’s the only option left

Name cannot be blank
Name cannot be blank ()

You can literally buy frozen white castle burgers at the grocery store and they taste exactly the same

🤟🏽Kam ()

Y’all sit in lines for White Castle for hours but paranoid about what’s in the Covid-19 vaccine??? I am confusion

Governor ()

I pray to the most high it’s a set up and they all get arrested , nobody wants White Castle that bad no way

PastryPlate ()

Fun fact; I got fired from the White Castle on University Ave in #StPaul after my first 4 hr shift when I was 14 for throwing away a box of those onions… it looked like sawdust and nobody told me…

Xavy ()

I respect White Castle workers. They be over there fixing like 50 sandwiches for every order 🤣

Jimi ()

i know damn well white castle not that good for it to have a line spanning over a mile long

The Goat
The Goat ()

100 years ago in 1921: Hitler appointed leader of Nazi’s. Sacco & Vanzetti guilty First MLB game on radio FDR diagnosed w polio White Castle Hamburger opens Gucci is founded

Collin MacGregor
Collin MacGregor ()

White Castle is a 5/10 fast good joint on the best of days. This isn’t worth mediocre sliders lmao

Ryan Nanni
Ryan Nanni ()

1. Show up at White Castle right when they open 2. Buy like 50 Crave Cases 3. Circle back and sell them to the people at the back of the line at a markup

FOX 13 Tampa Bay
FOX 13 Tampa Bay ()

White Castle, the fast-food chain known for its tiny burgers, has officially opened its largest free-standing location in the world in Orlando.​

Jonas Pope IV
Jonas Pope IV ()

No way. Not for White Castle, not for ANY FOOD! Four hours! For a burger. WHITE CASTLE!?! Hell no!

Stephen Holder
Stephen Holder ()

Serious question: is White Castle the worst fast food option out there? It’s definitely a contender.

Enzo ()

if y’all are eating White Castle willingly then don’t worry about what’s in the vaccine 😭

David Leavitt
David Leavitt ()

The same people who’re afraid of getting the vaccine are waiting 6 hours in line to eat at White Castle.

Herb Lawrence
Herb Lawrence ()

I absolutely love White Castle (had it on Saturday) but stop it. NO FOOD, especially White Castle sliders, are worth waiting in this long of a line for. They could literally purchase them from the grocery store and cook them on the skillet and you would have a similar result!

Barstool Sports
Barstool Sports ()

Today In Florida: Roughly A Zillion Cars Waited For Hours In Traffic For The First White Castle In Orlando To Open

White Castle Photo,White Castle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Hoodie ()

I won’t speak because White Castle has been there for me when no one else was

(((DeanObeidallah))) ()

I saw White Castle is trending - I assumed it was because Trump had renamed Mar-A-Lago the more appropriate name of White Castle

August ()

Folks hating on the White Castle fans, are some of the same folks that wait hours for theme park items. Just let people be me,White Castle brings back memories of my first stop every time my grandpa picked me up to visit him in STL. Can’t wait to grab some sliders soon

Tim Ryder
Tim Ryder ()

White Castle in Mickey Mouse Land seems fitting #bellybombers

RespeckMy40 ()

@PapageorgiouMBO @BenGChase They going to be highly disappointed in the difference if they’ve never had White Castle. That place is garbage

Ross Myers
Ross Myers ()

Experts agree that due to ever changing variants and vaccine hesitancy, a herd immunity threshold for the coronavirus is not attainable. But for just $ and a quick jab in the arm, you can enjoy the herd immunity burger at a White Castle near you.

Rayana 🦝
Rayana 🦝 ()

This White Castle is offering an hour starting wage. That’s how you bring in good people. That’s the minimum and build from that. This is why you can’t get good workers.

White Castle Photo,White Castle Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Angela Cobb
Angela Cobb ()

Honestly, people waiting in line for hours for White Castle is about the only thing that can make me respect Florida.

Krazy Alaskan
Krazy Alaskan ()

When you see White Castle trending and hoping as it opens up: let it be let it be good. It does not disappoint. 😅😂

News4JAX ()

OFFICIALLY OPEN - The world’s largest White Castle has officially opened in Orlando.

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