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Finish this sentence, “If he was ” #IfHeWasBlack #WhitePrivilege.

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If only you knew that it was the 1652’s who built this country. If only you knew that it was not white privilege, but white accomplishments that made SA a 1st world nation before handing it over to Marxist terrorists. #WhitePrivilege is a myth #WhiteAccomplishment is a fact.

I vow to remember I did nothing to earn the privilege I have as a white cis male. I’m treated differently everyday, and not because I earned it. I will always be thankful for people who fought, not to be better than someone else, but simply to be equal. #WhitePrivilege.

#BREAKING: Michael White, 22, has been found NOT guilty in the Rittenhouse Square stabbing death of Sean Schellenger. DETAILS: #WhitePrivilege.

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@Tiff_FitzHenry Honestly the whole world has known for sometime that Bill Gates had some very dark areas in his life. From the scandals in Africa regarding vaccinations, to Underground unethical projects. In a world where #WhitePrivilege destroys white men he seems to always be shielded, why?.

The audacity of this white woman to go up to them and make believe she’s a Cop and tell them to “get the fuck out” #WhitePrivilege And this is why our kids need to Know their Rights.

Let’s clarify #WhitePrivilege - it has NOTHING to do with what YOU earned or worked for. Eg. An African girlfriend and I walk into a boutique, the sales assistants rush to help me, only the security guard gives her attention. Did I EARN or PAY for this treatment? 🤔.

#WhitePrivilege So true. Desperately and horribly.

#WhitePrivilege whites still get low interest rates for bond and blacks still get high interest rate for same bond..

#WhitePrivilege days is numbered. Only house niggros & 702 blacks is standing between the Revolutionarist & WMC. Aluta Continua ☭ ✊🏿.

Finish this sentence, “If he was ” #IfHeWasBlack #WhitePrivilege.

Banks always find loopholes to deny us home loans. Blacks are likely to be denied a home mortgage loan compared to whites. #WhitePrivilege.

within seconds they would’ve shot em smh. #WhitePrivilege.

You deserve a noble peace award and thank you so much for telling south african a honest truth #WhitePrivilege @SciTheComedist.

To be under the influence of drugs can not be a valid excuse to commit serious Sorry. #NicholasNinow #WhitePrivilege.

I so wish I could attend this talk about #WhitePrivilege.

Wow!!! The #WhitePrivilege in this country!!! #NicholasNinow must get life in jail..

#WhitePrivilege To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression..

@Freedma27485096 @rakadimo24 Tragic, as is the fact that APLA freedom fighters remain behind bars while murderous apartheid leaders roam free #WhitePrivilege.

This lack of “unity” amongst us has created a blurred vision in our minds of the real problem is which is not #WhitePrivilege but the fact that we need to look at ourselves as quality people worth something and removing the spirit of dependence that so we have so much.

With #WhitePrivilege trending I know the is a racist somewhere angry as hell. 😂 😂 😂.

In the midst of prison overcrowding Nicholas Ninow managed to find an unoccupied cell. He gets drugs in his cell, he’s also given an opportunity to recite a poem to the little girl insulting her further. He’s no longer a rapist but a victim of circumstances. #WhitePrivilege.

I am there is no #WhitePrivilege in Sunny South Africa.

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Damn why did I watch this because now I feel #WhitePrivilege #NicholasNinow.

Being called privileged is not an insult. It simply means that society treats you better than another group of people. It means there are systematic procedures in place that keep you above others based on how you look, how much you’re worth and other factors. #WhitePrivilege.

Damn this is so true💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 thank you for finally telling it like it is bro #WhitePrivilege.

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