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In our SOCIETY today, men have been brought up with the belief that WOMEN have NOTHING to say! That men are the priority. This mentality needs to CHANGE!!💔 #SayNoToRapist #whyididntreport

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Madalina BLM ()

being sexually assaulted by people you deem close to you is impossible to process. #whyididntreport

Tia B. ()

Wow, I dm’d him, & he just apologized. That’s all I wanted. I forgive him. #WhyiDidntReport


I took kind of a huge step and shared this thread on my snapchat, where those old friends’ll see #whyididntreport There are a lot of REALLY important things going on that I want to focus on, I’m hanging onto this one small victory for me together, we have a voice

⌬ diana ⌬ ()

i was 18, he was my boyfriend. he coerced me into taking drugs i didn’t want to take. i felt like it was my fault for not being more assertive. i thought that “no” and the tears would make him stop. #whyididntreport

S,,h,, ☼ ()

#whyididntreport i was 15. he was my boyfriend. no money. no support. no evidence. fear. shame. fear. shame. fear. shame. over and over and i thought it was LOVE I THOUGHT IT WOULD MAKE HIM STAY BECAUSE I KNEW THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WOULD NOT HELP ME.

𝓷𝓲𝓷𝓪 𝓶𝓸𝓷𝓮𝓲 ()

The first time, I told my parents. They told me, “what happens in the family stays in the family.” Next time, he was my boyfriend so I didn’t think it was rape. He said he thought I was “playing” when I said no over & over. Said it wouldn’t happen again. It did. #WhyIDidntReport

Kassie ()

I love that so many people are speaking up about their abusers and using #whyididntreport. You all are so loved❤️

Gypsy Rose🧜🏼 ()

to hear, “i don’t know what happened in that room” , from someone you called your bestfriend and sister. thats a different pain. #whyididntreport

Kya ❼ | BLM ()

I was in the 4th grade and I was terrified. He’s 6 years older than me. He grew up with me and my siblings, and we called him our brother. My dad isn’t his biological dad, but that’s how he recognized him, and I felt like it was my fault. #whyididntreport

Gabrielle nader ()

“That’s just the way he is” “He’s harmless” “He doesn’t mean it like that” #whyididntreport

ʟᴀʟᴏ ()

#whyididntreport För att jag var 15. För att det var i hemlandet. För att han va släkt. För att vad jag än hade sagt så hade dom fått det att se ut som att de mitt fel.

Nydia 🦋 ()

@IndianaPredato1 Isn’t just about rape victims, it’s also about sexual assault or anything considered uncomfortable and a red flag in a situation you have no power over , it’s a page to let people’s voices and stories be heard 🗣 #whyididntreport

Matonna ()

I was 6 when it first happened. He was a close family friend’s son, he would demand to do whatever he wanted. Hurricane Season 2004 (I was 8) was when it was the worst, they stayed over for a few days. Afterward, I didn’t let people come near me for years. #whyididntreport

Emi ♍︎ ()

it kept happening. over & over again. i got lost in the details. who, where, when. he had a friend tell every partner after him that i was a liar. he made sure it followed me, then had the nerve to ask me to explain my trauma to him. to re-live it #whyididntreport

𝙶𝚊𝚋𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎 ()

I was a kid I thought we were just playing a game. I tried to run from home and was too ashamed to tell my parents I had left the house, let alone tell them I was almost abducted. Because he was a gay man and I am a lesbian, it just didnt make sense #whyididntreport

Vic ()

#whyididntreport He was my boyfriend. We were together for 5 months. He made me feel like even though I said no, he had the right to do what he wanted with me because we were together.

Roop ()

I wasn’t the confident brave woman I am today when it happened and it’s unfortunately shameful in my culture to talk about. #whyididntreport

Brookie 🍪 ()

This hashtag makes me nauseous. I don’t like to talk about my sexual trauma cuz nobody really cared to believe me. #whyididntreport

Omo Rapala Omo Ara ()

Few years ago we were shouting what is wrong with South Africans because of the high rate of rape and Murder. Now we have taken over. We always take over with bad things. #SayNoToRapist #whyididntreport

B | blm ()

@marvelousxoxo i have almost the exact same story and it took me 3 times of telling my mom over the span of 10 years for her to believe me. you’re not alone. #whyididntreport

Damini ()

#iwas 16 and 17 they had guns, they threanted to make my loved ones next, I was scared. that’s #whyididntreport

Lizard ()

it’s hard hearing reasons on why it was my fault until someone finally says it’s okay, it isn’t your fault. being coerced is not okay & being taken advantage of when you’re blacked out is not okay. #whyididntreport

Kronan ()

All kärlek o respekt till alla som kommer ut o blottar sina känslor för alla i #WhyIDidntReport, oavsett kön, starkast e ni, må gud underlätta allt för er, hoppas horbarnen som ärrat er får en plågsam död, ingen ska behöva gå igenom något sådant.

Booty Goddess (5%) 🔜 Depression Naps ()

I know it’s hard to speak out about your trauma. It took me 2 years to say anything. Doing it last night brought up so many emotions so I KNOW. You are not alone. You are strong. If you are a POS that is the reason why someone had to post an age and use #WhyIDidntReport

Kay ()

to all those that have been believe you and will stand with you. it was NOT your fault and will NEVER be your fault. #whyididntreport

TACHA🔱🇳🇬🇬🇭 ()

In our SOCIETY today, men have been brought up with the belief that WOMEN have NOTHING to say! That men are the priority. This mentality needs to CHANGE!!💔 #SayNoToRapist #whyididntreport

Jojo ()

I’m so proud of everyone for posting about their stories for #whyididntreport. It’s inspiring to see women be this open and honest in front of so many people, including men. I’m not sure if I’m ready to speak on my stories yet though.

Crybaby. ()

@kochoualez @persimmongaby I was 7. I feel you and I’m here for you. #whyididntreport

#blm ()

Because I knew my mother was gonna blame me (which she did) I was afraid, embarrassed and I thought I was the one who did something wrong #whyididntreport

Sov Cit Decider ()

Because I wasn’t aware when it happened that rape didn’t have to be penile penetration. #whyididntreport

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