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37 steals for Andrew Wiggins so far in the regular season. Which is the most memorable?.

Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole e Andrew Wiggins já têm mais de 15 pontos cada. Estamos na metade do terceiro quarto. #DubNation.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by Warriors Brasil (22-22),Warriors Brasil (22-22) on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

Curry checked back in with 8:11 left in the fourth, Warriors up 95-89. Wiggins immediately made a jumper to go up 97-89. Since then: 32-16 BOS.

They call Horford for the foul on the Wiggins the Celtics are challenging the call.

That might be the worst foul call I’ve ever seen, on that Horford contest of a Wiggins three LOL..

Same issue for Kuminga (and Wiggins) when they’re out there..

unsuccessful challenge. 3 free throws for Wiggins. There is a fair amount of disbelief in the building.

Nossa NÃO FOI NADA do Al Horford no Wiggins, ele nem encostou. Fez bem o Mazzula desafiar, se isso não for revertido vai ser uma vergonha..

@WarriorBurner @OnBallSteph i dont understand why wiggins always shooting threes or just pulling up when he should attack the rim and play physical..

I go to bed every night with my wiggins bobblehead on my bedside it brings me good luck 🫶🏽.

Wiggins didn’t get touched. LMAO refs lowkey cheated .. this should be an easy overturn call for the Celtics.

Steph, Klay, Poole y Wiggins; todos tienen mas de 15 puntos y estamos en el tercer cuarto.

The devil in ref’s ear said “call that” after he watched Al horford and Andrew Wiggins make 0 contact.

@lvlup_sports Lost out on that Draymond and Wiggins play today. Boy it got close! Hopefully gets better day by day!.

Tatum finals was so bad he has them calling Wiggins, of all people, his father. man he needs to put that shit to bed if he loves this game.

@WarriorsLatam_ Draymond y wiggins ahora mismo no pueden estar en la misma alineación, uno no sabe tirar y el otro se olvido de como tirar.

@DubNationFr Wiggins c’est terrible on le sent vraiment pas en confiance dans son jeu on espère que ça va aller mieux !.

@WarriorsMuse Would u look at that wiggins absolutely trash again bench providing absolutely nothing AS USUAL.

We got away with that last call just like y’all got away with Wiggins pick and called it a offensive foul @celtics.

@J0rdanPool3 Os caras fazem uma simples movimentação no ataque e nossa defesa fica perdidinha, Lamb e Wiggins hj vão testar a paciência de todos.

@WarriorsLatam_ Wiggins antes era un Rolex, ahora es un Casio xd.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by Natanael Pablo 🟡,Natanael Pablo 🟡 on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

@klaylese why u speaking of them two only have u watched Wiggins? mans out here bricking every damn shot.

I like that the Celtics are tryna run some plays for Horford in the post against the smaller Wiggins.

24 more curry points , 2 more curry 3s , 2 Wiggins rebounds , 11 more wiggins points , one more tatum 3 all while keeping him under 30 and a hook .. 🫠🫠🫠 not asking for too much right 🤣.

@iamdemar7 Andrew Wiggins keep shooting rubbish 3’s that’s not working 😭 sold us out.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by OMERTA DRACOOOO,OMERTA DRACOOOO on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

Wiggins be in games and if you ain’t know you wouldn’t even be able to tell he the most athletic player in the gym he play basketball like he gay.

Can the basketball gods bless me with 1 more Wiggins rebound?? 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽.

Como juegan los Warriors es tremendo, que velocidad de pases y los exteriores tanto Curry cómo Thompson o Poole o Wiggins no paran de moverse y encuentran casi todo el rato tiros liberados. Da gusto verles jugar.

Wiggins can be very annoying. Why is he running from the paint? Stepping back to take stupid jumpers..

We are giving Wiggins too many possessions, he can have them with the second unit but with the starters?.

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