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Mike Brown said at shootaround Andrew Wiggins asked to pick up Tyus Jones full court. That’s when he knew Wiggins was locked in.

Luka attacked Wiggins. Wiggins keeps attacking Luka. Luka: Larry Bird on offense, Big Bird on defense..

Steph Curry has a lower effective field goal percentage than Andrew Wiggins in this series. Klay Thompson has an eFG of 45 percent. Draymond Green has a turnover ratio of percent. Abhorrent basketball..

The Warriors role players gave them the lead in the last quarter! Coach Kerr gets a lot of credit for starting the fourth with Poole, Moody, Wiggins, Looney and Porter Jr. and sticking with that lineup after trailing most of the game..

This series is a roller coaster. Klay and Draymond show up. Steph and Wiggins look awful. Looney is excellent. Poole is a mess..


19 points and some stellar defense from Andrew Wiggins in Game 1 🔥 he gets loose for Game 2 at 9pm/et on TNT. Music by @unitedmasters.

Les Playoffs d’Andrew Wiggins : - - - - 47,8% FG - 41,5% à 3pts - 56,1% LF Et là dedans y a évidemment pas de trace de ses défenses usantes, de son activité incessante. Mais le mec va devoir réellement bosser ses lancers cet été c’est cata !.


Andrew Wiggins : de « bust » chez les Wolves à membre crucial d’un candidat au titre, on appelle ça l’effet Warriors.


A Steph stinker and a wiggins masterclass makes wiggins the WCMVP.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by Austin,Austin on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

Wiggins fighting for his life out there trying not to switch and keep the warriors defense intact I got to give it to him.

ICYMI: I wrote on the moves that went into the Warriors acquiring Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Kuminga, and got at how Bob Myers did the seemingly impossible: manage without salary-cap space to parlay Durant’s departure into two franchise cornerstones..

Thanks to @TheMisterMarcus for his 3-pt parlay. Unfortunately it included Dinwiddie and Wiggins who I hate. So I removed em..

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by Beau L. Wagner🌺,Beau L. Wagner🌺 on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

Andrew Wiggins, la clé du retour au sommet des Warriors.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by Basket USA,Basket USA on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

Andrew Wiggins and the Warriors defense clamp Mavericks in Game 1 win Five observations.

Looney and Wiggins are the MVPs of these entire playoffs for us, biggest respect to them.

When you beat a very good team in the Conference Finals by 25 points, you get a lot of good grades.

This is what all NBA fans want to see. Kevon Looney dominating a playoff game with Steph, Klay, Draymond, Luka, Wiggins, and 😭🤣 Looney 20+ pts (had it miraculously been available) was probably like +3000 lol.

Richard Jefferson need to shut the hell up about Wiggins. Do you not see this dude battling?!.

Ranking the players in the Mavs/Warriors series. 1. Luka 2. Curry(very close) 3. Poole 4. Draymond 5. Wiggins 6. Brunson 7. Klay 8. Looney 9. Finney-Smith 10. Bullock 11. Porter 12. Kleber 13. Dinwiddie Top 8 players in this series, Warriors have 6 and Mavs have 2. Yikes..

DEU SHOW! Andrew Wiggins fez de tudo ontem na vitória do Golden State Warriors. Meteu um pôster absurdo no Doncic e brilhou defensivamente. Warriors na final? #NBAnaTNTSports #AquiGeralJogaJunto.

Wiggins Photo,Wiggins Photo by TNT Sports Brasil,TNT Sports Brasil on twitter tweets Wiggins Photo

There is a lot of similarities between Andre and Wiggins. From temperament to career arch. He might mess around and get a FMVP..

@0nlyHoops Wiggins is Lebron’s kryptonite, AD without a bubble setting is finished, Warriors in 7..

En voilà une énorme perf collective des Warriors. Ce n’est qu’un match mais c’est comme ça qu’on entre bien dans une série. Sérieux défensivement, de la course, du rythme et du mouvement en attaque qui donne 7 joueurs à 10 pts ou +. Mention à Wiggins qui se challenge sur Luka.

Cara, nunca vi o Wiggins tão agressivo, até trash talk o homem tá Lindo de se ver.

The Warriors ARE a super team. Steph Curry Klay Thompson Draymond Green Andrew Wiggins FOUR STARS, plus Wiseman (2nd pick) Kuminga (7th pick) Moody (lottery) Poole (potential 5th all star) If Steph can’t win a title with damn near EIGHT ALL STARS, I don’t want to hear excuses.

Just finished watching the first half of the game. A few thoughts; 1. DLee should not play in this series. His five minutes resulted in a -12 2. Sometimes Steph should just switch on ball. The hard hedge was being picked apart 3. Zone was too passive 4. This Wiggins is all nba.

@warriors if i speak for all warriors fans we playing at home klay is hot the rest not turnovers kill us steph is washed dray is washed wiggins is washed we playing at home and dont have big leads against a team without JA cant understand.

Andrew [Wiggins] is an all-NBA defender. He should be all-defense — Klay Thompson.

Wiggins dunk; Moody interview; glimpses of Stephen Curry, Draymond, courtside fans on postgame TV.

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